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smiles and sunshine…tomball tx baby photographer


A smile is a curve that sets everything straight. 

-Phyllis Diller

oh me oh my i love little miss a dont you?!  she is the definition of chubby cheek photography, well duh there’s the obvious but ummm hellow she is a smiley, googly, drooly, hunk a hunk a chunk a love!  we have watched her brother grow up on this blog not too long ago and i am thrilled to get to watch her grow as well….you can see her debut HERE and some of her brother waaaaay before we knew she would join us here…

and her super cute big brother that finally after all these sessions remembered how much he liked me from the very beginning of the session but was less than impressed that i asked him to lay on his tummy:)

Katie - What a sweet happy girl! :) Super cute!

Kelly - I just adore thee!! :) Especially the second one – what a cute expression! You’re so good :)

Amanda Leatherberry - CUTE! You are SO good at these types of sessions!

mimi - what a precious little one she looks like a porcelain doll. Big brother is very handsome .

molly - what adorable children! these are precious!

….beeeeeep…broadcasting interruption…spring tx baby first year photographer

…..we interrupt your  programs of all blue to bring you a SPRINKLE of pink….

….you may now return to your regular program….

Emily Santiago - I recently came across your blog and have been going through your photos like a crazy woman! And I absolutely love your work! I would LOVE to have my daughter’s one year old photos shot by you. How do I set his up?