After seeing how many of y’all loved and benefitted from the Holiday Wonder  e guide and so many requests, I complete the Go Pro Guide just in time for summer!


An adventure to explore basic underwater shooting using a GoPro and your own kids! This e guide shares the tips and tricks I have learned over the last few years shooting my own family with a simple under water camera and a lot of excitement. This guide walks you through the few settings you can change to make the biggest impact when exploring the depths of your swimming pool or nearest ocean as well as plenty of information on techniques that works for me and discusses factors that come into play when shooting underwater. This guide is meant for the hobbyist shooter, a mom or dad who just wants to have fun or the professional photographer who doesn’t want to invest in cumbersome and expensive gear yet explore underwater photography with their own kiddos.  THIS GUIDE IS NOT FOR THE PRO UNDERWATER PHOTOGRAPHER or one who wants to shoot clients underwater

It’s all downloadable and you can keep it and watch the videos whenever you want from the comfort of your jammies or the sun soaked sitting next to your pool!

-35 page informations guide to teach you about the equipment available to you, what I currently use, and factors you need to consider when shooting under water
– 10 page pdf to show you my Top Ten easiest shots to be sure to capture underwater this summer
– 5 page pdf on underwater style
– 35+min of super easy to follow editing videos using Lightroom and Photoshop to take your underwater images up a notch
-1 min “what I see” video, to show you what my underwater world looks like
Plus access to private facebooked group with proof of purchase access only granted until may 24 then group is closed.

**Due to the digital nature of the product and automatic download NO REFUNDS will be given

*** PLEASE ensure you have optimal internet speed and space on your computer as the file is 2.5 gb

****DO NOT DOWNLOAD DIRECTLY to your phone or it will max out your downloads****

While having a GoPro is not necessary it is recommended for this guide however the editing videos would be useful to those who shoot with any underwater point and shoot camera


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