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first 12 days of 2012…day 10

and the winner is….


whew yesterday was serious…i was so stressed out about yall hating me i video’ed the pick any case anyone needed to go hatin’ on anyone they could totally take it out on;)

but guess what its another day and another giveaway!!!!!  oh and yesterday was so fab there will most def be another ccp giveaway on day 12:)

so today is one of my most favoritest new finds…ms elizabeth from VINTAGE PRETTIES BY EMA…ummmmm can you say D-IVINE?!?!?!  She is giving another one of those super fantastic gift certificates…oh and go give her some lovey love on facebook if you want and dont buy up everything in her shop i am still wanting a few more things…

and to add to the sweetness another new friend ms allison from her shop SLOBBERBOX SHOPPE said “well hey lets toss in some goodies from our shop too”, yes i am pretty sure thats exactly what she said;)she is doing a gift certificiate also so you can choose whatever floats your boat:)  feel free to give her some ccp love on her fab little facebook page that way you will be one of the first to knwo when her shop opens next month!!!!

****not redeemable for cash.  nontransferrable.  deadline to enter 9pm CST. used to determine random winner, ccp and all vendors in giveaway are not held responsible for technical issues with  facebook not assoc with this contest and winners will not be announced via facebook****


Adrienne N - So cute!

Mary - Pick me!

Amory - stop the madness!! :)
You have some pretty fab giveaway friends, fo sho!

Alecia Tabb - Pick me pick me…please. :)

Kelley - Love it! Pick Me! :-)

cara - Adorable! I would love to win! You rock!

Ryan F - another great giveaway!

Nikki James - Me!!!!!!!

ana - Cute!

Erynn T - I hope I’m the winner tonight! Woo hoo for all these awesome prizes!!

Cathy - Sweet things.

jennifer - Oh, love the tiny headbands, would be perfect for my 6 month old.

Anna padilla - Yay! So cute!

Jenni Fautsko - Sooo cute. Would LOVE this one!!

Amanda green - You can make up for yesterday by picking me today ;)

Nicolr halbert - Me! Me! Me!

Katie Sullivan - Always needing more baby girl props ;)

kerri lynn - super cute!

Kristen Blair - Pick me!!

Kimberly W - Adorable headbands!

Kensie - I WANT IT!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey McGuirk - Let’s try this again!?!!!

Kelly L - Oooo, just checked out both shops and they have such pretty stuff. Thanks for the amazing giveaway(s). :)

jessie whittle - Hello, hello!

Tara Wheeler - CUTE shops…hope I get to do a little of it!

Erin J. - Sending out some love!

Sarah trout - Hopefully you have one of these sweet little headbands to match the outfit!

Keri - Hope to win today!!

Karen - Would love this!

Tera - I want to win!!

christy tramel - Pick me!!

AManda Kelly - I want to win!!!

christy tramel - I wanna win!

Stephanie - Maybe today is my day to win! :D

Jeff Kelly - WIN!

Ivey - common on… pick me :)

Toni - Fun giveaway today!

Amber - Pick me!!

Katie - Oooh, I want to win!

Catherine - Cute!!!

Meredith - Loveylovelove

Reagon Alami - I likey:)

Shannon - How cute!

Kristal - I want to win!!!!

TRACI - Pick me!

Tabby Zgabay - Oooh!! Nice!! :)

jennifer - adorable!

chrstina - I could totally use some more fru-fru girly headbands for my baby girl! ; )

Selena - Very nice!!!

Jenny D - I’d love to win!!!

Deepa Thek - very cute

Jennifer Gregg - I hope I win !!

Keri Tex - I would love to win!

Christine O'Connell - Beautiful items! Fantastic giveaway!

Lindsay Keegan - Maybe today is my lucky day!! Please pick

Kara Powell - Love Liz and her stuff!

Deborah Harrison - Pick me!

Kristen - very nice!! Would love to win! :)

Jennifer - so cute!

Daniella Freudenberg - Pretty please? :D

Jess Simons - LOVE! I want!!

Lorena Mora - Me me, pick me :-)

Leah - So fun!

Wendy Howard - Love it! Could really put this to some good use!

michelle - (Eyes closed, fingers crossed) please pick me…please pick me…

Brandi - love this giveaway!!

Christina - LOVE!! would be awesome to win

Shannon - Great prize!

Suzanne - loving this giveaway!

Janna Jaeger - Me !!!

