they got “headlight” lights for christmas…

they have blinded me on more than one occasion

ironically tonight they used them to read under the table in the dark NOT ON THEIR HEADS hahaha

but what i love the most is that you can totally tell that cheeks #2 was sounding out a word and cheeks #1 was patiently waiting to help her if she needed it…sigh…I.LOVE.THEM

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over the course of the crazy holiday rush i found happiness in the mantra SPREAD YOUR SPARKLE…weird?!  yes.  but i have to admit the concept behind it inspires me, it brings me comfort, and it just plain ol’ makes me happy. as you know the last two years i have slowly narrowed down my business focus, i have spent more of my time shooting what i love most, children with some family shoots sprinkled in here and there. i have spent more of my time appreciating what makes my heart happy, and what feeds my soul, the magic of your moments YOUR REAL MOMENTS, along with the sparkle and magic of childhood.   i am captivated by the unique and SIMPLE way children “see” the world…the carefree way they spin, twirl and giggle through their days.

This year will be spent doing MORE OF THIS!

more of what fans that flame of passion inside of me,

more creating WITHOUT ABADON or fears,

more living and loving every moment of my life for me and my family,

more relishing in the NOW.

This year is about making every moment count, spreading my sparkle

capturing little sprinkles of laughter and sunshine for YOU

showing you YOUR SPARKLE

and just how bright and beautiful your moments are.

Together we will fill our days doing what we love the most…

February will set the beginning of my 6th year in business!  WOW i have no words for this journey, where i have been and where i am going other than to say THANK YOU.  thank you to the very first “real” client i ever had who found me on google and took a chance on me, this feb i will photograph her six year old son.  thank you to every one of you that continues to take a chance on me, who trusts me with your moments.  i am forever grateful!

Let’s spread our sparkle this year!!!!



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some of you may remember THIS POST from a few months back…well i have been given a second chance to be a part of something special…a second chance to be held accountable…like i said in that post today is a new day, a fresh start and chance to make right what went wrong yesterday.  EVERY SINGLE DAY is a lesson, learn from it.

So as you will see i have joined a circle of incredible women and am forever grateful to be a part of this.  these women speak my language.  they FEEL every moment of their lives, the good, the bad, the frustrating and the so happy you can’t catch your breath ones.  AND THEY SHARE THEM.  these letters will move you through a range of emotions and be prepared if you are like me and you cry at songs or commercials you will prob shed a tear to two.  As you will see our lives are so very different and so very awesome in our own ways, in fact we are located all over the world..but we all share one simple common thread, we love our baby girls with every ounce of us.  and after all i can’t imagine a better thing to share.


after you read my letter please follow the circle…start by heading to my sweet friend Debbie of d*light photography based out of New York.  Her daughter 7 year old daughter Jo is such a wonderful reflection of the incredible mother she clearly is and the beautiful way she “see’s” light will surely draw you into browsing through her blog.

if you have followed this blog for any sort of time you would know that i have always written letters to my girls randomly but always on their birthday’s…well THIS WAS HER LETTER last year funny i feel like it was just yesterday that i wrote it but sadly or excitedly it was a year ago.
my addi b.
and just like that,
in the blink of an eye
every year i could write the same things, “this year has been a year full of growth, a year full of change…” but the truth is that is exactly what being “you” will be every single year and its an unimaginably good, great , wonderful thing!!!  You were our first baby, the one that took us from a husband and a wife to a mommy and a daddy by simply “being here”.  Each step we take with you is a new one, a path we have yet to carve out and walk down.
 This year we joined the ranks of the rest of the world, that has to do things after 330,  has summers off, sets their alarms 5 days of the week and floods the parks/movies/stores over spring break…this year you STARTED SCHOOL!  What a transition it has been for me, i am pretty sure i sniffled a little every day i dropped you off until halloween.  You on the other hand have this uncanny ability to never be sad, scared or unsure at the same time that i am internally struggling with you growing up.  Just as we expected you took this new “responsibility” of being a KINDERGARTNER with such strength and grace and an eagerness to learn more and more.  At this point you can read any and everything we put in front of you.  I love watching you read new words or new books, i can “see” it, i can see the thought process, see you mouthing out the letter sounds silently and then i can see that MOMENT, the exact moment you realize what the word/s actually is!  The sheer excitement and pride of “getting it” is written all over your face and mine!  Funny, as much of you and your way of learning that seems to come from me you also have so much of daddy in you.  I always thought you would be one or the other, a reader/writer, or a math whiz…and well yet again you have suprised me and seem to not only excel at both but really enjoy both!  yay you!
As for your everyday, you still wake up grinning before you even open your eyes…you are almost always HEARD before you are seen, with your insane addiction to talking and or singing but usually both at the same time, ha!  with the addition of long school days, its often difficult to keep you awake must past 7 but we shoot for 745 🙂 The length of your legs make it so hard for me to get you upstairs to the bed and i may have to pause half way up but gosh darn-it i am not ready to admit i can’t carry your sleepy snuggly warm little body anymore.  I have always thought it but lately it seems so many people observe it bc i have had so many random people tell me that they can tell you are such a protective big sister.  I will give some credit to your type a know-it-all personality but i have to say your love for her is so evident, it just radiates from you.  You always put your sister in front of you in any line, you take her by the hand any chance you can or walk with your hand on her back leading her around, you sleep with the light on because she wants it on even though i know you secretly hate it…gosh i could go on and on.  but ya know what baby girl i could go on and on about so many wonderful parts of you!  Being your mommy is truly the most incredible blessing and gift i can imagine.  But i will admit being your mommy has sent me on emotional roller-coaster over the past 6 years.  I cry a lot, and its always in a good way but my heart aches for a repeat of the memories we have made, while my brain is constantly looking forward to the amazing moments that await us, all while trying to engrain every second of the RIGHT NOW into both!  I love you my sweet freckles and know each year i think life with you just can’t get any better but every year, every day, is better than the last.  I AM SO PROUD OF THE AMAZING LITTLE PERSON YOU ARE my angel baby.
xoxo love you
ps for your birthday this year we did things a little different rather than have one of my annoying over the top parties, we did nothing but CELEBRATE YOU baby girl!  everyone came to us and we spent the entire weekend doing what you wanted, eating what you wanted, sleeping where and when you wanted…gosh my sweet freckles you are so loved!  all of that sugary sweet love you give us just comes right back on you.  love you all the way to jesus
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