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Galveston Beach Photographer Fun Outdoor Beach Family Photos

Galveston Beach should be on your list of family photo faves. Despite Galveston’s bad rap, I have been a Galveston Beach Photographer for 14 years and this beach is our hidden gem. Let me SHOW you just how fun and beautiful a Galveston Beach Photographer sees our very own Texas Gulf Coast.Read More

4 Outfits to Wear for Scroll Stopping Senior Photos in Houston

In case you missed the memo I am slowly stepping back into the high school Senior game. Today we are coming in hot with four outfit suggestions for scroll stopping senior photos. I’m not here to bore you with a lot of blabbing so let’s jump right in to some of my favorite outfit choices from this past year’s high school seniors!Read More

North Houston Family Photos

Today, we are going to lay it all out about what the optimal season is in North Houston for the best family photos. Everything you need to know when booking a family photoshoot in Tomball, The Woodlands and other Houston cities.

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The Woodlands Texas Family Photos with Tweens

Listen up mama! I know from experience as your babies get older you do NOT actually have more time to yourself. And I know we are all tired of hearing the “only have 4 more summers, Christmases, etc with your teenager” blah blah blah! So how can we freeze the time we have left with our teens? Read More

Tomball High School Senior Photographer Bridgeland High School

If you are new around here you might not have known but 6 years ago I actually ran a High School Senior Photography business right along side my Child and Family photography studio. It was a separate brand that had it’s own Senior style and website. (it’s no longer running now).  The problem was, that the Chubby cheek photography side of the business exploded. I had two babies at home and I couldn’t keep up with two brands. One brand had to go.

My Toddlers are Teens Now

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The Woodlands TX Outdoor Family Photos

There will be a time when…

The weekend trips to Galveston splashing in the waves will be nothing but a distant memory.

The schedule is filled with dinners in the car on the way to practice instead of impromptu barefoot picnics in the backyard.

Their night time routine is late night studying for Pre-Cal instead of bath time snuggles and bed time books.

That sweet sugar voice whispering “mommy” is replaced with one deeper than you imagined and an annoyed “MOM”.

Car keys sit on the counter instead of wilted picked flowers or dirty rock treasures.

The toes that you kissed are slipping into heels on the way to a school dance.

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Galveston Family Photos Beach Photographer

Did you know that I have been capturing family’s on the Texas coast for 14 years?  Yall!  To say it has changed is an understatement!  But let me tell you, it’s just as magical today as it was years ago. And guess what’s even better?  A day trip to Galveston is a mere hour drive from most parts of Houston.  And, I’m even going to double down here, and tell you that scheduling a family session on said day trip would definitely make you “mom and wife of the year” because beach sessions are effortless fun for all!

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Outdoor Photography Houston Family Photos

What is the best mom hack I could ever share with you as a mom and a family photographer myself?

Book family pics and have fun!  If the sound of that sends you into an instant cold sweat then we need to talk, mama. Here is the deal, those little old ladies that told you time would fly by.  The country songs filled with lyrics telling you not to blink. It was all the truth! And no matter how much you relish every second, or how much fun you fill their moments with, the only thing that can actually freeze time and core memories, are photographs. Period.

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