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oh and by the way…. spring tx family photographer

okay so a few tidbits…

1.  dont miss out on the super fun interview on Learn Shoot Inspire…yeah they are friggin awesome over there, like for realz awesome

2.  did you even know that ccp was featured for an entire week over at Life & Baby

3. I am really feeling the need to create a girl ALL ABOUT ME SESSION so keep on the look out for a casting call for that little puppy

4.  OH AND ARE YOU A VENDOR would you like to participate in my First 12 days of 2012 giveaway?!?!?!?!  yeah?  okay well then email me right now puleeeze at yea this could be fun if i find enough super cool stuff:)

5.  just wanted to say THANK YOU to all of you, those of you that are still lurking;)and those of you that leave a little love every so often and those of you that have been hangin’ with me for so long…just a good ol gigantic sugary sweet THANK YOU…

and another from our sept christmas mini’s….yep i told yall these were awesome we had so many choices for everyone…

Tanya - Oh my goodness! LOVE this one!

Emily - Fine, I’ll admit…I’m a lurker! :) I just love to look at your inspiring photos. Wonderful firetruck prop! Love it! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Elizabeth - OMG – an old firetruck! We are soooo coming down that way next year if you have an old firetruck. My two boys would LOVE it!

christina - Ha. I’m a lurker too, but I’ve only been lurking for two days. ;) I love the relaxed, natural feel of your photography. So many photographers’ work comes of fake and contrived, and the subjects look tense, but yours is a breath of fresh air…the kind of thing I aim for in my still-rather-amateurish photography.

Peggy - You rock. :)

Trainee - I guess I’d be considered a lurker. :) I’m not sure how I stumbled across your site but I just LOVE your pictures. They are so bright and cheery.

Lorena Mora - I’m one of your lurkers, but I couldn’t not comment on this post. How cute are these little ones! I love the fire truck in the background, was that planned or just happened to be there? I love your about me posts, I love them love them love them! You have no idea. I wish I could have done that with my kids. My daughter is 8 and she’s been into horses, dress up, Disney princesses, karate, the possibilities of all the about me photo shoots she could’ve had. And my little one, he’s 3 he loves Toy Story, Cars, Legos and Super Mario bro and there are possibilities there for all about me as well. Wish you were in California!

Niina - Can´t believe, just when I thought that the Xmas minis with the bed in a “forest” were too cute to be true then you come up with completely other set of “little” props! Honestly an old firetruck, love it!

Candice - I’ll also admit that I’ve been a lurker for several months now. I’m completely obsessed with your photography and sense of humor. Being an Aggie Grad myself (WHOOP! Class of ’02) and not drinking the RAW kool-aid, I feel like we would have a TON in common! I live in Raleigh, NC but I’m from Beaumont, TX. I can’t wait to have kids one day and fly down to TX sometime for a family shoot. Keep up the good job!
Your future client!

mimi - First of all my darlin daughter you are incredible. Theis picture of these little guys is beautiful. They have really grown, they get more handsome. They look like they could belong to me. This is the PERFECT picture. Love em

Caryn Caldwell - So cute! The fire engine in the background just makes the shot, too.

jess - leaving some love from yet another lurker…i LOVE the extremes you go to with your props, and i’d say this is one of those examples! i just love absolutely everything about both your photography style and love of life! it shines through in all of your posts and just brightens my day following your day to day posts – you are truly an inspiration to me! wow i said LOVE four times….does that say much??

Jenn S. - Ok…that firetruck is on fire!! (bad pun, I know…) but what an amazing background for little boys!! I just love it. You make me strive to be a better photographer. Seriously. You rock it girl!

Richelle - I just came across your work and I love every one of your images. You are my hero. I want to eventually get to the point where I am half as good or creative as you. You are an amazing photographer. I just told my hubby. “I want to be like her when I grow up” lol
Great work!

and the christmas mini parade continues…. – montgomery, tx family photographer

another sneak peek of our 2011 all wrapped up sessions that took place all the way back in sept….I love love love this family…they make my heart happy in so many ways.  THIS is why i do what i do for people like this.  people who came to for ME and have stayed with me despite ME, hahahaha…no but really i am thankful everyday for clients who become friends and not just kinda sorta friends, i mean REAL-life-straight-up-LEGIT-call-when-you need-to-cha- call-when-you nee- help-on-a-birthday-party-come- running-if-you-ever-asked kinda friends!  i just love yall M family:)

Angela - Gorgeous colors and light! Perfect holiday pictures!

