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mr curious…magnolia, tx baby photographer

oh my crazy antics could not compete with all of the things this little one had to see, touch, hear…

there is nothing better than the wonder and curiousity of this age…

Elizabeth Hancock - We had such a great time doing the shoot with you. I love the pictures I have seen so far, and can’t wait to see them all!! You are so great at what you do. Thank you so much for your time and for waiting for us as we sat in traffic. :)

katie - So very adorable. I just want so squish him.

Angie Hancock - What a beautiful job with this precious baby!

full arms and a full heart… the woodlands, tx family photographer

if you live in the woodlands you may recognize this fabulous-o lady and her crew…she might be one of my most favorite people ever, because for a widly overdramatic first time mom THIS lady was exactly what i needed during those 9 months of worry, morning sickness, bedrest and late night phone calls asking insane things like “can i eat lunchmeat?!”  YEP she is my OB and she is also a mother to 4 nutso awesome kids…clearly raising them has prepared her for first time moms like me, hahahaha.

Amory - She is beautiful!!

Melissa - How stinkin cute are these.. what an adorable family and I just love all the personality you have captured!