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soccer mom x 2

today we got a small taste of the chaos that lies ahead for us for having two kids so close in age and being “those parents” that have to be a part of E-V-E-R-Y thing.  soccer has been a huge part of daddy cheeks life since he was 3 so its only natural that he would want the girls to play at an early age and then of course he HAS to be the coach…dont think i was chillin on a chair on the sideline, bc that is so clearly what i envisioned would finally happen now that they are both playing.  nope of course not, these girls are on different teams!  its not a 3-4 yr old team its a 3 year old team and a 4 year old team and being the over acheiver that he is daddy cheeks signed up to coach BOTH teams and bounce back and forth since #2′s practice starts 30 min before #1.  confused yet?!  well i was happy to finally get to sit on the sideline, maybe be the team mom and do my thing taking pics, as fate would have it no one  signed up to be an assistant coach on EITHER team, so yep you guessed it TAG TEAM COACHING roulette began!  oh my heavens people i am exhausted!  we bounced back and forth from one field to the next alternating, quick kiss in btwn fields, all the while trying not to get madison on #2′s team mixed up with madelyn on #1′s team or conner mixed up with cooper on the other team….WHEW!  towards the end of cheeks#2′s game alot of the parents seemed to have pity on us and came on the field to help so hopefully they feel motivated to join on in again next week bc ummmm hellllllloooo people daddy cheeks is a soccer star but hey i was a cheerleader and a swimmer for crying out loud!

rachael May - Oh. my. word…that last shot is so cute…the little crinkle in her knee cap, the cute pink shin gards….so sweet!

MIMI - oh my word they are adorable. Cheeks #1 I love those silver and pink cleats and cheeks #2 I love you black and pinks cleats also. I just hope ya’ll have lots of fun .

Stacy - welcome to my world….you will have a love hate relationship with it but mostly LOVE.

the image that started it all… houston, tx child & lifestyle photographer

taken jan 2007

i announced the other day that i was going to be joining the chic critique for the end of oct/nov classes…a few things about this, one its NOT just for photogs its for anyone who loves the art of photography and capturing moments and wants to get better with good honest ol fashioned critique. 

gearing up for this forum has gotten me thinking alot about how far i have come in this journey over the past 4 yrs!  i have had a dslr in my hand capturing moments for FOUR and a half years!  i have been in business for a little less than that, prob closer to 3 than 4 yrs with the time i took off after having cheeks#2 ….but hey thats not the point….the point? oh yea that thing…yes i think i have one somewhere in this, ha…the point is, i am thankful to have found this ability that i would never in a million years guessed i had inside of me and even happier to be able to freeze time for you, your kids, your family but MOST of all for my own family! 

the image above IS and always will be one of my favorite shots.  it was taken when cheeks#1 was barely a year old i had been emersed in learning everything i could about this “fancy” camera, i had been frustrated with what i didnt understand about this “thing”  i had been given a mere 6 months earlier and then i took this!  it took my breath away then and it still does…this moment, this second, this IMAGE, speaks volumes to me, my baby wasnt such a baby anymore she had only just began to walk that month and loved nothing more than to walk on her daddy’s toes, and I was laying on the floor of our old house  taking this pic and growing what would soon be CHEEKS#2 in my belly :)  Is this shot technically correct, heck no, is the post processing of it perfect ha not even close, but this shot was the beginning of a journey i never knew i was going to take and i will be forever grateful for. 

the point (if you are the type to read the cliff notes, ha) try, try and try again!!!  if you find something you love something that you have a passion for then learn it, do it, and you will love it more.

so if there is something you think you want to do or try, this is your “sign” this is your push…GO DO IT!


Amanda Medack - So glad you started because now I have years worth of amazing shots of my girls too!!! Love you Shalonda, you are fabulous!!!

Angela - I will always remember this shot of yours! I can’t believe we’ve been holding a camera the same amount of time…crazy! Good for you for how far you’ve come!!

brooke vanausdal - I literally squealed when I read that you were doing the critique. So I signed up! I am so nervous that you will see my images and wish to grow just half as much as you have. You are amazing.

Jeannette - Saw your article in Inspire me Baby and then found you on Chic Critque so I totally signed up for your critique… nervous but excited!

i just dont know what to do with myself…. the woodlands, tx kids photographer

when i cant post sneak peeks of sessions, hahahaha…its like a high for me to get home as fast as i can, edit a few and then send the email to mom that her sneak peek is up…as you know i swore not to post any sneak peeks of christmas mins sessions this year until after everyone’s cards have been sent out and i had no idea how hard this would be :).  so thats why the blog has been so quiet… in case you were wondering, i was not by any means taking a much needed break, ha who has time for that?!

on another note if you are a photographer or just someone with a serious addiction to photography you might want to considering signing up for the chic critique forum and here’s a little sercret for ya…I WILL BE hosting one of the november classes as a “celebrity photographer” and spots are already filling up so sign up now dont wait, there are only EIGHT spots left….

and bc we cant post without any pics, here is one from our last minute 20 minute sunset session with my babies last night….

Tara - Those faces just kill me. They are SO beautiful!! LOVE this!!! Blow this up BIG and put it on your wall PLEASE!!!

Katie - Awe, love them! Really gorgeous!

Carrie Daly - Oh I am so happy to hear that I am not the only one who runs home to get a sneak peek up! I just can’t sleep without getting my faves edited and up! Just found you via a pin on *pinterest* and now I’ll be wandering here for awhile! Love your stuff!

mimi - OMG as usual what BEAUTIES we have in the family. They are growing up too darn fast. They look like the friends as well as sweet sisters LOve Em once again

mimi - oops forgot to put the best before the friends

Melissa Anderson - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!! This better be going big on your walls.. and Shalonda, Addie is look so much older and so much like her beautiful momma! xxoo