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love me some december babies…. the woodlands, tx newborn photographer

not much to say here you saw this sweet little family HERE…swoooooon…and now meet mr z, he was the tiny little peanut in his mama’s tiny little belly last month…isnt he insanely perfect in all of his 5.5lb glory?!?!?!


Katie - So sweet & tiny! Just gorgeous!!

Brandi - *sigh* so very lovely – what a sweet little baby boy!!

amy - these are gorgeous!! xo

Laura - I love that second image! Beautiful little baby!

Marla - Beautiful family!

you… the everyday

my sweet addi b





its funny the “title” five year old seemed to instantly turn you into a girl, not a little girl, not a baby, not a toddler but a girl…and a GIRL that someday will be leaving me.  I tried to be strong today and swore if daddy let me boo’hoo about it yesterday than today there would be no tears…well…i guess i lied.  I layed next to you on the couch for what seemed like an eternity and only a few seconds all at the same time and watched you sleep lastnight, knowing full well there was nothing i could do to stop it, nothing i could do to ensure you would still be four when you woke up this morning.  I twirled your hair, to give you a break because afterall you DO still twirl your hair in your sleep, i counted your freckles ( i lost count after 22 thru mommy tears), i giggled at your blonde tipped eyelashes that seemed almost nonexistant in the twinkle of the christmas tree lights.  unfortunatly, you got those from me, and baby, we are just the kind of girls who will always desperately need to wear mascara, and hey there’s no shame in that:)….but despite all of this it still happened…we all fell asleep and…

this morning ,

woke up in all your “super happy morning person-ness”, the most bright eyed and bushytailed FIVE YEAR OLD THERE EVER WAS!!!!  I thank God everyday that five years ago today, on a very cold december day very much like today, you came into this world and were handed over to me!  I could never have imagined the squished nose, very long and skinny little thang would become…well would become YOU! 

i truly can not sum you up in one word, or two or heck even ten, you my dear require a book.  There is so much of you that i truly believe has to be reminenscent of me and how i was as a…girl…Your lanky long legs, your typical first-child-type-a personality, your innate desire to be praised when you do something so right and even down to the fact that you will seriously erase through paper until you get that A juuuuust right ( i may or may not admit to this later so take it while you can, take it while you can).  But then there is so much of you that is so much more than i ever could have dreamed to be myself.  Your honest and true compassion for others truly breaks my heart with pride.  You my dear daughter can almost always be heard before you are seen, typically singing anything and everything that comes to your mind.  Meeting new people, any and everywhere, is a thrill for you, you love and i mean L-OVE chatting it up with anyone, adults, teenagers, kids, it really doesnt matter as long as i am close by…oh and when i say “chatting it up” i mean YOU do the talking, and they do the listening!  Those long lanky legs and my genes combine to sometimes make you a little on the clumsy side but what you lack in catlike reflexes you more than make up for in razzle dazzle performance!

while i am “pulling a mommy moment” i will admit i am so very excited about what this year will have in store for you…starting kindergarten, learning to read, and even tying your shoes!

happy birthday, my sweet BIG girl…i say it every year but you will always be the one that made me a mommy and that is the best gift i have ever been given.

i love you to the moon and back my baby/big girl!




Jenny - oh for the love…all teary over here! What is it with the number “5″ seriously Mr. C will be 5 in April and I dread it. Happy Birthday BIG girl :-)

jodie - Oh man! My middle kiddo just turned five and I couldn’t even write about it! Mine has a little speech impediment so she still sounds little to me even though the things she says and the things she does and how she carries herself are getting bigger everyday. More mature. It’s thrilling and sad all at once you know? Happy birthday to your big girl! Truly, for my first, the 5-6 year has been my favorite! They seriously blossom in amazing and beautiful ways! Enjoy this year with your baby girl!

charlotte - You write the sweetest blogs! Such a sweet mommy. Happy birthday to your big girl Addison!!

Brandi - so perfect in every way… wish I could keep my girl little too. {hugs} and enjoy 5!!

Tanya - Awwww, Happy Birthday to your sweet girl. 5 is a big year in a little girl’s life. :)

beverly wright - love it! your whole family is just sweet and wonderful and your girls are blessed to have you as their mommy!!


Jennifer Cusimano - I’m crying. So very sweet! Happy Birthday!

Cassie - you know I read it! :) thanks for the heads up though! haha as always, sweeter than sweet! perfectly written! Cant believe you have a 5 year old! Happy Birthday Addi!

mimi - My wonderful daughter you always amaze me. You are the best mommy to my beautiful grandaughters. I could barely finish reading the 5 birthday letter.My tears just rolled down my face.You are the most amazing daughter. I am so very proud of you and i love you so very much. Happy Birthday to my precious grandaughter. I love you so much more than you will ever know. You are so a mini version of mommy. I love ya’ll very much

Jenn Schell - Girl…you’re going to make me cry! My little one and only turns five in just over a month and the growing up makes me teary also. Happy Birthday little one!

Jessica - Love it! Wept as I read it. Why is it that being a Mom is the hardest job we have, but also the best? : ) Love you photos as well- long link as to how I got here but your dog-eared now and I come back all the time to wander and giggle! ~Jess

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