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the everyday… personal project lifestyle photographer, tomball tx

HK heaven


 sanrio store in the galleria;)

these girls had the best day ever…

 as they all held sanrio bagged arms in to do a post game cheer

“HK to the rescue”

please note all 4 in hello HK

*** if you remember from the party i prefer not to reference her highnesses full name just her inititals bc id rather not have every cartoon fanatic over the age of 4 hittin up the site…yep im rude like that, peace**

brand new beginning… west u, houston, tx newborn photographer

seven days ago was your fresh start.

a brand new beginning

at the starting line of the journey.

some days will be uphill,

others as quick as the blink of an eye.

each day brings change

each breath brings growth.

but right now


this moment…

is your brand new beginning

take it all in

because tomorrow,

 will be here before you know it.

new house and new baby all in the same month…congrats G family it was my pleasure to enjoy today with you:)


Tanya - Precious!!

Niina - Beautiful pictures, absolutely love the one of the new mum with the precious baby. Your blog post description is so sweet as always!

jodie - Great photos of course but MAN that chandelier is to die for! :)

Elaine - Snug as a bug in a rug – love that picture – love all of them – he is absolutely beautiful – you are so blessed

Jan - Glorious!!!! Perfection!!! Bless you all!

lauri gardner - wow… how great is this! At first glance, I see Lane looks like Greg through the eyes. (I know they are closed but the structure of his face..)
Congratulation…to the proud parents!

Karen - Just precious!! You are all so blessed! Thanks for sharing!

Connie - Wonderful photos, made me cry, of course!

Chris n Lainey - Simply Beautiful! Congrats to ALL, including Lane!

Nance Heidemann - Absolutely gorgeous and real images! Love them!

Amy - Wow, just beautiful images of a very blessed family!

susan - beautiful! i ADORE your website and design, and the name, Chubby Cheeks photography is so CREATIVE and awesome :) Great work!

Lizette - These are SO beautiful!! I love your colours and they just seem so personal.

Pam - He is beautiful! We are so happy for all of you!!!