if you give a pig a pancake (part 1)…spring, tx child photographer

as you know all about me sessions involve such a special and sometimes lengthy process of planning between me and the parents of the child…while the concept was easy this session was not without months of phonecalls, a little pink eye here and there with an ear infection on top and boxes of sentimental meaningful items.  when a partner in crime, aka mom of the child is as committed as miss b’s mommmy it’s only natural that we would knock the original concept out of the park!

let me walk you through the important details and the planning process for this super special all about me session

i have been photograping miss b and her sister since she was born and we decided this year an all about me session was a must!  the concept didnt take us 2 sec to come up with.  you see miss b has been a pig lover since way back here and pig even made his ccp debut in this shoot.  when mom mentioned she had always loved the cheeks girls baking shoot  i immediatly mentioned THIS book one of our favs and ironically one of miss b’s favs as well…YAY!!!!  the pink brown and yellow color scheme was a given and i think you follow the thought process from there on out….

my fav detail of the shoot?!  not just pig, although i do love that pig with his 3 years of lovin showing through but it was the fact that most all of the bowls and baking cups used during the shoot were at one point, years ago, used by mom’s grandmother!!!!  sigh…using items like that truly makes my heart flutter 🙂

more to come in part two as well as where to find these incredible aprons!!!

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