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some of you may remember THIS POST from a few months back…well i have been given a second chance to be a part of something special…a second chance to be held accountable…like i said in that post today is a new day, a fresh start and chance to make right what went wrong yesterday.  EVERY SINGLE DAY is a lesson, learn from it.

So as you will see i have joined a circle of incredible women and am forever grateful to be a part of this.  these women speak my language.  they FEEL every moment of their lives, the good, the bad, the frustrating and the so happy you can’t catch your breath ones.  AND THEY SHARE THEM.  these letters will move you through a range of emotions and be prepared if you are like me and you cry at songs or commercials you will prob shed a tear to two.  As you will see our lives are so very different and so very awesome in our own ways, in fact we are located all over the world..but we all share one simple common thread, we love our baby girls with every ounce of us.  and after all i can’t imagine a better thing to share.

after you read my letter please follow the circle…start by heading to Kirsty Larmour | Abu Dhabi Photographer her little blondies her incredible photography and her words get me every time i read her blog…you will fall in love with her too xoxo

My sweet sweet freckles and my yummy little squishy
578 days
82.6 weeks
19 months
1 single school year
That is how far apart you are, that is the time you waited…the time you waited to meet or maybe it was the time you waited to be Reunited.  When daddy and I surprisingly found out two months before addi’s  first birthday that another baby would be joining us, I prayed with every ounce of me that, that baby would be another girl.  Not because I’m’ selfish and loved having little girls…well, okay maybe a little because of that…but mostly because I knew what it felt like to walk alone in this world of “girls being girls”, I knew what it felt like to “have” to play barbies with your mom because everyone else was playing with their own sisters, and because I didn’t know what it felt like to have a sister by my side at night when I was scared of the dark or the day I said “I do”.  And all of my dreams, all of my wishes, all of my prayers were answered, and you were not only given to me but given to each other.
You two seem to be connected within your souls on such a deeper level that I may ever be able to understand, but the funny thing is I prefer it that way.  I love hearing your sweet little whispers each night waaaay past your bedtime because despite the fact that you both have pretty incredible rooms of your own, you prefer to sleep together.  Or the fact that addi you will build a pillow wall to block out the bathroom light because camdyn has begged you to keep the light on.  Or that you camdyn will always go first at any and everything because addi is a little more timid than you.  I love that you two will always have a built in playmate, a shoulder to cry on, a person to defend and one to defend you, a hand to hold and an ear to whisper secrets.
I am not foolish, I know this love will have its rocky moments, mostly likely filled with a slammed door or two but I know that I have done everything in my being to teach you that the bond that connects you is unbreakable. I spend every day planting little seeds so that all of your experiences through life, every path you take together or apart will nourish that bond.  I know there will be times that you may even drift apart because lets face it, you are so much the same and so different all at once but I know you will always come back to each other.
Someday you will see this gift of being so close in age through my eyes…
two halves,
to the whole of MY heart.
Love each other forever baby girls.
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more all wrapped up magic… tomball, tx family and child photographer chubby cheek photography

these little ladies have come to me every single year of every single all wrapped up session i have done!  yep they are “pro’s” at this…CANT YOU TELL?!?!  mom even posted every single christmas card pic we have ever done since the beginning on her Facebook page the other day…gosh its truly incredibly to not only be able to capture these moments for so many of you year after year and to watch your kids grow, shoot even to watch your families grow…big giant hug and kiss to the best friends in the world xoxo

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what you missed it?! houston tx child and family photographer chubby cheek photography

what you missed the beginning of the all wrapped up mini parade…well we are bringing up the tail end of the parade now…this beautiful family can be compared to the razzle dazzle parade shows that stop and do some snazzy little performance for you along the parade route, hahahaha…yes i am delirious…yes i need more coffee….and yes i crack myself up 🙂

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