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“seems like just yesterday”…cypress, tx family photographer

thats exactly what we both said when they hopped out of the car, ha…

seems like just yesterday we were shooting this chubby cheek’ed beautiful newborn, yep this is her now believe it or not

oh but this session was a far cry from the quite, stillness of that session…in the best way possible:)

we laughed, we sang, SHE danced the cutest little head titled 1 year old dance (and oh yes i caught it ill try to post it later)

we laughed some more, we sang some more, we snuggled alot

and we all got sticky after the wonderful beautiful mess she made of the most deliciously sugary icing 😉


Ali Moore - Love that last shot. So sweet.

Tara - OMG! Love those. What a beautiful little girl. LOVE the tippy toe shot.

Mellisa Pendleton - For the love of Pete!!!!! Every time I see a new blog post, i am BLOWN AWAY….GREAT JOB!!!! The tippy toes shot is my FAVORITE!!!!! The light, the angles, i’m amazed

little bright star… the woodlands, tx child photographer

not much to say, i had plans they had other plans…. so did the weather, like that nice ugly white/grey sky, yep me too, blech!  but yay bluebonnets…

you win some you lose some….this song by frances england used to be on my site waaay back when, like 4 years ago when:)

little bright star

You fill me up with a big, proud joy

When you smile my heart grows and swells

You make me want to be better and more

Than I ever imagined myself to be

Little bright star shining down

This little light of mine

Little bright star shining down

This little light of mine

Shine, shine, shine, shine, shine, shine, shine

chubby cheek photography houston tx child photographer


Erynn T - Oh my, I cannot even express how envious I am of these. So stinkin adorable!

Casey - These are too precious!

Cara Harrison, Cincinnati Photographer - Embrace the whit-gray sky… it totally works for the cool, dreamlike look you have going on here. These pictures are gorgeous, even if they weren’t according to your plan.

Jenn S, - It turned out beautiful!! I absolutely love the tent!!

Aunt Kirdy - Beautiful!!! Love these!!

Christine - I hardly gave the sky a thought – all I could see was that amazing expanse of bluebonnets! Stunning backdrop for your adorable styling. Must make a spring field trip to Texas . . . :)

Jessica M. - Your girls are beauties and of course, once again you have captured them in an amazing way! Love!!!

jodie - I agree.. I actually love the white/gray sky in these! Gorgeous friend! So so gorgeous!

kate robinson - are you kidding me right now? Your bluebonnets are SO MUCH MORE BEAUTIFUl than the smaller ones around here… and seriously? these are so absolutely fabulous!! i have no words… it is like when i used to call me mom and be in tears cause i just knew i failed the test and then come to find out I made a 98… you ace every test!

Katie - These pictures are PERFECT!!!! :)

Nicole - You lied to me!!! These are fantastic!!!

Darren From CkMetroPhotos - So…….. When are you coming to to shoot my family in Australia ???? This is stunning !

Tara - I just don’t believe that they could be “uncooperative.” They are too sweet. 😉 LOVE these…. perfect!