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beauty in the shadows…personal

i recently read a tutorial about shooting in the shadows by Sarah Wilkerson and one of the non traditional artificial light sources she recommended using was the “fridge” and nightlights (dang wish i had thought of thoseo n my own, hahaha)…of course all of her suggestions peaked my interest so here i am shooting in the middle of the night, embracing the grain…i hope to share more of these with you as i learn more about manual white balance, etc…tonight here they are 6400 iso and all…sometimes its nice to just play around and learn something new…i will no doubt redo the nightlight shot in raw as this was shot in jpeg, as you can tell:)

and i think ill throw this one on over to the girls in GLIMPSES at chic critique


Melissa - I LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! I need to read this tutorial! :)

michelle - I <3 these.

Jennifer - Love it!
Where’s the tutorial? I’d live to read it.

Jennifer - *love not live.

Amanda - That’s one thing I love about photography – there is ALWAYS something new to learn! Love them!

jules - love the grain and the shadows! beautiful light!!

Marisa - I love fridge light! So clean and bright.

Maureen - LOVE these, just beautiful~

Amanda - love it! do you find it hard to focus in super low light situations such as these?

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the everyday…

it’s finally NOT raining

it’s finally warm again

and we have been on lockdown for two days bc poor cheeks#2 is sick…

well poor cheeks#1 had to take one for the team and hang out inside with us for some puzzle time…


Marisa - Those toes! Love it. So sweet, and the composition is perfect.

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mimi - The puzzle picture is darn adorable. Camdyn is concentrating so hard and Addi is a pro at puzzles
love em all

the everyday….cypress, tx lifestyle photographer

believe it or not every once in a while we get a day to lounge and be lazy…and after gymnastics this morning, today was one of those days…isnt it funny that even in their sleep they have to be connected…

their connection is indescribe-able

physically they are always touching, holding hands, sitting shoulder to shoulder at the dinner table or knee to knee in the playroom, and maybe sometimes a bonk on the head, ha

emotionally they share a bond…they are the others security blanket

mentally…well they dont share a brain but sometimes i think they do bc they sing made up songs together and at 3 and 5 already have their own inside jokes.

lastnight as we put them to sleep in cheeks#1 bed we listened to them, their muttered conversations went on and on for an hour!

my entire childhood i wanted a sister…my entire adulthood i will be thankful they have a sister.

i am afraid next year (with #1 starting kindergarten) will be a shock to all of us..




casey ayala - awwww! i SO can’t wait for this moment. <3
thanks, for sharing. so precious.

Jenn S. - Beautiful. You are one lucky mama!

(And I always wished that I had a sister growing up…but thank goodness I have found wonderful friends that have helped to fill that spot for me!)

Sarah trout - Love my little set of sisters too!

Melanie - Oh Shalonda….how precious….

Simple Girl - I really love the composition, the softness and the focus on the toes!

Amory - I gotta go call my sister…
Even better? You have pictures such as this to show them when they are old how deep their connection has been all of their lives.

Katie - This is so sweet! :-)

Courtney Sacket - Awe, I love this! I have 3 girls, the oldest two are 5 and 3. They sound so similar to your two. They do everything together. And after we put them to bed we can hear them talking for what seems like hours before they actually fall asleep. Memories in the making :)

kate robinson - I officially have to re-apply my makeup this morning… and I don’t even have a sister! wink!

Heidi - I found ur blog a couple weeks ago and have looked through most of it while feeding my 7 week old. I so wish I lived closer I love your week and your I had a dream video is absolutely amazing….my goal is to someday have that done for myself husband and our five kids.

alyson - love this!!! makes me want to hug my sister. :)