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full arms and a full heart… the woodlands, tx family photographer

if you live in the woodlands you may recognize this fabulous-o lady and her crew…she might be one of my most favorite people ever, because for a widly overdramatic first time mom THIS lady was exactly what i needed during those 9 months of worry, morning sickness, bedrest and late night phone calls asking insane things like “can i eat lunchmeat?!”  YEP she is my OB and she is also a mother to 4 nutso awesome kids…clearly raising them has prepared her for first time moms like me, hahahaha.

Amory - She is beautiful!!

Melissa - How stinkin cute are these.. what an adorable family and I just love all the personality you have captured!

the everyday….magnolia, tx child photographer

okay so today’s everyday image is to remind you that the point is not to capture the perfect technical image…the point is the capture the perfect everyday moment!  i had made the girls some more chocolate milk this morning and walked into my office to check facebook um i mean my email 😉 and i heard the most ridiculous belly laughs, assuming they were up to no good i snuck into the kitchen to check on them and found them in awhat i guessed was round 5 of the most hilarious milk bubble competition, hahahahaha…i grabbed my camera and had to snap a pic before they saw me, and sure enough one was all i got before i was caught…but sure enough my 85L was still on, so any from afar sneaky shot i may have envisioned in that split second wasnt going to happen….but either way i love the moment, i love the bubbles, and i love that i can “hear” their belly laughs…point taken 😉

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Ling Wang - They’re sooo cute. You can really tell the happiness on their faces in the photo. :)

chrstina - LOVE it!

Kate Robinson - This made me laugh, talk about the perfect photo moment for emotion! Yours put mine to shame, but hopefully I will get better!

Melissa - Adorable! Love it!

Amanda - Perfect! Love it! (you are lucky – mine have camera radar from 20 feet away – it’s very rare that I can sneak a shot!)

MIMI - I just love those girls. They crack me up.

blowin up facebook, hahahaha …cypress tx child photographer

okay so apparently im going nuts posting sneak peaks of the sugar rush minis on facebook tonight so everyone can have a valentine’s-y profile pic, hahahaha guess i may not ever get to blog them at the rate im rockin…so maybe ill give yall a break and post them next week:)after this weekend and next weekend’s regular sessions are “sneak’ed”…maybe?!…hmmm…yeah think ill do that, mkay peace

***ETA since looks can be deceiving, i feel the need to remind yall i am NOT by any means a studio photog and i did not magically get a studio…these sugar rush images are all NATURAL LIGHT and in a “faux” studio i created for a one time situation :)….

Gretchen - A-dor-able!!! I love the combo of the hearts and the truck!

jodie - Oh Shalonda! I’m obsessed with the candy in the truck! SO cute!!! Your lighting+processing on these are perfection!

brooke vanausdal - I wish I lived by you! Love your work :)

Nicole - What an awesome idea! So simple. But so adorable! Keep up the good work!!

Marisa - What an adorable little man! I have a 1yr old session coming up, and I love the idea of a treat distraction.