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first 12 days of 2012 giveaway…day 8

congrats mary anne!!!!  AER ladies will contact you shortly….


not much to say about this one except I FRIGGIN LOVE THE LADIES OF ANNE EVERETTE RAE…was that subtle?!  their custom newborn blankets are beyond heavenly…and they do this little thing called monogramming, yep its a good thing;)so GO CHECK OUT THERE SNAZZY LITTLE SHOP bc there is something for EVERYONE!!!!!!

well check ‘em out on fb and give them some ccp love

wanna win leave a comment here on this post…1 per person

****not redeemable for cash.  nontransferrable.  deadline to enter 9pm CST. used to determine random winner, ccp and all vendors in giveaway are not held responsible for technical issues with  facebook not assoc with this contest and winners will not be announced via facebook****

Amanda Kelly - i hope i win!!!

Tera - I need this!!

Parker - Precious!

Cathy - Love

Tera Kunze - Yay! This is just as fabulous as the others!!

Rosie - SO super sweet!!

Alecia Tabb - So sweet. Hope I win.

Erynn T - She has some super cute stuff!!

Jenny D - Love it!

Denise Rooney - Love! :)

Stephanie - Hope I win!

Ryan F - Me me me!

Sarah - Love it!

Christine - Love, love, love!

michelle - Fingers crossed I win this!

Erin Nesser - So adorbs!!!

Sarah trout - Sweet!!

Suzanne Juneau - I’m loving all your wonderful giveaways!

Deepa Thek - So cute!!

amanda green - BEAUTIFUL baby stuff! Hope I get picked!

Kensie - I WANT IT I WANT IT I WANT IT!!!! :)

Kerri Lynn - Gorgeousness!

Janna jaeger - Need for new baby Jaeger

Courtney Wurz - This is awesome! :)

christy tramel - Love it!

Amanda Carson - So sweet!

Keri - Pick me!

Selena - Lovely! great stuff

Kelley - Pick me!!!

April Peter - Oh me me me!! :)

Melissa - Would love to win this, I love love love AER!

Kate Robinson - What an adorable shop!

Anne Everett Rae - Thanks for including us!!

Krista - Love this!!

Courtney S. - love them!

alyson - Ohhh my newborn is due tomorrow…. I’m sure he’d love a new blanket!!

Jennifer Gregg - So Cute !

Candace - :) :):)

Adrienne N - Pick me!! Pick me!!

Lindsay Keegan - Trying again! :) Please pick me!!! LOVE the shop!!!

chrstina - Ohmygoodness! What cuteness! Hope I win. ; )

Giana - Me me me!!! I love AER and CCP!!

Jessica healy - Would love a blankie for baby to take to daycare

Julie - I adore AER!

Laura Brown - Love baby blankets and monograms just make them better!!

Keri Tex - Would LOVE to win :)

Mary Ann Paschal - Hoping to win, would love something new for my little Bennett!

Tabby - Ooh! I would absolutely LOVE this! Holla! :)

Brandy - I love their stuff and I hope my leaving a comment here is how I sign up to WIN! :)

Tracy - LOVE AER!!!!

Nicole halbert - Oooh, this one is fun!!!

Anna padilla - Beautiful!!!!

megan cooper - I love anne everette rae please pick me :)

Jacquie Forsey - Such cute stuff! Would love to win:)

Kylie Bone - Beautiful stuff, thanks for the intro 8)

Tiff B - Love!

Jaclyn - Can already see a newborn getting all snuggly with it!

becca - Her work is so cute! I would love to win!

Karena Dixon - Love it!

Vickey Weiss - Pick me!!! :)

Mesa - Yay! I sure hope I win!

Patsy J Lander - I can’t believe I haven’t discovered Anne Everette Ray before this!!! The adorable little Christmas Owls would be perfect Stocking stuffers for babies!!!! Such cute stuff… Thanks for the give-away and thanks for leading me to this cute shop!

Mellisa Pendleton - Me me me!!!!

Angelique - OOOh, I very may be needing a new baby blanket…not yet…but soon maybe…hehehe : )

Ashley stamper - Looove!!!!

Jennifer Sheets - I would *love* to win!!!

Sandra - *Love* Sending luck to all!

Jaimee Olson - I’ve got my fingers crossed!

Stephanie McAlister - Love love miss Ivey and her family!!!!

Meg - VeRy CoOl!

Emily Rhodes - Oh please oh please… Pick me! Pick me!!!

Dana - I wanna win! My newborn could definitely use a new blanket:)

Lydia - Love love love their stuff!

Kinsey - Very cute shop!!

the everyday…houston tx photographer

Tara Swain - Perfection. Sweet girls. :)

You’ve inspired me. I want to start doing this. You have to keep me accountable tho. ;)

admin - awww t yu are so sweet just start it by taking one single pic today, dont put any pressure on yourself to do it every day or every week, just take out your camera again at one unexpected moment sometime soon…thats all you need to to make it successful for yall

Stacy - There is something so special about this moment and this image!

» My Blog - [...] precious girls. You can check out Shalonda’s work on Chubby Cheek’s Photography Blog here… and you might just catch her on the tail end of a fabulous 12 day giveaway! It was so moving [...]

the everyday…


Tabby Zgabay - Awww! SO ADORABLE!!! :) What an awesome everyday! You are so blessed!

Jenn S. - that cracks me up because in my house not only is it my little one there, but also the cats & dog.

Hallie - Very color coordinated and organized, can you come get me organized?

Susan Posterro - ..absolutely adorable!

Niina - Love the everyday moment photos of your girls! Always so cute!

michelle - Okay…I <3 this! Such a little girl thing to do!

Amory - Your carpet looks spotless and your girls have painted toenails.
You’re my hero.

Kate Robinson - Not sure why but this totally strikes a chord.. One of my fav everyday!!!

Crystal Sutton - me me me! i want to win!