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change…. tomball tx photographer

coffee and cards put me in the christmas mood….and made me think about this pic from last year….or the ones from previous years (they are all linked HERE in this post)

i guess im getting a little sentimental…(i blame my serious lack of sleep this time of the year)

addi’s about to be FIVE

camdyn is ALREADY three

we have had so many changes in the last few months with the move to this new house which we all love but is indeed a change, and when you have a tradition like this one, the reality that it will be different this year is exciting and sad all at once, ya know?! 


no matter where we are in the world or what we are doing we will keep this tradition going as long as they let me….

and i will forever be grateful



Katie - They grow up fast, don’t they?! :(. Loved this image then, love it now!

all wrapped up….- houston tx holiday boutique photographer

the all wrapped up holiday sessions have come to a close in good ol 2011….and coffee & cards today was a success despite the insane number of people who felt the need to have a car show in 40 degree weather at 8am!  ummmm are you kidding me?!  and a huge shout out to my MIL who stayed up all night with me to get everything organized….. oh and the yummies from crave (the best cupcakes EVER) that some of my fav clients brought me, made all the insanity worth it:)thank you KL and mr S!!!!!

 and why YES that is a perfect little a&m topper on that yummy goodness….just when i thought crave couldnt get any better….

Katie - Totally worth all the work you put into it! Another great year coming very quickly to a close! :)

Kerri Lynn - The packaging is gorgeous, but the goodies inside were incredible! Thanks for braving the exhaust, missing your kids soccer pics and sitting while we all moseyed in. Let the holiday goodness begin! Perfect way to start.

Photographer in Houston - Indeed a nice post. I also came from wedding photography background in Houston and love to read the new and healthy stuff on photography. Thanks for posting such a nice stuff and hope you will be publishing such quality posts over the coming days.

Kate - umm… seriously? the sparkly background and packaging… total wonderland!

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the everyday…. cypress, tx lifestyle photographer

Liz - What a fun! image! Love your work- it is SO inspiring! Are you going to do anymore chic critique sessions? We are moving during your current one so I didn’t want to sign up!

admin - hey liz! thanks girl…im not sure this one has had a rough start with the video stuff but i am thinking if its smooth sailing from here on out i might do one more in jan or feb…good luck with the move

Katie - Fuuun!!! I really love images like this, so cool!!!

CV Love - I love photo! the last one is a delight

emily - love everything about this!

Marisa - The composition on this is so fun. I love the negative space and I love the everyday moment captured. Spaghetti for dinner tonight!