KATIE - Gorgeous! Well worth the wait of getting to see them!

Nicole - So sweet and I love that I can hear you talking in your blog posts. Pictures are amazing as always!

Amanda M - Thanks for the feature, you know we love you too!!!

Jennifer Mott - LOVE!! The minis look fabulous!! :)

Brandi - wow, so amazing!!!

Tanya - LOVE them!

Katie - What a beautiful family! Stunning pics!

Niina - Just so perfect!

lara - Such sweet sweet images!

beverly wright - these just make me smile! such a beautiful family and these images are all SO wonderful!!

Caryn Caldwell - Gorgeous! These make me wish I lived in your area so I could have you do some for us. I’m always the photographer in our family, and never the photographed…

Angelique - Love them too! And we ALL love you Mrs. S!

a few reminders…. the woodlands tx family photographer + holiday portraits » Chubby Cheek Photography Houston, TX Natural Light Photographer - [...] speaking of all wrapped up sessions this year is going to SERIOUSLY KNOCK YOUR STOCKINGS OFF!!!!!  the planning is underway and [...]

the HK party… – birthday party photographer houston tx

okie dokie peeps, if you follow me on fb you would know that this morning i had a little extra time to myself which is used wisely…i drank a few cups of coffee with coconut creamer (yummy), snuggled on the couch and watched the today show all in the glow of the christmas tree :)  lucky me i know my kids slept until 9:30 AM (HALLA!!!!)…anyhoo so i also pulled a few boards of the birthday party together for your viewing pleasure.

buuuut here is the thing, since the polar express party is like all over kingdom come and HK is a phenom all in herself i’d rather not have a gazillion hits to my little ol blog from timbuktoo, so we will lovingly refer to this as the HK party, cool?!  oh and as you can see there are no pics of party guests or the guest of honor herself bc id rather not have them tagged all over internetland for the sake of the HK name.

and last of all i have to admit this party turned out cuter than i thought especially since it all came together in the last WEEK! 

and fwiw i DO know that i am a little crazy…okay maybe ALOT crazy…its cool at least i know:)

oh and the while the HK necklaces were more work for the mommies than i thought the HK ear headbands were simply DIVINE!!!!!  you can kinda of see one premade in the corner of the kitty ears pic…


and the tablescape….i didnt get the wide angle shot off of my father in laws card so if i ever do ill post that one…


the party deet’s:

- all cookies by my girl Renee at Bees Knees Creative

- fondant bows my must use vendor Charynn from Two Sugar Babies

- paper goods: yours truly

- backdrop idea my sweet friend and incredible party planner in her own right Amanda Medack

- candy tubes, straws, paper cups for beads and cupcake liners: shop sweet lulu

- HK stick cookies and strawberry icing : world market

- HK beanie baby: amazon

- HK bubblegum machine: Target (talk about perfect timing)



Brandi - you.are.amazing!

Nicole Halbert - I want to be 5!

Niina - Such a cute party! And the pictures are just gorgeous!

Jenn S. - girl you totally rock. I have a boy so the little detail things are completely overlooked (due to the usual bounce house and rasselin going on with him & his friends) and not worth the effort. Posts like this make me long for a daughter. ;-)

Yvonna - Love it, you did an AMAZING job!

beverly wright - you ROOOOOOOOOOCK!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tara - Suoer cute Shalonda! But then again, all of ur parties have been amazing! We r getting ready for our strawberry shortcake party, but it’s not going to be near as cute.

Karen - wow, wow, wow, WOW! so impressed!!! can you please come help me with my angry birds party…i haven’t even started planning! eeek!

Katie - You are seriously amazing!

Amanda - it turned out FABULOUS!!! Love it!!! And thanks for the props, im blushing ;)

Meredith - dang mama – you are way too cool for school! how fun is this?!

Jeannette - Gosh now THIS is a birthday party! I love ALL of these shots! I wanna birthday party like this!

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