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its funny during spring break i prefer to hunker down…sleep in late, eat breakfast for dinner, just relax…i tend to gravitate toward places that arent swarming with kids out of school (hey im not doggin’ you we will be part of that crowd next year) but for now we go to the jump places, the kid movies, all those super awesome kids places every other week JUST NOT DURING SPRING BREAK, hahahaha

today it was barnes and noble for my little book worms…nothing better than sipping starbucks for mommy, pink sprinkled cake pops for them and then us just finding a corner to browse some books….aaahhhhh calgon take me away….

Sylvia - Adorable!

kate robinson - LOVE your everydays… they make me happy! Love cheeks #2 sunglasses and hand on cheek… love that Cheeks #1 is so stylish with her messy bun and band… can you please do mine? wink!

Sarah Craig - love. ps- elizabeth has the exact same shirt cheeks #1 is wearing. ūüėČ

come’in atchya…. tomball, tx baby photographer

just popping in to say howdy doody:)and give yall a few heads ups (for sure that is a term, dont laugh)

Рi pinky swear times a gazillion, that the beach mini info WILL BE UP NO LATER THAN FRIDAY!  no joke this time, ummmmmm hello yall i pinky swore m-kay?!

Рduring this tedious computer change-over process i have a feeling i am losing emails, btwn a laptop, a mac, a pc and a darn phone that gets emails, i have no doubt some are getting lost in the shuffle so please if you dont hear from me withn 24-48 hrs of contacting me TRY AGAIN or call please.  sorry for the hassle peeps

Рdid you know clicknmoms so graciously featured the ice cream truck minis in their newsletter this week?!?!?!  well of course you didnt thats why i am telling you, silly

and i leave you with the little ray of sunshine i am editing at this very moment…mmm mmm mm, i love miss a:)

dont’s you love her 1-yr-old-girly-not-gonna-get-my-knees-dirty crawl?!?!?!?!

Nicole - Yellow…my favorite! Super precious!

Keri D - Love those! Can’t wait to see the rest! By the way the ice cream minis are adorable!! Love them!

Melissa Jean - Oh my goodness! I adore her little tongue sticking partly out! So cute!

kate robinson - she is too cute for words… that flower… that yellow stipe outfit… and to top it all off the gorgeous blue background… yummy… PS, is it Friday yet? haha…

jess simons - well hello to you too! maybe you’re getting used to no facebook, but believe me, i’m still following right along with your blog posts! thought i’d leave you some love just to let you know. ps – love every piece of these images AND the ice cream minis!

Sarah Cross - That is simply the CUTEST little dress, do you happen to know where it’s from?

she has done it again… houston, tx boutique clothing photographer

my sweet friend jayme of Lillipops designs¬†has done it again, with the sneaks of her spring collection, i am seriously swoon’ing at every piece.¬† You may remember our “dress of the summer” from HERE¬†or the perfect birthday dress from here…uh hu she has outdone herself with this little beauty of a dress dont ya think?¬† you¬†better be sure to head on over to her etsy shop¬†grab your little someone some incredible lillipops goodness…she even has the cutest unisex vest in there i am dying to get my hands on it….but for now her newest and oh so fabulous addition to the dear jayne collection


Mellisa Pendleton - OMGoodness!!!!! This is why God did NOT give me another girl, b/c of shops like this!!!!!

Amanda M - Just ordered one of her dresses for Lo for easter!!!! And was thinking it would work perfect for our upcoming shoot!!!!

mmi - too cute. great little model, she is perfect.

mimi - Too cute. Beautiful little model

Jenn S. - Oh my so cute! If only I had a little girl to dress up in them!