saltwater session 2012… galveston, tx beach photographer

well i have to say i know all these families are anticipating this little teensy weensy sneak peek of their saltwater session that as i sit here to post it my heart is pounding, hahahahahaha.  While the wind was not against us this year the rain, heavy clouds, crazy seaweed (A-H-GAIN) and even a wedding…WE MADE IT!!!!   yep of all of the spots on the entire island what are the odds that some wedding planner would pick MY spot to have a wedding during the one weekend of the entire year i plan my beach sessions?!  i check ed with every surrounding hotel to make sure just that would not happen  and…well…sometimes you gotta go with it 🙂  and GO WITH IT WE DID!!!!!!  as you can see this is just a little smudge of each family but at this point this is the quickest way to get to working on their galleries.  i MAY post another small bit here and there after i finish ALL of the galleries but for now enjoy this taste of saltwater 2012…..

ps.  fell free to leave some serious love, its safe to say it make me all warm and fuzzy inside m-kay thanks?!

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