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as my luck has been with technology, it should be no suprise to you that i am having computer issues again…no worries i back your stuff up very regularly however this will set me back significantly from an editing standpoint as we are considering going to the “darkside” and switching everything over to MAC…dont worry im not gonna go all nikon on you, hahahaha but we are weighing the benefits  and time constraints of this huge change.  of course with daddy cheeks being such a hardcore MAC fan, it might not be a very difficult decision, however the issue will be waiting on new software to arrive once the computer decision has been made and of course reinstalling EVERYTHING.

HOW ELSE DOES THIS EEFECT YOU?!  i have no access to alot of my own stuff, as while i am a stickler for backing up your stuf,f i have fallen behind on backing up my own images as well as ccp info.  and i do not have access to my old emails via outlook bc they are on the “original server” aka pos computer:)sooooo please if you have an upcoming session like in the next week EMAIL OR CALL ME IMMEDIATLY so i have a way to contact you!  ESPECIALLY MY SECRET MINI peeps i need to send you the private location and final details for sunday!!!!!!  I am sorry for this small speedbump but sunday will most def be fabulous and its going to kill me if i cant psot sneak peeks sunday….

all orders that have been paid for up to monday have been ordered so yall will be unaffected but feel free to email me if you need to

but those of you who have an outstanding  gallery need to please consider that your gallery will be delayed, and at this moment i can not tell you how long but hopefully not more than an additional week.  i am so sorry for the delay

I ALSO NEED MY SMART COOKIE MARCH CLASS TO EMAIL ME IMMEDIATLY, so i can send the forms over to you to get done prior to class on march 13

and last but not least i plan to post saltwater beach mini session details THIS WEEK and we all know how fast they always book so keep an eye out and get ready bc this year’s pkg will knock your flip flops right off:)

kate robinson - oooohhhhhh!!! cannot wait for a saltwater shot…. so exciting!!!

Amanda - Yuck! Just went through computer hell in January. is my best friend for all the hard drive stuff – but it won’t back up the external drives with images, I have to do that separately.

Angelique - SALTWATER…MEMEME!!!!!

what _____ looks like… the woodlands, tx child photographer

 i truly believe that each of you, no matter what kind of camera you have or dont have, no matter how perfect or imperfect our days can be, it needs to be captured…LIFE needs to be captured.  As a group we hope to inspire you to take out that camera, capture a full day of YOUR life, capture your afternoon swinging at the park, or riding bikes to check the mail, any of it, all of it, just capture it!  No one but your family will prob ever enjoy these images and hey they may not ever even be edited if you are a photog but the bottom line is someday you will look back and you will be so happy you have these memories captured!


in case you missed the long winded explanation from last month…my first month on board this little project with some pretty incredible photogs, check it out HERE

now on to this month…earlier this month i starting playing with the concept of “shooting in the shadows” after ready a tut on it.  and as you may remeber from last month i am really trying to focus on shooting a part of our everyday lives that i normally wouldnt.  and since i am usually so enveloped in the night time routine myself, i decided to step back this night….and just be an observer…so…..

what our night time looks like

from the bubble baths that are not only the end of our days but the beginning of our night time all the way to my two little snugglebugs squeezed on a 2×2 space in full size bed in the glow of their tinkerbelle night light….sigh….


& dont forget to FOLLOW THE CIRCLE around…start with sweet Christy Williams Bradenton, Fl Photographer


what ____ looks like | month seven - [...] there’s a circle of 12 photographers participating in this what ____ looks like monthly project.  i hope you’ll check them all out [clicking link to link]. next up… chubby cheek photography | child photographer. [...]

Amory - I could not even pick a favorite. They really are BFF.
The goggles? adorable :)

Melissa - I LOVE these!!!! You are amazing! Love the bathtub.. Lol, my kids do the same thing!! And that sleeping pic, Gasp, I just love!!!

christy - Oh my goodness! These are amazing! The open fridge shot, brilliant :) Your girls are precious. You have inspired me to capture our bedtime routine with the girls.

Niina - Love all these pics but the feet in the bath tub picture is just too cute!

leah - precious, sweet, sweet photos! those toes, the open frig, sleeping girlies. all too sweet. beautiful moments, captured perfectly.

yan palmer - the last shot is so incredible. you will cry that you have it in 10 years. even 5 years!

Sarah Cornish - I absolutely LOVE these photos. Those toes, the moments and the light in your home is just so beautiful. You are going to cherish these always!! Love your work too!

Wendy VonSosen - Oh my goodness. That refrigerator picture! Be still my heart. And your little ones are just beautiful. So love your post this month.

Liesl - Such sweet sweet photos. You do a beautiful job of capturing the every day.

Cassie - hey, this is random but since you are off facebook :) what kind of little “game player” do you have for the girls- leapster, etc…want to get one for Alex and realized that there are so many to choose from! Just curious what Cam has.

and I DO love the pictures, as always! ;) the fridge is the coolest and the sleeping is just priceless beautiful. do they sleep in your bed together now?

brenda - I’m such a sucker for bathtub shots. Throw in fun, bright goggles and 4 little feets and you have a fan for life! What a wonderful wonderful series!

deb schwedhelm - love all of these. so beautifully and perfectly captured and…that sleeping one melts my heart!!

jules - I love these so much and once again, I’m so glad you joined us in this project. the sweet pops of pink sprinkled through these make me so jealous. :)
what a perfect routine to capture for your family. I love the tub ones and the frig … but that sleeping one makes me swoon. gorgeous family, friend!

Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - You have the most adorable little girls. This is perfect, the bathtub ones are so adorable. And I love your black and whites, the shadowing is perfect!

what _____ looks like… tomball, tx child photographer » Chubby Cheek Photography Houston, TX Natural Light Photographer - [...] a reminder of last month, my second month joining this project with some incredibly talented ladies… [...]

Melissa - Oh my goodness I saw these photos on pinterest and have now spent like an hour (if not more) going through some of your archives. You take such beautiful dreamy photos <3 If I ever get a chance to come to America I'm booking you in for a shoot with my darlings (I'm in Australia). xx