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the everyday…spring tx

AND YES she has glowsticks around her neck in the middle of the day

oh and yes they both have cherry snowcones messy faces

it is was it is people…we are def a disaster, hahahaha

Rosie - Ok, my husband has been so nervous at the thought of us having girls (he’s one of 3 boys and a big worrier), however….I think this picture has just won him over!! Heart melting!! <3

Rosie - option for title…..”this is what (loving daddy) looks like” :)

Katie - I LOVE how you capture everyday moments of your girls…this is really cute! These are the images that you are going to look back on and really cherish :)

Simple Girl - Really love the reflection and the drops of water!

i know i know…the woodlands, tx family photographer

its totally lame and a cop out when i dont write a thing…but in all honestly all i can say about this little family of 4 is that i just love them…mom and i met way back here when she had her first baby and she came back here and a gazillion times after that….our last session was all HIM and can you believe how big he is now?!?!?!

Tanya - Absolutely gorgeous!!!!!

Katie - These are so stunning!

marsais - Perfect and beautiful like usual Shalonda! Loves it!

Amory - Pretty sure these images can talk the talk :)
lovely variety. great wardrobe choices!