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teaser… all about me session, child photographer, the woodlands tx

just a teaser from tonight’s all about me session…can you guess the “theme”?:)

Briana Owen - Ooooh! This is the cutest thing ever! I love your creativity! :)

Katie - I am so excited to see the rest!!! :) This looks OVERLY cute!

Rosie - LOVE this idea!! Books are one of life’s treasures and I love how you’ve featured one in the photo. Can’t wait to see the rest!

the everyday… personal junk, ha


well today was not one for the record books

no mother of the year trophies would have been awarded today or pats on the back for being so awesome, ha


we were late for school (and if you know me, you know that being late to any-thing puts me on the verge of hives;) )

the roast, i intended to get in the oven didnt quite make it in there

the house didnt get picked up

not one peice of laundry got done

much less folded…yep that pile is still there on the bed from yesterday

a workout…oh my geez thats a joke this week

my brand new lamp came crashing to the ground…awesome

“timeout” was every other word out of my mouth

just as i thought the day could not get any worse i remembered THESE

if you are about my age you will most likely remember shrinky dinks and the endless fun you had coloring them, the amazment of watching them shrink down in the oven, and the pure awesomeness that you created with your new charms!!!!  yeah buddy you remember now dont you?!?!

guess that old easter bunny is kinda smart after all…




Simple Girl - Oh,yes. We’ve all had days like these!

Sylvia Valle - Ah! I remember!! That is way too cute!

Happydally - I LOVED shrinky dinks. I even had buttons sewn on a dress my mom made me that were shrinky dink buttons. Don’t ask me how that worked…

daydream…1 on 1 photography mentoring

remember when we first started talking about the daydream mentoring sessions back HERE

well as i was enjoying packaging up a few clients orders today it got me thinking about the daydream menotring sessions again…at this time i am booked through sept for these sessions but i am *thinking* about opening up an extra spot or two…this way we can get all the marketting goodness in right before we get to the craziest busiest time for all of us…dum dum dum…the holiday rush aka madness aka craze aka every photog swears she is going to quit and never do this again time, hahaha.

so if you are interested in chatting about a daydream session and you live OUTSIDE OF A 150 mi from the woodlands/spring/tomball area then email me, lets chat.

I am leaving you with 1 simple shot…from part of my regular, every day chubby cheek photography packaging, you know that stuff i have never blogged or shown in internet-world 😉 but of course you get to see all wraped up holiday packaging ever year and this year we even had the honor of winning the PAPERIE WRAP BATTLE, i know im still in disbelief about that one…

kate robinson - Love these… you always have fun stuff… I am totally into packaging… I have a slight obession with it.. that Bill will never understand!

audra - hi there! :-) i am so interested in a mentoring session, i am dying to have one. i don’t see me being able to get there with four kids under the age of six…would you be open to doing a phone session? if so, do you think we could cover needed info on the phone? and cost of course. thank you so much. wish so much i was a state away, not across the country….:-) would love time with you to learn. i am 100% self taught and am at my self knowledge limit.

Mandy Triplett - Hello!! I wanted to inquire about a mentoring session….I live miles away in Kentucky. I absolutely love your work, and would appreciate any opportunity to learn from you! Thank you!