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hey there smart cookie… how to use your dslr class, cypress, tx

turns out i have an opening for a smart cookie class…who wants it?!?!?!  email me NOW

what is a smart cookie class?  its a class on how to get that fancy schmancy dslr out of auto mode and use it to your advantage.  we cover the basics and go as fast or slow as you and your 4 friends want…you see ITS IN THE PRIVACY of your own home, all you have to do is get 3-4 of your other sweet little friends who need a bump out of auto and a few hours to spend with yours truly:)

WORKBOOK AND GOODIE BAG INCLUDED ‘cuz im cool like that 😉

if you want more info email me now



kate robinson - If you ever consider a smart cookie…starting photographer’s edition.. you know I am in! wink!!

Erynn T - Ummmmm…you’re awesome!! Got my order today and it brought a much needed smile to my face :) Thank you for the amazing gift. I am officially a CCP snob. I can never go back to regular photos again!

Amanda - Just wanted to leave some blog love – I swear i check this blog every day. Your images are amazing and i love the “everyday” series!!! Your girls are adorable. Your work is flawless.
Im in Australia BTW but if i could attend your workshop i so would!

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Dane Henon - Is this still open?

the everyday…. chubby cheek photography, tomball tx

it was their first official movie date with someone other than mommy and daddy…to celebrate our last day of swim lessons the cheeks girls and their besties, the b girls hit up the movies:)  and yes those movie straws are incredibly long, bwhahahaha


kate robinson - oohhh how I am loving this new lighting project of yours that you have going on… cause you do have it goin on girl! LOVE IT!!!!

Elizabeth - LOVE! I also love your new lighting project. Wonder what your ISO settings were for this!!

Melissa Anderson - love love love.. I have been wanting to do some pics at the theature with my kids.. too bad they never ever want to go see a movie. lol. This is fabulous lady!


i scream, you scream…. spring, tx child photographer

yeah well you know the rest:)

yesterday’s surprise mini’s were such a wonderful sticky, beautiful mess!!!!!!!  it has been months in the planning stages and once i finally found the most perfect LEGIT, vintage ice cream truck, SNOWDOG, it just call came together.  my heart flutters at what an incredible experience these kids had yesterday, they most likely wont remember it when they get older but the images will tell the story…and they will most def agree that they had the most “awesom-est” parents (and photog) for getting an ice cream truck JUST FOR THEM! 

plus as a little bonus for having such faith in me on a whim all of the clients who did a session will be given a FREE facebook timeline cover image from our session!!!!!!!  i will be offering these to all other clients real soon so dont be jealous, m-kay?!

again a huge thank you to the incredible jessica of the cotton exchange for her styling prowess, calming nature and for being the best ice-cream-cookie-maker-slash-cone-builder on the planet!

and to ms shannon the owner of this vintage beauty…YOU MADE MY YEAR for driving all the way down to the little ol nw houston burbs for chubby cheek photography and my cheeks girls….

AAAANNNND last but not least you will be see’ing more of the cheeks girls attire, because it was sent to me byt the oh so jaw dropping style of amy with BROWNIE GOOSE, this is our first time in brownie goose and i have no doubt it will be a new fav of the cheeks girls!!!!!!

more sneaks later but for now i will bury myself in computer switch over misery…out with the old and with the new (mac)

OH AND PLEASE REMEMBER i gave up facebook for lent so if you feel so kind leave a girl some blog love wont-choo?!

Kerri Lynn - Ingenious! Beautiful!

Dawn - Oh my goodness…beyond adorable!! And that little boy at the end… well, he slays me :). What an amazingly fun day (and gorgeous lighting!)

Shannon Holliday - These are lovely! You’re a fantastic photographer and quick too!!!

Patty - Every photog. in america will now be on the hunt for a ice cream truck for a session. LOL. and I will admit I will be one of them. AMAZING.

Isabel Hernandez - Love! Can’t wait to be a great of a photographer as you are. If you need a little 2 year old girl for your pics my little one has become a natural. :)
Isabel Hernandez in Spring Tx

Jessica Avery - The pictures are GORGEOUS! It was a pleasure to work with you on such a fun shoot! Beautiful work!

Kate Robinson - AMAZING… AMAZING… AMAZING. The colors, and way to go moms on the outfit choices! My new favorite CCP mini… ooohhhh i wish we had snatched this up… but ready to get our feet wet… is that announcement coming soon?

Jess Simons - A-MA-ZING!!! How do you come up with these ideas??! Add this to the list of inspiration you’ve given me!

Meredith - So cute! You were lucky with amazing weather too!!

Tammy - Love , love it all!!

Kimberly - Seriously Shalonda – these are amazing! What an awesome session. Am kicking myself for not signing up!!!

Christina - Oh. My. Goodness. Too fun! That little boy in the second picture? Wow. Such a cutie. I mean, they’re all cute, but that photo just makes me feeling like Squeee-ing. ; )

Melissa Anderson - you have some very lucky clients!!! What a fun session! Superb my friend!

alyson - wowsah!!!! incredible!!!

Sarah Craig - i DIE. my heart seriously just stopped.

Danielle Hobbs - YOU ROCK MY FACE OFF!!!!!!!!!!! <3 how it all came together!!! I can't wait to see the cheeks girls in more Brownie Goose outfits! :)

Brandi - You are AMAZING!! I so wish I could bring my kiddos by for a session just like this! Perfect!

Kandi McMahan - so fun!

Katie - totally awesome!!!

toni - Shalonda – You are so amazing at what you do! LOVE LOVE LOVE your work! Seriously. LOVE it. :)

kelly garvey - omg way TOO cute !where in the world did you find that truck! love the set, the light, everything!

Jennifer Fernandez - Love this, Shalonda! So adorable! Miss you on FB, by the way 😉 Hurry up, Easter! lol

Amanda - So fun! That last little boy takes the cake – ah, ice cream. :)

Moira - Absolutely brill! I love the colours, the setting – everything!

Amy Lucy - So precious! You did a fabulous job, Shalonda!

Candice - Where on earth did you get an ice cream truck? Once again these are over the top INCREDIBLE!!!!

Tavia - What a fun concept that was so beautifully executed! I love them!

Michele Q - Most adorable session ever! And good for you for giving up facebook for lent, that’s a good one!

Sandi - Seriously?!?! These are adorable! So cute! Love!

Amanda - LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!!! These images and the WHOLE set is just beautiful!! I ADORE it! Well done 😉

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audra bender -….everything about these…:-)

Darren from CkMetroPhotos - When I pick my mouth up off the floor —- OMG Girl you got it going on :)

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