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sugar rush… the woodlands, tx boutique photographer

i’m back in the saddle tonight…started the first round of sugar rush mini sessions…more to come sunday when we finish them up but for now….

Mellisa Pendleton - I get inspiration EVERY time you post something on your blog….LOVE it!!!

Mellisa Pendleton - I get inspiration EVERY time you post something new on your blog…LOVE IT!!!

Amory - I should just move to Houston…

Joyful Reflections Photography - Just found you through I Heart Faces! Love your work. Love the colors of your site too! Very inspiring!

the everyday…

no answer

 when i yelled

“girls it’s almost time for dinner”

santa was good to them…

and YES she is wearing wings;)

and im going to be adding some of my “everyday” pics to the CHIC CRITIQUES GLIMPSE PROJECT…go check it out peeps! 

and for those of new to us to want to look back through last years…click catagories and sort by the everyday…last year was a super blast!

Tabby Zgabay - They are SO sweet!!! :) I LOVE the “everyday” pictures you post. I always look forward to reading your blog and seeing your work. It’s gorgeous. :)

michelle - Divine

Sarah Craig - oh, lizzie is OBSESSED with her wings. she wears them for HOURS at a time.

christine - I love seeing these everyday posts-totally inspiring to snap more of those sweet moments that will be gone before we know it. Thank you!

Jennifer - D loves his leappad too…always wanting more treats and shampoo, haha! Cute picture. Xoxo

Kate Robinson - I love that their faces are illuminated! Your girls are so gorgeous

maibritt - cuteness…

Allison - Love this! they are gorgeous.

jess - LOVE! Serious and beautiful all at once!

brooke vanausdal - I love those leap pads and I love your everyday photos. You are always an insperation

Heather - What kind of lighting did you use for this shot? So cute!

admin - heather its just natural window light and then the glow fo their leappads on their faces

first 12 days of 2012 giveaway…day 12

well peeps its coming to an end and i have to admit its been fun!!!!  I did this to say THANK YOU, thank you for visiting my blog, leaving comments, sending me emails of encouragement, and for just plain ol being nice!

a HUGE thank you to all of the incredible vendors that i love so much for being a part of this and for giving such amazing goodies!

so the final day…

first of all i know yall know my love for renee, of BEES KNEES CREATIVE, without her my birthday party tables would be bare…her incredible works of art always seem to take everything to another level for me!  gosh she is amazing…check out her fb page where she posts sneak peeks of holiday designs…they are seriously TOO DIE FOR…well sweet renee is tossing in a $30 gift vertificate to her shop!!!!!  so perfect!!!!

and since we are on the party talk…let give a huge shout out to ms nancy of a to z celebrations….this girls ETSY SHOP is seriously swoon-worthy!!!!  she also has this incredible party resale shop (MY PARTY IS OVER) that i need to take advtg of and sell some party stuff…and of course her a to z celebrations facebook page is a rockin good time like her parties always seem to be!  She has tossed in a $25 gift certificate to her etsy shop HERE and let me tell you there is no shortage of wonderful-ness in there so go check it out…

and last but not least…chubby cheek photography will be giving away a business lunch:)here are the details:

- you pick the resturant here on the nw side of town and I PAY

- if you are a hobbyist, or someone wanting to learn how to use your camera we will enjoy lunch and a mini version of my SMART COOKIE ACADEMY (WORKBOOK INCLUDED)

- if you are already in business or are interested in starting your own business and you want to enter this, go right ahead, we will have a “business lunch” and chit chat about the ins and outs of running your own photography business, being a mom, and just about whatever else you want to talk about.

- if you arent local but you want to chat it up with me go right ahead and enter and we can have a skype session or visit on the phone

- if you dont care about this part but want the cookies and party goods then just enter for crying out loud and we will move right along, i dont really blame you i am a little nutso :)

wanna win?!  leave a comment here on this post before 9pm central time tonight

****not redeemable for cash.  nontransferrable.  deadline to enter 9pm CST. used to determine random winner, ccp and all vendors in giveaway are not held responsible for technical issues with  facebook not assoc with this contest and winners will not be announced via facebook****


Adrienne N - Ahhh! I would so love to win this!!

Colleen K. - Love this giveaway, love your work and would love to have a business lunch with you! *crossing fingers*

jodie - Ugh! I’ve been so forgetful about entering these! Seriously, almost every night around 10pm I think about it, head over here and it’s done! :) BUT my husband is taking a day off work, is handling the kid-morning routine and I’m being lazy in bed right now with time to enter! HA! SO. I want to win win win. And you KNOW we have lots to chat about! :)

Julie Flores - Thank you for doing these amazing give aways! You rock! :) My fingers are crossed!!! :)

Jenny D - Ive really enjoyed your giveaways!

Deandra - Today’s the day- I just know it. Thanks for doing this- its been fun.

Dana - I’d love to win this sweet friend!!!!!!! <3

Kathy - Love these pictures!

Erynn T - I would love to learn to use my camera :) Seriously all the prizes have been amazing!

Christine - What’s a girl not to love. :)

Jennifer - I’m sad this is the last day! Thank you so doing this it’s been fun!

Keri Tex - Thank you so much for all of these giveaways! I would so love to win this one!!

