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the everyday… – personal project houston tx lifestyle photographer

okay so first let me start by saying i have not been trying to keep yall in the dark, i HAVE continued with my “everyday” project of the girls i just have not been posting them like crazy.  ill be honest daddy cheeks is not a huge fan of me posting so much of the girls lives on a regular basis, so i took a break of posting them for a bit and will add some here and there…are we cool now peeps?!

okay so big changes are happening for our family, wonderful, scary, chaotic changes…and no grandma i am NOT pregnant :)…but big changes nonetheless (that may be discussed at a later date).  With all of this, our days are filled with a lack of a schedule (umm hello its wednesday and i JUST went to the grocery store, if you read this you’d know thats a bit of a problem, ha), plans have changed an hour after making them and basically my brain has been nothing but static so trying to write is a joke…but the girls…well they just go with the flow, so much so that i am not sure if these children are actually related to me for crying out loud, ha.  The best part is, i had already taken on a very light schedule of shooting this summer so the late nights are spent with daddy cheeks watching movies and the days are filled with the smell of sunscreened cheeks (heehee), and sweaty bike rides….oh how i love summer….oh how i love this VERY MOMENT of my life!

here were the girls brushing up as we got ready for bed tonight….mimi will be so proud:)(she works in “teeth” remember)

and ps YES cheeks#2 IS indeed wearing plastic play jewelry, look people it is what it is:)

Amanda M - Too much cuteness, not sure I can stand it!!!

mimi - Great job my Angels. Remember only brush the ones you want to keep for now. If you keep brushing one day you will have a beautiful smile like mommys except w/o cavities and rootcanals i hope. Or at least until you go off to college.

Jaime H. - This is too cute! And wow! Such a clean bathroom counter — what’s your secret? :-)

my sugary, floury, beautiful mess PART2 – the woodlands, tx commercial photographer



Stacy - sigh…perfection!

stacy - I just died about five times! This is the most amazing thing ever!! The birdcage and the button jar and rocking my world, not to mention the boots, the aprons, and the CHEEKS! ahhhh I love your girls! They will treasure these!! I hope you make a fab album or wall display from this shoot. or BOTH!

Amanda M - Loving this shoot so much!!!

Melissa Anderson - oh man.. I just love this!!! I so want to do this with Bella one day. Seriously, just fabulous!!! you rock girl!

Melissa Anderson - and boy oh boy.. addie is looking more and more like you as she gets older. your girls are just gorgeous!

Melanie M - THIS IS MY FAVORITE YET! They are absolutely adorable! You Rock!

Joy Stallard - You are so talented and pay such attention to all of the details. I love the flowers in the trees in the background, the color story, and that you just let your girls be exactly who they are! So presh. Thanks again! I am one lucky girl to get to share these with my customers. xoxo Joy

Katie - Just perfect! You are GOOD!

amanda leatherberry - I love sessions like this….capturing the kids playing :) And your little girls are just so darn cute!!!! Hope you plan to display some of these on your walls!!!

sarah wheeler - this entire session is so super duper fabulous!! love, love, love! xoxo

all smiles… – tomball tx baby photographer

he was all smiles until somebody tried to take away his ice cream, hahahahaha!  i have loved mr L from the very first session way back here, and unfortuntaly we have been a sticky sweaty mess at pretty much every single one of his sessions but he has always been all smiles and has gone with the flow…THAT IS, until we tried unsuccessfully to pry the ever so delicious “at-one-point-it-was-frozen” melted mess of a cone out of his hands last night, hahahahaha.  after one more little “drink” he was good to go and we may or MAY NOT have given him a quick dip in a decorative water fountain on market street…but hey there are no pics so no evidence to neither prove or deny ;)  loved the last 3 sessions with yall mom and cant thank you enough for the fabulous gift!!!!!!

Katie - Oh my goodness, that first shot cracks me up! Beautiful as always!

Stacy - So so cute! Love the 2nd shot!

Niina - The first photo is such a lovely messy and oh so real shot! Love it.

Kate Robinson - This is why I am so in love with you. You capture ALL emotions…ALL expressions. You are so incredibly talented and just a wonderful person. Thank you a million times for your advice, your creative expression, for capturing and bottling up all our precious memories, your perspective, for making me laugh, for the care you take in each and every session and most of all thank you for filling my walls with the most gorgeous artwork. One amazing photographer. Period. Oh, and a special shout out to KB for introducing me to the wonderful world of Chubby Cheeks! Love you both to pieces!

beverly wright - LOVE these shay!! such a fun location and he’s such a cutie! great job!

Elise - Absolutely adorable! He has changed so much! What a treasure to have these photos! I’m glad I’m not making the decision as to your order!

Melissa Anderson - tehehe.. so so so cute!!! love that third one down!!! Such a great expression! :)