Emily Chadwick - Pick me!!!

charlotte - love it!

Tera Kunze - Im feeling LUCKY!

Stephanie Hegland - Awesome prizes! Thank you!!

Brandon - pick me!

Kathryn cooke - I wanna win….I wanna win…. I live in north Carolina, but I wanna win!!!! Absolutely adorable stuff! I REALLY wish I were closer…. U do beautiful work! :)

jacquie Forsey - WOuld love to win!!!

angela king - pick me!!!! :)

Maggie - Yes, please!

christine - feelin’ lucky….

Candace - Mmeeeeeeeee!!! :)

Kinsey - I want to win real bad!!

Amanda Carson - I am in little girl heaven!

Tara - Me!

Christy - Pick me

Rob L - Pick me!

first 12 days of 2012 giveaway…day 9

and before yall get all mopey on me for not winning please know that since we had such a fun day and such a great turnout on comments i will indeed be giving away one more little thing for you COOKIE LOVERS!

congrats cason white!!!!  i dont know you or your family but i will!!!!!  please respond to my email within 24 hrs or another winner will be selected


yabba dabba doo this one should be fun….

for all you locals OR those of you willing to travel to h town for a session!!!!

today i am giving away one of the coveted, super hard to get, unless you are fast on the trigger 2012 all wrapped up christmas mini sesssions and everything that is included with it!  sessions typically take place in sept or oct and always include christmas cards, 30 min session, and a few more goodies that arent decided yet.  The limited sessions always book up in less than 30 min…yes this year i did 36 and all 36 booked in less than 30 min!!!!!!!!!!  so this is your chance to book  one now all the way in january, then sit back and relax until sept or oct comes around;)

RULES for this one:

- wanna win?  leave a comment here on this post…1 per person please

- session date must occur on one of the designated all wrapped up session dates which have not been determined yet but are always in sept and oct. 

- winner will recieve an email in july with session details, dates and times and will have 48 hrs to choose their session, YEP YOU GET TO BOOK YOURS BEFORE ANYONE ELSE EVEN KNOWS ABOUT THEM:)

- session must occur at predetermined all wrapped up shooting location in houston tx

- non transferrable, and sessions are for up to 5 ppl and immediate family only can participate in session.

- includes 30 min session and all products included in all wrapped up session pkg but does not include shipping or any upgrades  to package.

if we get over a 100 comments on this one, i may toss another goodies in the mix on day 12, for those of you SMARTIES that love COOKIES:)

****not redeemable for cash.  nontransferrable.  deadline to enter 9pm CST. used to determine random winner, ccp and all vendors in giveaway are not held responsible for technical issues with  facebook not assoc with this contest and winners will not be announced via facebook****

Tera - OK, now I really do NEED this one!!

Erynn T - If I win this I will die!!!

Angelique - Now, this would be nothing short of FABULOUS!!!!

Nicole Halbert - Um, yes please!!!

Kelley - pick me :-)

Nikki Spreen - What an AWESOME prize!

mary - me me me me! crossing fingers AND toes!!

Danielle Crocker - This would be absolutely AMAZING! I’d make my sister fly in just to watch you work! You are her inspiration!

Amanda green - I would just die for this one ;) me me me…pick me!!

Tara - Love your work! This would be a great prize. :)

Maureen - So exciting – pick me please!!!

Kim - Pretty much the best giveaway yet. I would be THRILLED to win this one!

Catherine Morgan - I am going to be holding my breath all day about this one! Fingers crossed!!

Julie Flores - Um, yes please! Sign me up!!! My fingers and toes are crossed! :)

Amanda M - Holy Moly love this!! Pick MEEEE!!!!

Keri - I really want to win this one!!! Pick me!!

darci -….be still! Yes, please?!!! This is perfection – crossing my fingers!!!!!

Ryan F - totally totally totally want this…love!

Kim K - This is wonderful, I have always wanted to have one of your sessions, your pictures are great.

Loida Rodriguez - Awesome giveaway :)

Jolene - OH! My… I missed it last time!! My pictures are so out dated!! Pick Me…

Tera Kunze - Im entering this one. We have plenty of sky miles.

Kimberly W - Aw man – please please please let me win this one!!!!!

Rosie - This would make my year!!