Sarah Trout - It’s been fun! Can’t wait to meet ya on Sunday! I would love to meet without my two tagalongs and talk shop!!

Jill S - As I have been getting more serious about photography in the past year, I would love to win this package. It would really “Kick Start” my projects!

megan - SO excited for this giveaway, not just for the chance to win, but because I did not know about the My Party is Over site. Excellent idea, and I will definitely be keeping it in mind in the future!

Alan S - This would be a great package to win! *HOPING*

Erin Janes - Getting a camera for a (late) Christmas present. Would LOVE this!

Candace - I would love to pick your brain :) only bc I don’t know how to use my camera

Tanya - More fun!

Christine - This contest was a great idea and would be even better If I win ;)

LaDonna G - This would be a wonderful package to win! I am being very hopeful!

Jill Marie - You do wonderful work with great results! It would be great to sit down to a lunch with you!

Alecia Tabb - Would love to win this to take better mommy pics of everyday memories of my son.

Jennifer - Ummmm…yeah. Gonna need this one ;)

Brooke - Thanks for the giveaways!

Kim - A chance to talk shop with an already established and super awesome photog is seriously what I’ve been dreaming of. Oh I’d be over the moon if I won!

Christina - Awesome giveaway! How fun would it be to have a business lunch with you?!? Keeping fingers crossed…

Angelique - Doesn’t get better than this!! I’m pulling for this fabulous deal!!

Jennifer Cusimano - Great giveaways Shalonda! Thank you!

Kimberly W - Please let today be the day I win… :)

jessie whittle - REALLY wish I was local, but I’d settle for a Skype session. Thank you for the wonderful 12 days and for just being awesome in general.

christy tramel - I wanna learn how to use my cannon!! Would love to have the best show me!!

Jennifer - One last go at it ;) thanks again for all the great referrals!! You are awesome!

Amber Barton - My sweet Addison is one year old today!! I think that means I’m extra lucky. Lunch with you… Yes please!!

Howard - Love to win ! !

Rosie Posie - Please pick me :) Fingers crossed, toes crossed, eyes…well, you get the picture!

Sue Long - This sure sounds like a good opportunity for someone wanting to learn to operate their own photo business!

christina - Oh, man. I could really use some help in the party department. : )

Shannon C. - :)

Leah - Yay!

tara - ME!!!!

Linda N - What a great prize!

Stephanie Hegland - How wonderful!! Thank you so much!

Shannon b - Awesome prize!!

Kate Robinson - UNBELIEVABLE!… somebody pinch me… this would be so awesome to win. And I just placed a fabulous Bees Knees order to boot.. and I know I said this last time, but maybe this time was that day Random.Org wante to pick me! wink… love you!

Lorena Mora - This is an awesome giveaway! I could use the help.

jacquie Forsey - Awesome!!

Janna Jaeger - Pick me I want to win!

Keri DesAutels - I would love to win these giveaways and learn more from you. I have a lot to learn!!

Daniella Freudenberg - Would LOVE LOVE LOVE to win :D Thanks for the opportunity!!

Megan - OH how I’d love to get to chit-chat with you! I just know we’d be instant friends! :)

kelley - Pick me! I would LOVE this!

Ryan F - Feeling lucky today!

tara - can’t wait to win!!

Leah - Would love this! Thanks so much!!

hope - what a great job you did on this giveaway! YOU ROCK!

Kristen - Would LOVE to win!! Thanks for the fun give-away!

LaTisha - This would be great! My husband and I just found out that we were expecting a baby after being told that we may never be able to! This would just be the icing on the cake! :)

Kristen - What a fabulous giveaway for the last day!!

Amanda green - Me me meeeeee!

LIbby - Sounds awesome!

Jill kuhn - I would LOVE to win!

patty - UMMMM WHOA …. hello your biggest fan ever. Crossing my fingers here. lol.

Tera - I never win!!

Nicole Halbert - Please please please little random picker…it’s my turn. :)

Bill Robinson - Gotta keep mama happy!

Nick N. - Me! Me! Me!…ME!!!

Kimberly Hall - awesome…

Brandon Freudenberg - Seriously my wife will die if I win this for her! She talks about you all the time!

Ivey - you *know* how badly I need a smart cookie class!

Daliene - SKYPE ME!!!

Sarah Craig - heck yeah! me me me! ;)

Melodye Crosland - Count me on this !

Suzanne Juneau - This, I would LOVE to win! Thank you and your vendors so much for all the great prizes.

Shannon - I’ve been bed-ridden for days, but I’m glad I didn’t miss out on this last day’s goodies. :)

Tabby - :) :) :)

Meredith - loveylovelove

Mellisa Pendleton - OMGosh!!!!! I WANT THAT LUNCH DATE!!!!!!! People around me and know me well are tired of me talking about you…lol

kensie - BEST PRIZE YET!!! I’d be so excited to win this one. :)

maibritt kvist olsen - oh my… this has been fun. thank you for doing this!!!

Danielle - <3 pick me! Me me me me me!!!!!!!

Amanda M - Oh i hope I am not too late, pleaseeeee pick me!!! :):):)

Kinsey - Me,me,me!!!!

Nikki Spreen - I would LOVE LOVE LOVE this one!