the underwater e guide and what people are saying…

I originally wrote this guide thinking that since i had only shot with a Go Pro under water than it was just for peeps who used a GoPro…but i have been blown away by the reviews and have been proven very wrong 🙂  this guide is the perfect thing to get your feet wet (hahaha) in underwater photography fun whether you are a hobbyist or pro who has always been curious but never tried underwater shooting…I promise it will open up a whole new world of photography and FUN for both you and your kids!

You can see what the EXPLORE E-GUIDE is all about by clicking RIGHT HERE

here are just a few of the amazing reviews..and if you are on the fence please feel free to message me and i can connect you with any of the girls who have purchased the guide and they will def let you know what they think…YALL SHOOTING UNDERWATER WITH MY GO PRO CHANGED MY PERSPECTIVE and my LIFE…but you can read all about that in the guide 😉

“Hi. My name is Miranda and I am addicted to underwater photography. chubbycheekphotography has an amazing guide to take your family swim pics from ‘that’s cool’ to ‘Holy moly!!!’ … you need to check it out!! link in comments as well as a before and after of some of my recent water pics.” Miranda

“I personally think it would be helpful for underwater housing. Her editing videos alone are worth the money in my opinion. Some of her guide relates to the GoPro but her tips for shooting underwater would apply to any camera you shoot with.” katie s


“I do shoot with a go pro, however I think that this guide is geared towards underwater photography in general. Awesome tips on shooting underwater, what to wear, ideas and editing videos!!! Most of us all have different versions of the go pro and some use underwater housing. I don’t think you will be disappointed! I personally love it and I know there are several others that would say the same!” kelly e


“I think this would be worth getting even if you are shooting with a DSLR. The guide has a lot of editing content which is relevant no matter what the camera. She also talks about poses, water clarity, lighting. All of that applies to using a DSLR as well (or mirrorless, whatever). When shooting underwater with a DSLR, it’s hard to change settings in those housings, so the people that I know that use them shoot in a semi manual mode like aperture priority. Which shooting like that is not too far off of shooting in auto (which is how the go pro works), so I don’t think you would be disappointed in this guide.” LJ

“I am having SO much fun with this thing and can’t thank you enough for this guide Shalonda Chaddock!!” Brenda w

CHECK OUT Libby’s blog post and amazing images that she is capturing 


what are you waiting for summer is halfway over BUY the guide right here and keep the editing videos and all of the pdfs forever


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