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lillipop designs… – designer spotlight – houston tx product photography

when ms jayme announced i had won a photo contest on her Lillipops Designs fb page i was in shock…i only had just found her and her amazing girls clothing a few weeks before when i was searching for the most perfect purple dress for cheeks#2 to wear to her birthday party… plus the competition for the contest was incredible.  i have to admit when i entered the contest i had no idea what dress looked like until a few days after entering…but OH MY WORD was i happy i entered!!!!!  cheeks#1 was in love with the dress from the day it arrived partly because she believed the eiffel tower was an A for addi and partly because this dress was uber soft and fantastically comfy…so much so that she took a nap in it on several occasions, :)  so without further adieu the Je T’amie dress which can now me found in her super delicious etsy shop

Kirsty-Abu Dhabi - ADORABLE! What a perfect way to showcase such a gorgeous dress

Niina - The photos are absolutely gorgeous (and so is your daughter)! I love the simple props that you´ve used!

Melissa Anderson - gorgeous dress.. you did such a fabulous job! I can see why you won!

Kristen - But of course there was a balloon poodle…but of course. Love them!!

beverly wright - FANTASTIC job, shay!! such fun and creative elements to enhance such a cute dress!

Melissa Darst - oh my goodness! the dress is cute but i think i love the balloon poodles the most. what a clever detail that just takes these images to another level with their color and childish fun!

Darren From CkMetroPhotos - wow these are jaw dropping stunning work my friend !! Stunning work

she has done it again… houston, tx boutique clothing photographer » Chubby Cheek Photography Houston, TX Natural Light Photographer - [...] i am seroiusly swoon’ing at every peice.  You may remember our dress of the summer from HERE or the perfect birthday dress from here…uh hu she has outdone herself with this little [...]

‘you make me smile like the sun…’ the woodlands, tx child photographer

mr t has always been a silly smiley little thing…his sister on the other hand has been a little harder to crack, and his big brother, well he’s a deep-in-your-gut-laugh-so-hard-you-forget-to-breathe kinda guy!  i love this family, i love every single session we have (and we have had a-lot).  they are so different than me but so much the same all at the same time….i’ve never been referred to as calm or even slightly calm…calm, is their middle name, ha….and with 3 kids with totally different crazy fun personalities, calm, is what you’d better be!  I love that each of their kids leaves me with a little something different and special with every session we have.  like the middle-un, being so kind to throw THIS ridiculously adorable smile right at the camera, given her history of distaste for that big black thing attached to my face.  big brother, took the backseat this session (which is extremely hard for a kid with THAT much spunk to do) and listened intently, held everyone tight and even gave everyone a little heart i mean giggle attack when he pulled everyone backwards mid shoot!  and then of course there is mr t, the baby, the ONE YEAR OLD…he was his usual smiley precious little self and even reached for me in concern when i stood smack dab in the middle of a fire ant bed while i was helping his mom change his warddrobe.  i just love them each and every one of them.

Niina - They are so gorgeous. I absolutely love the photos of the three of them together and falling over. Those little legs up in the air :)

Melodye Crosland - ok i NEED these pictures!!! You have just made this PITA’s day!!!!! Love every picture. You have captured their personalities. Just send me the pass word and I will start writing the check!!

molly - these are all so insanely precious!

beverly wright - awwww!! they are SO precious!! the one of them falling backwards is just perfect!

sandy carroll - Oh my gosh! They are precious. you have really caught their personalities!

Tammy - ABsolutely beautiful!!

Darren From CkMetroPhotos - Too sweet – beautiful clarity !

Kathi - I just love looking at your pictures! I love your style. Is there a particular action used in these pictures? I love the look of them! Great work :)

the everyday…. – personal project – houston lifestyle photographer

we love our daddy because he never gets tired of watching princess movies….over and over and over again

Ivey - absolutely perfect for the rehearsal dinner slideshow some day :)

Jaime H. - This made me smile … :-) Love it.

Niina - So cute! I love how your love for your family shows in your photos and post comments!

Nicola - I absolutely love this image. I’m a sucker for lifestyle and this one is speaking to me. LOVE!

Sarah - I absolutely love this. There’s just something about fathering a baby girl that changes a man. xo