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oooohhhheeeee do mr C’s mom and dad know how to throw a party?!?!?!  she threw a mickey party in the most fun and fancy way possible:)  everything from Twinkles the clown to the incredible food (yes they has mickey mouse shaped pizza and of course hot diggitty dog hot dogs) and the unbeleivable mickey mouse decor…it was one meeska mooska mickey mouse of a party


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  • Jodie - love, love, love these party decorations – it looks like the hostess always does an exceptional job! And your pics are always look amazing! I’m planning a mickey mouse bday party for my soon to be two year old – any chance you could find out the details on the Clubhouse/Happy Birthday sign for me – I would love to get one for the party. Thanks!ReplyCancel

hey remember that time we were infested with strep throat and then exactly one month later it all happened again, like dejavu?!  oh yeah that was a true story…last week this past week, it happened again!  the vomiting-104-fever kind of strep throat…well yesterday we finally all had the energy and were finally fever free so mommy decided since we didnt have that much energy to run around like crazy fools i would suprise the girls and set up a suprise outdoor pedicure “shop” complete with pink decor, a nail color selection bar, and of course a foot scrub and bubble (i may have used an extra toothbrush for this part, but hey its called improvising people)…. as you know these cheeks girls are crazy in love with “pedicures” so they were beyond excited…in the words of said 5 yr old pedi lover “it was the super awesomer pedicure ever”  and for the record if i were a gambling girl id bet on pink in our house:)

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this post was orignally written and posted in august of 2010…but for some reason it popped back in my head today, figured id share it again bc like the original title said today is as good a day as any…

My mom is just one of those people….ya know that person that walks by you and you swear she said you had some cute shoes….or the one that is talking to you like you have known her forever when in fact you just met her in line at the grocery store….she’s honest, sometimes to a fault when it comes to my fashion or hairstyle choices over the years….she’s beautiful on the inside and out…she is IMperfect, the best ones always are….she is the kind of person you want to respond when you say “mom?”.

My relationship with my mom has always been incredible and exactly as it should be.  Yes, i said some ugly things when i was 2 or 12.  Sure, i thought i knew more than her when i was 15, 16, and maybe even 17 .  And of course there has never been a moment that i have needed her that she hasnt come running as fast as possible.

I can honestly say that it wasnt until i left her, to head to a&m that i realized how much i needed her, yep pretty typical i know, but hey some people take way more time than that.  The thing is though, i DID finally understand what she had done to get me to that point, who she had made me into and how much she wanted to make every dream i had come true.

Her life could not have been more different than mine, there are alot of things she chooses to forget about her life and that’s why she made so many memories for me to remember about mine.

She has always been my comfort and my protector.

she cried with me when i came home bc some mean girls made fun of me and when the first wedding dress i put on was the one.

she woke up at 430am to take chairs to the pool so they would have the best line of sight for my swim events or cheerleading competitions.

she laughed at me behind the camera when i thought i was so cool bc i could “jump” the curb on my bike (finally).

she flossed my teeth until i was 10 and then didnt speak to me for a week when i got my first cavity at 20;)

she paid for some seriously expensive jeans because i “needed” them when her’s were the ones that really needed replacing.

she screamed when i made softball allstars and when i told her i was pregnant (not good for a full resturant, ha).

she is my mom, i am so much of her it’s not funny, i am honored to be her child and lucky to have her as my best friend.  thanks mom you’re the best!  i love you!

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  • Susan Posterro - This is simply beautiful. A forever bond of love of what started as mother/daughter but now and forever best friends.ReplyCancel

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