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the every day….

my night owl…

the other one was snuggling with daddy on the porch (not a huge fan of super loud unexpected noises, ha)

while we rang in the new year all being sick

we were all together

and that makes it the perfect start 2012

happy 2012!!!!

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the everyday – houston tx photographer

first sorry i have been mia, in my rush to bake cookies, play boardgames, and wrap presents i left my lonely ol laptop at home so needless to say i TRULY had a week of a break (and here’s a little secret…its was kinda nice….until i came home to over 300 emails, ha no joke)

anyhoo we are home again!  wooohooo tonight we will do our 4th annual christmas light lookin, sippin on hot chocolate, listening to christmas music (some of us singing at the top of our lungs others…not so much), chillin in jammies….but we did some lookin while we were out of town and wooohooo were these lights awesome.  i just love when people get so into the christmas spirit, WOW!

and a few more things before i bury my head in email after email after email…

Get your little self ready because we will have the FIRST 12 days of 2012 GIVEAWAY starting jan1, 2012 right here on this blog and let me tell you the incredible vendors who have offered to join me will knock your socks off!!!!  and as little hint hint, the goodie i will be adding to the awesome list of prizes will blow you away if you like things “all wrapped up” for 2012…and if you are a SMART COOKIE you might be able to figure this little ditty out…riddle me this:)

and is it almost 2012?!  bc remember this???  i will be announcing the details in jan or feb and believe you me if you are a photographer you just might want keep an eye out.

and once again the polar express party was featured on one SUPER FAB site check it out here Chic & Cheap Nursery

and i *think* ill be back after Christmas…so in the meantime…HAVE A MERRY CHRISTMAS and enjoy every second of family tradtitions and winter snuggles…peace out peeps


Amanda M - Love the pic, and the tradition, we have a very similiar one!!! Thanks for being a part of our family for another year, we love your photos almost as much as you :) Merry Christmas Cheeks Family!!! May 2012 bring you many blessings!!