Amanda @ Click. The Good News - Oh- great prize! Thanks :)

Tabby Zgabay - This would be AWESOME to win! I am hoping that we have a baby at this time!! :) I hope the random number picker picks me! Hahaha!

kate robinson - now I am glad the random picker didn’t pick me for the Garnish… maybe it was waiting for this! wink… LOVE… BEST GIVEAWAY TO DATE!!!!

Janna jaeger - Im feeling kinda lucky today. Pick me!

Jenny D - Oh please I need to win this one!!!!!!

Jennifer - Wow! Pick me please!

Kristen - um yes please…a Christmas mini AND the first to book your session time…it’s an unbelievable deal!!!

Tammy - You know how much we love, love the christmas mini!!!!

Stacy fetterman - Me me me!

Jason - So all I have to do is comment?

Katie S - Love this! Pick me please!!

Deandra - ME! ME! ME!! That’s pretty awesome!

Kerri Lynn - Our 5th ccp Xmas card!!!

Stephanie - Would LOVE to win this!!

Michelle tait - Christmas in january!! Mini sessions are sooo much fun…

Erin Nesser - What an awesome prize! I HAVE to win this one! :)

Tiffany M - Pick me puuuhleeease!!! Willing to travel :)

Erin J. - How cool is this??!

Anne miller - Would love to have photos done of my babies! We haven’t ever done Christmas pictures, it would be so neat!!

Tracy - I would love to win this!

Kristin P - I REALLY want to win this session with you!!

Jessica Meinardus - Ummmmm yes please! I’ll make a trip to Houston!!!!!!

michelle - Seriously, I need this. You need to get your hands on my little ladies!

maibritt - oh my! that would be great – maybe a present for hubby of me and the kids :o)

Carroll Sherman - Am sooooooo excited to see who wins!!

renee - Please, please pick me :)

Charlotte - So awesome! Thanks for the chance!!

Jean - Ah!! Pick me!! I have to have more of your beautiful work in my home, pics of my grand babies! There’s never enough of that special joy!

Amanda - Um, yes please! :)

Cheeyl - We always have such fun together!

Casey Mcguirk - No need to fly to participate! I might just be the closest candidate!!!

Nicole Rogers - I’ve got two sweet little boy faces ready for your lens!! Thanks!

alli casey - Hot diggity dog! I wanna win :)

Jennifer R - LOVE this give away….

Traci Sims - Pick me, pick me!

Elizabeth - YES! Yes! yes!

Sylvia Valle - Me, me, me, me me! This is a great prize!

Nicole - Maybe it’s finally my day to win????? Please, please??

hope - ohhh..yippy skippy! HOPEing I win!

Amber Barton - This is mine!!! Pick me!

Hana - Great photos!

Candice Craig - Woohoo! I’d love in from NC for this giveaway!

Jessica Anderson - oh yes..PLEASe pick me!!

Shannon Castillo - Yes please! Such an awesome prize.

Sarah N - This sounds wonderful!! Thank you for the opportunity!

Meredith - Saweet!! Need to have a baby by then! Lol

Christine - I so need this! Our pics this year were fabulous but having a cooperative 3 year old will make them do much better :)

Jennifer - Ohhhhhhhh…love this one! Feeling lucky ;)

Kimberly Harrell - I LOOOOOVE your photography! Please choose me. Smiles!

Amy Crawford - Oh yeah! Oh yeah! Feeling lucky! Smiles!

Sharon - My grandbabies would LOVE this!

Stacy - I would LOVE to win this session!!!

Jaci Rae Chatham- DeVita - Hip Hap yap yippee hoop hop yah yahoo giddy up whoa! This hustlin’ corralling mama would be absolutely dirt clod kickin’ happy to win this one!

Melanie Trognitz - Ooooohhh…..Would love to win this one!!!!! Love cheeks work! Been a fan since the very very beginning…….

Jennifer harris - I would love to win. I haven’t had my girls pictures done professionally done in a while.

Kristi - Would love to win this!

Shannon - Would love to win!!!

Kacye - Me, me, me. Pick me! Would love to do this with my family!

Jacquie Forsey - Awesome!!!!

AMANDA KELLY - This is awesome!!!

Jeff Kelly - pick me!!

emily moore - oh my goodness!
what an amazing giveaway!! Our little family (with hopefully another on its way) would be so excited :)

Hallie - Fabulous prize, hope to win!!

sarah c. - I would love to come see you in Houston!

