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welcome to her world….spring tx baby photographer

tonight’s session was such a wonderful mix of childhood and exploration…miss a is turning 3, which means she is sitting on the cusp of still a baby but almost a little girl all at once but it also means she has her own opinions on whats going on around her.  she had such a asweet shy nature to her and after all of the “actin a fool” on my part to get some sort of interest from her i decided to step back…step back and just watch her, BE HER!  she had an incredible curiosity that made it easy to “see” how she see’s what’s happening around her.  despite the ridiculous mosquito bites we all endured, being a part of her world for only a bit was simply wonderful….


our princess lost her shoe…. the woodlands, tx baby photographer

i know yall are going to be oh so sad for me not to write an enture post of run on sentences, spelling errors and mushy sentiments, buuuut as you know i am having copmuter issues and am down way too many sessions to count…so util monday and this fancy schmancy iMac arrives i shall sneak peek from my uncalibrated laptop mainly bc it pains me not to sneak peek sessions…it has nothing to do with ansty moms, or excited grandmas people its all me…numero uno needs the satifcation of seeing a few edited pics after the sessions, hahahaha

you may remember miss a from HERE or HEREi sometimes like to pretend miss a is the 3rd cheeks girl of the family bc she is oh so perfect for the position, dont ya think?!?!  heehee

Keri - What a doll!!!!!! These are just beautiful!

Jenn S. - Oh the cuteness is just killing me! (And you’re going mac…awesome!!)

Rosie - Oh MY!!! She is precious! What a beautiful shoot :)

Melanie - U r going to looove ur iMac! It’s amazing!

Cute pics!

Katie - I just take it! Too cute!


as my luck has been with technology, it should be no suprise to you that i am having computer issues again…no worries i back your stuff up very regularly however this will set me back significantly from an editing standpoint as we are considering going to the “darkside” and switching everything over to MAC…dont worry im not gonna go all nikon on you, hahahaha but we are weighing the benefits  and time constraints of this huge change.  of course with daddy cheeks being such a hardcore MAC fan, it might not be a very difficult decision, however the issue will be waiting on new software to arrive once the computer decision has been made and of course reinstalling EVERYTHING.

HOW ELSE DOES THIS EEFECT YOU?!  i have no access to alot of my own stuff, as while i am a stickler for backing up your stuf,f i have fallen behind on backing up my own images as well as ccp info.  and i do not have access to my old emails via outlook bc they are on the “original server” aka pos computer:)sooooo please if you have an upcoming session like in the next week EMAIL OR CALL ME IMMEDIATLY so i have a way to contact you!  ESPECIALLY MY SECRET MINI peeps i need to send you the private location and final details for sunday!!!!!!  I am sorry for this small speedbump but sunday will most def be fabulous and its going to kill me if i cant psot sneak peeks sunday….

all orders that have been paid for up to monday have been ordered so yall will be unaffected but feel free to email me if you need to

but those of you who have an outstanding  gallery need to please consider that your gallery will be delayed, and at this moment i can not tell you how long but hopefully not more than an additional week.  i am so sorry for the delay

I ALSO NEED MY SMART COOKIE MARCH CLASS TO EMAIL ME IMMEDIATLY, so i can send the forms over to you to get done prior to class on march 13

and last but not least i plan to post saltwater beach mini session details THIS WEEK and we all know how fast they always book so keep an eye out and get ready bc this year’s pkg will knock your flip flops right off:)

kate robinson - oooohhhhhh!!! cannot wait for a saltwater shot…. so exciting!!!

Amanda - Yuck! Just went through computer hell in January. is my best friend for all the hard drive stuff – but it won’t back up the external drives with images, I have to do that separately.

Angelique - SALTWATER…MEMEME!!!!!