KAPOW BOOM BANG bellaire texas child photography

sooooo if you saw this post on Facebook last weekend you would have know just how excited i was to show you this session…well I’m not quite ready yet and with saltwater sessions this weekend it prob won’t be til monday so for now ill give you the teeny tiny sneak peek from Facebook 🙂

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kids were here … spring tx lifestyle child photographer

so LAST MONTH i introduced you to a new project a group of photographers have all begun together…a year of documenting the everyday details that remind us “kids were here” .  i have fallen head over heels in love with this project and the incredible ladies in the the group.  it has been such an eye opener for me, ya know, somedays…okay im not gonna lie MOST days, my house is a wreck, shoes here and there, toys EVERY-WHERE, as i am convinced we have more toys than toys r us, crumbs, dirty handprints, more toys and GLITTER…like a glitter trail throughout my house glitter in the lint trap of my dryer and as you will see even glitter outside our home, hahaha!  But this project has already shown me, in one short month, to SEE past the mess and see the beauty within.  it has taught me to appreciate that this beautiful mess is a true depiction of MY GIRLS, and our moments, our days filled with spilled watercolor paint, wet footprints after a rainstorm in the garage, a playroom THAT BREATHES of hours of barbies and little chefs…from an outsider looking in, its simply a peek into chaos or what a tornado hitting a toy store would look like ha, but to me…to US…ITS OUR MOMENTS echo’ed by laughter and giggles, and LOVE…its a true depiction of MY LIFE.  i will have plenty of days ahead to have a clean house but my days of living amongst this “beautiful mess” are numbered.

BE SURE TO HEAD OVER TO OUR BLOG so you can check out everyone else’s beautiful messes for the month… KIDS WERE HERE BLOG HERE


running in from the rain…

don’t worry EVERYbody is safe…

doesn’t everyone need a nightlight in the bathroom?!

“beautifying” the outdoors…please tell me you can see the glitter glue on the knob

she has landed.

ariel in belle’s clothing…

“butts, up there?!”  hahaha i crack myself up

girls, where is my tape?


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Bubble Blower + Glitter Thrower + Magic Maker

Hey yall!  I'm, Shalonda, the eyes behind the camera of chubby cheek photography. I am a nationally published child photographer, based out of Houston Texas, where I am drowning in glitter + princess dresses with my two daughters, also known as the cheeks girls, and the love of my life, daddy cheeks.  I am inspired by REAL life + the magic of childhood and I truly believe that the in between moments mean the most... even when that means stepping on a Barbie shoe before I have had my morning coffee!