Reagon Alami - Please Please oh Pretty Please,
Pick the mom who once had 2 and now has 3:)
She has no time to capture that perfect pic
But with you in charge its sure to be fit. Lol
Just wanted to bust a rhyme:) hope I win

Christy Tramel - Pick me!! Pick me!!

kensie - i would love love love this. it would make my day, and maybe even year.

STEPHANIE H - Would LOVE to have more photos from you. Hope today’s my lucky day!

Laurel - Would LOVE this wonderful opportunity! ~will travel to make it happen~

Amanda Carson - Ill drive to htown for that!

Ivey - You *know* I would LOVE this!!! And that I would up the pictures up :)

Kristal - Me, would love this. I never get pics of my own family.

Beth Clarke - Such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed!

Sean - My wife says we have to win.

Tiffani Langbein - Please, please pick me!! :)

Daniella Freudenberg - Pretty pretty pretty PLEASE! With a cherry on top? :D

Brandon - My wife would love me for ever, I’m positive! Pick me!

alyson - ohhhhh goooddnnesss best prize ever!!!!! pick me! pick me!

Karla Vacek - I would love to win a session! :)

Joseph White - It’s a short and well-worth-it trip from the ‘burbs for this!

Daliene - Wishing it was Christmas again!!!

Mellisa Pendleton - ME ME ME!!! Would LOVE to give this to a local family in your area…they are soooo deserving!!!

kim watson - Oh, you’re the best. I love watching you with my grandchildren and it would be such a treat to see you again!!!!

Jennifer Figg - You’re one amazing chick! Thank you for day 9!

David Trout - My wife made me enter! Hope we win!

Jill Kuhn - Pick me! Pick me!

Brandy - I wanna win!!!

Mari Hawkins - Love your work

Bill R - Best Christmas for my wife EVER!!!!

Candace - Oh my goodness I want it soooooo bad!!!

Suzanne Juneau - You always have such amazing ideas – me please!

Tanya - Oh my goodness!!!!! MEEEEEEEE! Pick me!!! I so want those Gorgeous Christmas pics!

Amy - We love your work! It would be awesome to be picked!

J. P. - Love your work and would feel very grateful to be picked for this gift!

Kim - Your pictures are amazing, you are so creative!!

Dan - Please, Please Pick me! I can smile real pretty!!

Wendy Howard - Wow, what an amazing giveaway! Sure wish I lived closer. Though for one of your sessions, I would drive to Houston in a New York minute!

kelly - Please, please

Kristin Boyd - How wonderful!!!

Kristin - Oh, pretty please, Pick me, pick me!

Chris - Oh, please pick me, I’ll be your bestest friend!

Jonathan - My sister forced me to enter. It will be the best Christmas present she will receive !

Jennifer Anderson - Great giveaway we used you a few years ago would love to win!

Cason White - Great giveaway!

Jennifer M. - What a fantastic giveaway!!!! Love your work!!!!

Rob L - Pick me!

April - Christmas 2012 will be our first Christmas as a family of three. Would LOVE to have you do our first Christmas pics!!! :)

Ryan - Winner, winner….chicken dinner.

Kevin - Pick us, please.

Scott - I woyld get big brownie points from my wife if i won this!

Melodye Crosland - Oh can’t wait…love your pictures!!!

Summer - I’d love to win this! I’ve been reading your blog and would love to have you take our pics!

Elizabeth Henderson - Oh, I would LOVE this!!! What an awesome giveaway!!

JP Morgan - Wife made me do it!

Wes - My wife wants to win!

Matt Trognitz - Pick us so my wife will have something special to look forward to since the cowboys choked…

steve martin - I look forward to seeing my grand daughters(Emma and elly Morgan)pictures every year

Dave R - Per my wife’s request…hope we win.

Kinsey - Oh please, oh please be me!!!!!!

Caroline Roberts - I live your work, so cute. I have a 4 yr old and a 4 month old. Would live to win session and use as baby announcement!!!!!

Emily - shut.up. this is the best giveaway ever!!!!!!

Ryan DesAutels - This would be nice.

Cheryl - LOVE!

Brent - I would be husband of the year if I win this!

Jill Martin - SWEET!!! :)

Jennifer - I would love to win this photo session! We would use it to take pictures of our soon to be family of three! Baby on the way!!

