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day 5 of being stuck inside being sick…mommy decided if would be fun to get out of bed and “wash” the dishes 😉 smiles for the first time in 5 days all around YAY!!!!

kate robinson - you make everything fun!

Kristal Schneider - This reminds me so much of my girls—one is being so careful and the other going at it full force. Love how they are so different but love each other all the same! So cute–hope the yuckies go away soon

chrstina - My boys love to “wash” dishes too!

beauty in the shadows prt2…tomball tx photographer – personal project

(for the photog peeps) just another addition to last nights late night post, i am trying to stretch myself, push myself out of my comfort zone, learn more and most importantly just be me…as an artist.  I am truly one of those overdramatic, breath in a bag kinda people, my life is ruled by emotion… I am easily “moved” by song lyrics, commercials, movies, books and apparently the weather (note all the bw’s lately).  right now i am here in this space, whatever it is… but i am taking the time to see the beauty in all of these shadows…

(for the ones who dont care about the above mumbo jumbo, ha)…this one was today…yes she was mad!  heck they both were…despite the serious yack-fest we had this morning or the rash all over #2’s body and even despite the rain, they wanted to go OUTSIDE, ha seriously?!  there are a million things i love about having them so close in age but the one thing i loathe is when one of them gets sick becuase it is only a matter of days before the other one gets it too, no matter how far apart i keep them (ha thats a joke right?!) anyhoo this time one has one thing and the other woke up this morning with something totally different…its almost comical at this point, but thank goodness i make a big ol pot of homemade from scratch chicken noodle soup yesterday

Stacy - ummm she looks sooooo grown here!

Tera - I bet this is what you look like when you’re mad, too 😉

jodie - Oh Shalonda… this is so great. It reminds me of my “love light” night sessions… playing with light and shadows is so much fun. This is just beautiful…

Moira - Beautiful, just beautiful…

Rachael May - I have no idea why…but all my images have taken all this same sort of feel. Very moody, emotional. The light just lights up what’s important in the frame.

AND I LOVE IT. Call it stumbling upon my style? Perhaps.

but either way “shooting in the shadows” as you call it add something to my images that I’ve been looking for.

alyson - gorgeous… love the b&ws!!!!

mimi - OMG! That little face brought back so many memories of when you were a little girl. Addi looks so much like you.You did’nt get mad to often until you were 13 at that point you hated me. I knew you would outgrow it someday and you have. I love you as much today as i did when you told me at 2 years old that you didn’t like me. Thank God you love me now. love ya lots

jess - yet another piece of inspiration you’ve passed on to me! especially during this time when i’m just waiting and WAITING for the summertime and the long days of sunshine to come! what a great way to explore! love the b&w tone on this one.

beauty in the shadows…personal

i recently read a tutorial about shooting in the shadows by Sarah Wilkerson and one of the non traditional artificial light sources she recommended using was the “fridge” and nightlights (dang wish i had thought of thoseo n my own, hahaha)…of course all of her suggestions peaked my interest so here i am shooting in the middle of the night, embracing the grain…i hope to share more of these with you as i learn more about manual white balance, etc…tonight here they are 6400 iso and all…sometimes its nice to just play around and learn something new…i will no doubt redo the nightlight shot in raw as this was shot in jpeg, as you can tell:)

and i think ill throw this one on over to the girls in GLIMPSES at chic critique


Melissa - I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I need to read this tutorial! :)

michelle - I <3 these.

Jennifer - Love it!
Where’s the tutorial? I’d live to read it.

Jennifer - *love not live.

Amanda - That’s one thing I love about photography – there is ALWAYS something new to learn! Love them!

jules - love the grain and the shadows! beautiful light!!

Marisa - I love fridge light! So clean and bright.

Maureen - LOVE these, just beautiful~

Amanda - love it! do you find it hard to focus in super low light situations such as these?

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