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an apple a day…. – spring tx child photographer

in an 11th hour decision cheeks#1 changed her princess preferance on me…in any normal circumstance this would be no prob see’ing as how we own EVERY single princess dress designed by Disney(even sleeping beauty people)…with the exception of, yep you guessed it…snow white!  and since apparently the entire city of houston has decided to be snow white this year it took 3 disney stores to finally be graced with Her presence!  whew its been one of those days!  a hint of #2′s costume tomorrow and then the usual halloween pics on monday or tuesday :)  like our apple its a custom cheek girls original;)

ps.btw glitter glue DOES come out of 3 yr old hair, i mean in case you were wondering!

pps.  we started a huge debate amongst target employees today on what color snow white’s actual shoes are…oops…i think they are gold but went with navy bc i liked them better so we may/may not be legit:)

ppps. (whatever) my children have not even ever seen snow white so im not sure where this came from, i had to give a mommy-fied version of the story.


Sarah Trout - We are snow white too, but need shoes! Where are yours from?? Target?

admin - yes sarah target

Courtney Wurz - These are awesome!!! Love that apple!!!

beverly wright - awww…love! and the lighting is wonderful

christine - Love the apple! We did a last minute change today too :)

Stacy - So.cute!!!

Katie - LOVE!

…coming soon…

Kate Robinson - you are an amazing woman of talents… this looks spectacular and I don’t even know what it is! nor if I would qualify! wink…

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