so much sugar i got a toothache… the woodlands tx baby photographer

bwahaha i know i just crack myself up sometimes…im pretty sure i read this on a PURPLE laffy taffy wrapper in college…how do i know it was purple?  well because i really only like the purple ha. either way miss c has grown all up on us and if you remember her and her arch nemesis dum…dum.dummmmmm the birthday cake you would understand why we celebrated her 18 month session, a time for NO cake 🙂  she is so perfectly pretty and sugary and sweet i just adore her and of course her mama couldnt be more wonderful….her snazzy brother is up next 🙂

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letters to our daughters ltr.5 …spring tx child photographer

As you can see and if you have followed this blog over the past year you know, i have joined a circle of incredible women and am forever grateful to be a part of this.  these women speak my language.  they FEEL every moment of their lives, the good, the bad, the frustrating and the so happy you can’t catch your breath ones.  AND THEY SHARE THEM.  these letters will move you through a range of emotions and be prepared if you are like me and you cry at songs or commercials you will prob shed a tear to two.  As you will see our lives are so very different and so very awesome in our own ways, in fact we are located all over the world..but we all share one simple common thread, we love our baby girls with every ounce of us.  and after all i can’t imagine a better thing to share.

please take a moment to follow the circle…just HOP ON OVER TO MY SWEET FRIEND SARA TEGMAN PHOTOGRAPHY of ST Louis she is for sure the most soothing calm mother i have ever “met” and her beautiful daughters will slay you.


My lovely little ladies…

Last month i wrote to you about life’s lessons i hope to teach you along the way, as we move forward on this journey together…THIS MONTH i want you to know what you are teaching ME!  Our days and nights…our moments, are so intertwined and are paths became one the moment we became one, and you have taught me so much along the way.  For as long as i can remember i knew i was meant to be a mommy, when daddy and i decided we were ready to grow from just a couple to a family, i read every book, every blog, every how to forum.  what no one tells you is that there is no possible way to KNOW HOW to be a mommy.  That is the best and scariest part of it (period).  every mommy is different, we are all perfectly imperfect in our own ways.  When you came along, cheeks #1, we were sooooo ready, so prepared and giiiiiirl…well YOU ROCKED OUR WORLD!  but we found our rhythm…and just about that time…cheeks #2 you came right along and completed us.  our routine, our rhythm, well yeah we had to find our way again.  and we did.  but the funny thing is, everyday brings the unexpected, it bring new experiences and new moments AND A NEW RHYTHM.  and that is lesson number one…JUST LET GO and enjoy the fall.

Being a mommy means YOU ARE MY WORLD and i have to show that world to you, i have to light the way!

You have taught me how powerful my kisses are, how calming my hugs can be, how my presence can scare away anything in a closet or under a bed, how every school party is so much better when i am at your side  and how perfectly your little bodies fit wrapped up in my arms.

You remind me to jump on the bed, sometimes break the rules, that its okay eat dessert before dinner every once in a while, to overfill the tub with bubbles and make a mess on the floor and that we live in a world of imagination, princesses and magic.

You have shown me who i am in the reflection in your eyes, or the heart filled drawings you so carefully sketch of me and the way you randomly scream “mommy i love you” from clear across the house.  Its not what i see around me or hear from that  voice in my head that says “I’m not doing it right”.  Your eyes, your actions, your love  and your drawings (that btw are TAPED all over every single inch of my desk, thanks for that) remind me i am doing just what is right for US.

you have taught me that chicken soup and tylenol have nothing on mommy snuggles when you are sick.

I have learned that playrooms were meant to be messy, after all thats why its called a PLAYroom, ha

You have taught me that there is no reason to try to sweep up glitter because i swear we must just leave a sparkly path everywhere we walk.

You have even taught me that ribbons were actually meant for tying together to make ridiculously long doorknob accessories, or for fishing for barbies from upstairs to scare the begeezuz out of me as i walk by

Although not every day is rainbows and roses, you know what, thats okay…because we will always have each other.  And i can honestly say that i know firsthand we will always come out the other side better and stronger.  Guess who taught me this?!  your mimi, my own perfectly imperfect mommy.

love you babies


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decorating with pictures chubby cheek photography style – houston tx lifestyle photographer

BELOW IS A POST that i wrote when i guest blogged for my new friend kristen at Capturing Joy with Kristen during her Decorating with pictures monthlong event…thought you lovelies might like to read if it you missed it on her blog.


Howdy lovelies!  My name is Shalonda, aka chubby cheek photography.  I am a child and family photographer based out of northwest Houston, TX  I have to admit when Kristen asked me to be a part of her decorating with pictures series I was sort of nervous…okay well ALOT nervous!  You see, while I have a lot of different creative bones in my body, the “decorating bone” was one I was born without, ha!  But where I lack in decorating skillz I make up for with my addiction to that warm-fuzzy-ooey-gooey-stars-in-your-eyes feeling when I see my family and particularly my girls images in print!  I am that person who walks through the house at 6:30 am with a cup of coffee and a silly grin on my face, not because i am crazy (well I am a little crazy) but because constantly see’ing these MEMORIES on my walls take me right back to that moment!  A few years ago I started the “every day project” with my girls, its sort of a low stress, guilt free, fat free, version of a 365 project :)….well anyways these every day images of them being them, of moments in our days, of our REAL LIFE, are “where its at”.  Having these images up in my home and better yet walking by them on a daily basis truly feed my soul as a photographer and crush my heart into a million pieces as a mommy.  These images are a true representation of my journey and how it has come full circle, I mean my girls were the reason i ever picked up a camera in the first place, which kickstarted this business 6 years ago and having these images of my girls are a reminder of why i do what i do!  My point…yeah here it is…no matter what type of camera you have, no matter how professional you are or aren’t, DOCUMENT your days!  And no matter WHO you are GET IN PICTURES, I am forever grateful for all of my photographer friends who have photographed my family and me with my babies!  See that big canvas down there in my dining room?  One of my best friends Melissa Anderson Photography flew all the way from ohio to take that among a tons of other incredible ones that I will cherish forever  fill your home with YOUR art, your moments, YOUR LIFE!

So enough of the sappy mommy love stuff, lets get to the goods!  So a few things you might notice 1.  i am a true canvas addict!  Oh yeah baby  I may need a support group someday but for now Ill just pass the ones I rotate out down to the grandmas 😉  and 2. and I really really really love turquoise and pink 😉 3.  I have pretty awesome friends who “got”  the decorating bone 🙂 4. I am no home photographer i prefer the super hyper running around like crazy 4 year old type


you are my sunshine sign between you and me signs on etsy

glass frames Aaron’s brothers with a styrene mounted print with white border on print

dresser in my office Marshalls home goods two years ago

subway art sign and make every moment count canvas also marshalls homegoods

black and white matted frames and ledge Pottery barn

camera bag Belle from epiphanie

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Bubble Blower + Glitter Thrower + Magic Maker

Hey yall!  I'm, Shalonda, the eyes behind the camera of chubby cheek photography. I am a nationally published child photographer, based out of Houston Texas, where I am drowning in glitter + princess dresses with my two daughters, also known as the cheeks girls, and the love of my life, daddy cheeks.  I am inspired by REAL life + the magic of childhood and I truly believe that the in between moments mean the most... even when that means stepping on a Barbie shoe before I have had my morning coffee!