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As you can see and if you have followed this blog over the past year you know, i have joined a circle of incredible women and am forever grateful to be a part of this.  these women speak my language.  they FEEL every moment of their lives, the good, the bad, the frustrating and the so happy you can’t catch your breath ones.  AND THEY SHARE THEM.  these letters will move you through a range of emotions and be prepared to cry a little laugh a little and just plain ol feel grateful for your blessings.  As you will see our lives are so very different and so very awesome in our own ways, in fact we are located all over the world..but we all share one simple common thread, we love our baby girls with every ounce of us.  and after all i can’t imagine a better thing to share.


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dear my baby girls

don’t pick the pretty prickly flowers.

mmmkay?!  remember that time a few years ago we went off to try out a new location…okay well you probably won’t remember since y’all were around 2 and 4, ha….okay back to the story, so a few years ago off we went, me you, my camera, some awesome new cowgirl boots, some pretty cute outfits and a steamy texas day.  bound and determined to use a new location i had recently gotten permission to use, my head in the clouds ready to get the most perfectly perfect “sister” pictures.  well as you can see from this post from that day right here it wasn’t meant to be.  being the three girly girls we are, we were captivated but the most gorgeous patch of white flowers and being the not so outdoors-y smart ladies that we still are, we went straight for those gorgeous white flowers without realizing they were covered in prickly stingers and BAM.  our first experience with stinging nettles…those darn little flowers…ill spare you any further details of the blood curdling screams that ensued just know it wasn’t my brightest moment but was def one of my finer ones as your mom as i managed to snap those few shots, and nurse you both to “health” at the nearest CVS within a matter of minutes! 🙂

Flowers are like friends i caution you not to pick the prickly but pretty ones…the best part of having you two so close in age is that you have a built in playmate, a real best friend that believes in the same things as you, likes most of the same food as you, loves the same princess movies as you and really loves your mom as much as you ;)….  THIS is why i prayed so hard for another girl from the moment i realized i was pregnant again TEN MONTHS after just having had a baby!  but there will be times when you will need to find your own way,  SEPARATE from each other and you will indeed have “another” best friend to share your last 4 skittles with or to stay up late telling stories with.  The strong will from you cheeks #2 and the true good hearted compassion for others from you cheeks #1 will always make you the perfect team.  REMEMBER THAT!  and know, that all i hope is that you use that caution that we so quickly learned when we ran straight for the pretty white flowers that day.  be sure to find friends who won’t change you, friends who walk next to you not in front of you, friends who you defend and defend you right back, and most importantly a friend who loves “the other best friend” who was around long before her.

i love you baby girls



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