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mr memorial day!!!!!

just in case you happened  to forget i have seen him every year TO THE DAY since he was born!  you can go back by starting HERE or you can start from the very beginning at his NEWBORN SESSION HERE…shoot, you can even see him every year if you look back at the all wrapped up holiday minis, hahaha….but guess what?!  he is going to have to share his chubby cheek spotlight soon bc his new little brother will be here later this summer!!!!!!  eeeekkkkk!!!!  my fav little aggie family is adding another to our fighting texas aggie fan base!  WHOOP!

  • Kimberly - These are FABULOUS!!! Love them and love you – cannot wait to see the rest!ReplyCancel

a few important little details….

1.  as you know i am taking most of the summer off to be with my babies….having said this, that means the fall bookings are going to book fast & furious.  I AM OPENING UP FALL BOOKINGS RIGHT NOW!!!!!!

2.  thats worth repeating…i am opening up my fall calendar right this very minute!  so if you are interested in a fall session of any kind you should probably go ahead an shoot me an email or give me a call skc@chubbycheekdesigns(dot)com

3.  all wrapped up holiday session booking info will be up later this summer as usual, and if the last few years have been any indication of how crazy fast they book you might want to keep up with me (i felt like justin beiber last year 36 session in 12 min, YIKES)…with FB making all these nutso changes (don’t get me started) this could be tricky so i have devised a plan b for us:)ya like that I’m always think about you wonderful people 😉

plan b…i am nixing the old pita newsletter and starting a new one NEXT WEEK!  i will announce it here and on lousy fb so you can be sure to sign up, bc at this time it seems the best way to keep in touch with y’all on really important details is to go back to the good old days ha and do it myself in email…hahaha old days….so even if you signed up for the old newsletter you will still need to sign up for the new one, boooo i know and i apologize in advance for that.  (as a side note…i know I’m kind of a fun gal and all but i ask that ONLY CLIENTS sign up for the newsletter at this time, I’m just not sure its goo business to have all my announcements go out to every photographer who might just be a little curious ya know?!)

4. and last but NOT LEAST…THE MOST IMPORTANT one…i have decided to open up a few summer session during the month of august, so if you are interested shoot my an email AS WELL AS ADDING A SMART COOKIE ACADEMY for end of june and middle of august….

5.  if you are a high school senior NOW is def the time to book your session as i only take LIMITED senior sessions these days

6. wow!  six bullet points?!?!?!  gosh well its a good thing this one is just to day LOVE YALL 😉

i truly believe that each of you, no matter what kind of camera you have or dont have, no matter how perfect or imperfect our days can be, it needs to be captured…LIFE needs to be captured.  As a group we hope to inspire you to take out that camera, capture a full day of YOUR life, capture your afternoon swinging at the park, or riding bikes to check the mail, any of it, all of it, just capture it!  No one but your family will prob ever enjoy these images and hey they may not ever even be edited if you are a photog but the bottom line is someday you will look back and you will be so happy you have these memories captured.


a reminder of last months post

and don’t for get to shimmy on throughout the circle, these ladies are sure to razzle dazzle you…start with my amazing friend Jules Trandem | San Diego Lifestyle Photographer


this month flew by…preschool is over for cheeks #1 she will be in the big K next year…gulp…anyhoo lets not think about that at this moment…so we all needed a break…like a real break, like a sleep in til 9:00am, swim ALL.DAY.LONG, drink the best pink sand beaches you have ever had (out of red solo cups of course, ha), kinda break.  and THAT is exactly what we didi for 3 straight days….sigh…thanks grammy and pappy

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  • christy w. - Oh yummo!! That grill shot makes me drool! So glad you could get away and have a blissful day with your girls. And I can so relate….the last days of pre-k has been tough on me too! Beautiful images as always, love how you freeze time :)ReplyCancel

  • wendy vonsosen - Shalonda, what a great glimpse into the beginning of summer. This may be weird but I’m a little obsessed with that grill shot. I love that you captured all that steam coming off the meat.ReplyCancel

  • Katie - LOVE these! Makes me look forward EVEN MORE to summer!!!! :)ReplyCancel

  • Selidji Laleye - I LOVE your style, your pictures, what you capture EVERYDAY!!!!!!!
    I use to take lots of pictures of my son daily but I have been so disappointed by the quality of the pictures so now I barely take any. But hopefully I will buy my 1st DLSR soon and will capture more and more.Thanks for being such an INSPIRATION!!!!!!

    btw What camera will you recommend for a beginner like me? I like canonReplyCancel

  • jules - I’m with wendy … that grill shot is perfection! love it. I hope you have fun summer plans with these darling girlies of yours. looks like it is off to a perfect start!ReplyCancel

  • leah - what a fun day!! i can hardly get over that bbq shot and the smoke. dang that looks yummy. yay for summer!ReplyCancel

  • Angela - Ok, seriously, how cute are these? Love the yard…so fun!ReplyCancel

  • Stephanie Moore {Tucson AZ Photographer} - Looks like you guys are welcoming summer, such cute photos. And that last shot looks delish :)ReplyCancel

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  • alli - Love these shalonda!ReplyCancel

  • Life with Kaishon - These days are so wonderful. I don’t want them to ever end!ReplyCancel