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the carnival lights

4 tickets here, 3 tickets there

the aroma of funnel cake and cotton candy in the air

the chill of a fall on the back of your neck

oh wait we need more tickets?!


this tall to ride…

good thing yall are so tall…

3 days of waiting,

bubbling over

when we surpised them and pulled in the parking lot

there is truly nothing sweeter than the laughter and excitement of two sweet girls…

and a daddy who can WIN  at any and EVERY carnival game invented:)



Jenny Ruddle - Aww I just love this shot, it just screams childhood fun!

Katie - Sooo cute!

Rosie - *Gorg! This picture is just so happy.

mimi - looks like they are ready to run and have a blast.

Faith Bowyer - This image is stunning, and it says so much! Love it :)

Kelly - Loving the Matilda Jane!