Brandon - :D

Karlee whitaker - Merry Christmas to me in 2012, please;)

first 12 days of 2012 giveaway…day 8

congrats mary anne!!!!  AER ladies will contact you shortly….


not much to say about this one except I FRIGGIN LOVE THE LADIES OF ANNE EVERETTE RAE…was that subtle?!  their custom newborn blankets are beyond heavenly…and they do this little thing called monogramming, yep its a good thing;)so GO CHECK OUT THERE SNAZZY LITTLE SHOP bc there is something for EVERYONE!!!!!!

well check ‘em out on fb and give them some ccp love

wanna win leave a comment here on this post…1 per person

****not redeemable for cash.  nontransferrable.  deadline to enter 9pm CST. used to determine random winner, ccp and all vendors in giveaway are not held responsible for technical issues with  facebook not assoc with this contest and winners will not be announced via facebook****

Amanda Kelly - i hope i win!!!

Tera - I need this!!

Parker - Precious!

Cathy - Love

Tera Kunze - Yay! This is just as fabulous as the others!!

Rosie - SO super sweet!!

Alecia Tabb - So sweet. Hope I win.

Erynn T - She has some super cute stuff!!

Jenny D - Love it!

Denise Rooney - Love! :)

Stephanie - Hope I win!

Ryan F - Me me me!

Sarah - Love it!

Christine - Love, love, love!

michelle - Fingers crossed I win this!

Erin Nesser - So adorbs!!!

Sarah trout - Sweet!!

Suzanne Juneau - I’m loving all your wonderful giveaways!

Deepa Thek - So cute!!

amanda green - BEAUTIFUL baby stuff! Hope I get picked!

Kensie - I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!! :)

Kerri Lynn - Gorgeousness!

Janna jaeger - Need for new baby Jaeger

Courtney Wurz - This is awesome! :)

christy tramel - Love it!

Amanda Carson - So sweet!

Keri - Pick me!

Selena - Lovely! great stuff

Kelley - Pick me!!!

April Peter - Oh me me me!! :)

Melissa - Would love to win this, I love love love AER!

Kate Robinson - What an adorable shop!

Anne Everett Rae - Thanks for including us!!

Krista - Love this!!

Courtney S. - love them!

alyson - Ohhh my newborn is due tomorrow…. I’m sure he’d love a new blanket!!

Jennifer Gregg - So Cute !

Candace - :) :):)

Adrienne N - Pick me!! Pick me!!

Lindsay Keegan - Trying again! :) Please pick me!!! LOVE the shop!!!

chrstina - Ohmygoodness! What cuteness! Hope I win. ; )

Giana - Me me me!!! I love AER and CCP!!

Jessica healy - Would love a blankie for baby to take to daycare

Julie - I adore AER!

Laura Brown - Love baby blankets and monograms just make them better!!

Keri Tex - Would LOVE to win :)

Mary Ann Paschal - Hoping to win, would love something new for my little Bennett!

Tabby - Ooh! I would absolutely LOVE this! Holla! :)

Brandy - I love their stuff and I hope my leaving a comment here is how I sign up to WIN! :)

Tracy - LOVE AER!!!!

Nicole halbert - Oooh, this one is fun!!!

Anna padilla - Beautiful!!!!

megan cooper - I love anne everette rae please pick me :)

Jacquie Forsey - Such cute stuff! Would love to win:)

Kylie Bone - Beautiful stuff, thanks for the intro 8)

Tiff B - Love!

Jaclyn - Can already see a newborn getting all snuggly with it!

becca - Her work is so cute! I would love to win!

Karena Dixon - Love it!

Vickey Weiss - Pick me!!! :)

Mesa - Yay! I sure hope I win!

Patsy J Lander - I can’t believe I haven’t discovered Anne Everette Ray before this!!! The adorable little Christmas Owls would be perfect Stocking stuffers for babies!!!! Such cute stuff… Thanks for the give-away and thanks for leading me to this cute shop!

Mellisa Pendleton - Me me me!!!!

Angelique - OOOh, I very may be needing a new baby blanket…not yet…but soon maybe…hehehe : )

Ashley stamper - Looove!!!!

Jennifer Sheets - I would *love* to win!!!

Sandra - *Love* Sending luck to all!

Jaimee Olson - I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Stephanie McAlister - Love love miss Ivey and her family!!!!

Meg - VeRy CoOl!

Emily Rhodes - Oh please oh please… Pick me! Pick me!!!

Dana - I wanna win! My newborn could definitely use a new blanket:)

Lydia - Love love love their stuff!

Kinsey - Very cute shop!!