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daydream…photography 1 on 1 mentoring, houston tx

its been a while in the planning but i am finally ready to let yall in on the details…email me if you are truly interested…mentoring only takes place in HOUSTON, TX at this time, and is only available to those outside a 150 mile radius of houston tx at this time.

Jenn S. - Girl…I would so LOVE to learn from you. (and not in a stalker-ish kinda way) Your use of natural light, your PERFECT SPOT ON exposure and business sense rock my socks off. I am going to be emailing you today to get the info.

Stephanie Waddey - Argh!!! Why can’t I live closer to Houston???? Nashville is farther than 200 miles right? Lol!

Kate Robinson - what an incredible opportunity! Wish i lived further away!!!!

Amanda - Sooo yeah… Louisville, Kentucky is futher than 200 miles huh? :o/ DANG!

Tara Swain - Woohoooo!!!! So excited for you ! I know it’s going to be awesome!!!

Brandi - Right now I wish I lived closer to you! LOL

ashley - I just found your blog from a link on Pinterest, I think. (I have many tabs open so I’m not sure anymore.) I love your work! It has me wishing I knew my camera better and put more time into my photography. Truly inspiring. Thank you!

Then I came across this post.. SO EXCITING! but I live too close to Houston, bummer.

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Christine - Im confused…can I come if I live in the Woodlands? I took it as I had to live further then 150 miles but then posts confused me. If I’m eligible, I am interested!

Monica - I would defiantly be interested but I too am confused. I live in the Cypress area of Houston and I took it as if I lived outside 150 miles is the only way I could participate.

If I am able to I would love more information~ Thank you :-)

Meagan - I can’t email you for some reason. Can you send me a quick email?

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the everyday…the heights, tx lifestyle photographer

and i have been submitting some of my everyday pics to the chic critiques Glimpses project, you should join us its only week 2

Rachel - Your editing is always so beautiful! Do you use any presets or are you just a photoshop master?

Life with Kaishon - I love this picture. So soft and sweet : )

Katie - Love your perspective!

Niina - Love your everyday pictures! What a beautiful light and perspective!

Amanda - absolutely love the lighting here… so soft, sweet, & whimsy! <3 it