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once upon a time… houston tx child photographer

this pic was totally inspired by an image in saw on pinterest…i felt like it needed its little girl companion…

Leah Cook - adorable!! and I love yours more :)

Nicki - love it! feel inspired :)!

beverly wright - that’s some crazy fun bokeh!

Kellie - I totally thought of that picture (from Pinterest) as soon as I saw this photo…and then I saw that you got the idea from Pinterest! lol So good job!!! So cute! :)

Fiona M - I saw the photo on Pinterest too. This is gorgeous. Think I might need to do this with my little girl……. PS. I found you via a photo on Pinterest.

peek a boo – bellaire, tx baby and child photographer

yep im still here just sitting in all of the glitter, ribbon and christmas cards of the holiday rush…wait what its not december yet?  i’m sorry did you say it wasnt even halloween yet?!?!?!  well to my clients who have already doen their all wrapped up christmas sessions is it, hahahaha.

i did however get to sneak in a sweet little one year old shoot before the rain hit this weekend and i am giddy about him.  You may remember mr l from here i know a year has passed by so quickly, right!!!!!  Its a good thing he is still as cute as ever, although so NOT a fan of birthday cake….


Kristi - Love them! Thanks Shalonda.

beverly wright - He’s SO cute! just love the family image.

Spencer - Wow! We LOVE how these came out. Thanks Shalonda!

Tanya - What a cutie!!!!!!

Emily - These photos rock! As always! I love the 1st one of the 3 of you. <3 Em

the everyday… magnolia, tx lifestyle photographer

soccer mom x 2

today we got a small taste of the chaos that lies ahead for us for having two kids so close in age and being “those parents” that have to be a part of E-V-E-R-Y thing.  soccer has been a huge part of daddy cheeks life since he was 3 so its only natural that he would want the girls to play at an early age and then of course he HAS to be the coach…dont think i was chillin on a chair on the sideline, bc that is so clearly what i envisioned would finally happen now that they are both playing.  nope of course not, these girls are on different teams!  its not a 3-4 yr old team its a 3 year old team and a 4 year old team and being the over acheiver that he is daddy cheeks signed up to coach BOTH teams and bounce back and forth since #2′s practice starts 30 min before #1.  confused yet?!  well i was happy to finally get to sit on the sideline, maybe be the team mom and do my thing taking pics, as fate would have it no one  signed up to be an assistant coach on EITHER team, so yep you guessed it TAG TEAM COACHING roulette began!  oh my heavens people i am exhausted!  we bounced back and forth from one field to the next alternating, quick kiss in btwn fields, all the while trying not to get madison on #2′s team mixed up with madelyn on #1′s team or conner mixed up with cooper on the other team….WHEW!  towards the end of cheeks#2′s game alot of the parents seemed to have pity on us and came on the field to help so hopefully they feel motivated to join on in again next week bc ummmm hellllllloooo people daddy cheeks is a soccer star but hey i was a cheerleader and a swimmer for crying out loud!

rachael May - Oh. my. word…that last shot is so cute…the little crinkle in her knee cap, the cute pink shin gards….so sweet!

MIMI - oh my word they are adorable. Cheeks #1 I love those silver and pink cleats and cheeks #2 I love you black and pinks cleats also. I just hope ya’ll have lots of fun .

Stacy - welcome to my world….you will have a love hate relationship with it but mostly LOVE.