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first 12 days of 2012…day 10

and the winner is….


whew yesterday was serious…i was so stressed out about yall hating me i video’ed the pick any case anyone needed to go hatin’ on anyone they could totally take it out on 😉

but guess what its another day and another giveaway!!!!!  oh and yesterday was so fab there will most def be another ccp giveaway on day 12:)

so today is one of my most favoritest new finds…ms elizabeth from VINTAGE PRETTIES BY EMA…ummmmm can you say D-IVINE?!?!?!  She is giving another one of those super fantastic gift certificates…oh and go give her some lovey love on facebook if you want and dont buy up everything in her shop i am still wanting a few more things…

and to add to the sweetness another new friend ms allison from her shop SLOBBERBOX SHOPPE said “well hey lets toss in some goodies from our shop too”, yes i am pretty sure thats exactly what she said 😉 she is doing a gift certificiate also so you can choose whatever floats your boat:)  feel free to give her some ccp love on her fab little facebook page that way you will be one of the first to knwo when her shop opens next month!!!!

****not redeemable for cash.  nontransferrable.  deadline to enter 9pm CST. used to determine random winner, ccp and all vendors in giveaway are not held responsible for technical issues with  facebook not assoc with this contest and winners will not be announced via facebook****


Adrienne N - So cute!

Mary - Pick me!

Amory - stop the madness!! :)
You have some pretty fab giveaway friends, fo sho!

Alecia Tabb - Pick me pick me…please. :)

Kelley - Love it! Pick Me! :-)

cara - Adorable! I would love to win! You rock!

Ryan F - another great giveaway!

Nikki James - Me!!!!!!!

ana - Cute!

Erynn T - I hope I’m the winner tonight! Woo hoo for all these awesome prizes!!

Cathy - Sweet things.

jennifer - Oh, love the tiny headbands, would be perfect for my 6 month old.

Anna padilla - Yay! So cute!

Jenni Fautsko - Sooo cute. Would LOVE this one!!

Amanda green - You can make up for yesterday by picking me today 😉

Nicolr halbert - Me! Me! Me!

Katie Sullivan - Always needing more baby girl props 😉

kerri lynn - super cute!

Kristen Blair - Pick me!!

Kimberly W - Adorable headbands!

Kensie - I WANT IT!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Casey McGuirk - Let’s try this again!?!!!

Kelly L - Oooo, just checked out both shops and they have such pretty stuff. Thanks for the amazing giveaway(s). :)

jessie whittle - Hello, hello!

Tara Wheeler - CUTE shops…hope I get to do a little of it!

Erin J. - Sending out some love!

Sarah trout - Hopefully you have one of these sweet little headbands to match the outfit!

Keri - Hope to win today!!

Karen - Would love this!

Tera - I want to win!!

christy tramel - Pick me!!

AManda Kelly - I want to win!!!

christy tramel - I wanna win!

Stephanie - Maybe today is my day to win! 😀

Jeff Kelly - WIN!

Ivey - common on… pick me :)

Toni - Fun giveaway today!

Amber - Pick me!!

Katie - Oooh, I want to win!

Catherine - Cute!!!

Meredith - Loveylovelove

Reagon Alami - I likey:)

Shannon - How cute!

Kristal - I want to win!!!!

TRACI - Pick me!

Tabby Zgabay - Oooh!! Nice!! :)

jennifer - adorable!

chrstina - I could totally use some more fru-fru girly headbands for my baby girl! ; )

Selena - Very nice!!!

Jenny D - I’d love to win!!!

Deepa Thek - very cute

Jennifer Gregg - I hope I win !!

Keri Tex - I would love to win!

Christine O'Connell - Beautiful items! Fantastic giveaway!

Lindsay Keegan - Maybe today is my lucky day!! Please pick

Kara Powell - Love Liz and her stuff!

Deborah Harrison - Pick me!

Kristen - very nice!! Would love to win! :)

Jennifer - so cute!

Daniella Freudenberg - Pretty please? 😀

Jess Simons - LOVE! I want!!

Lorena Mora - Me me, pick me :-)

Leah - So fun!

Wendy Howard - Love it! Could really put this to some good use!

michelle - (Eyes closed, fingers crossed) please pick me…please pick me…

Brandi - love this giveaway!!

Christina - LOVE!! would be awesome to win

Shannon - Great prize!

Suzanne - loving this giveaway!

Janna Jaeger - Me !!!

Emily Chadwick - Pick me!!!

charlotte - love it!

Tera Kunze - Im feeling LUCKY!

Stephanie Hegland - Awesome prizes! Thank you!!

Brandon - pick me!

Kathryn cooke - I wanna win….I wanna win…. I live in north Carolina, but I wanna win!!!! Absolutely adorable stuff! I REALLY wish I were closer…. U do beautiful work! :)

jacquie Forsey - WOuld love to win!!!

angela king - pick me!!!! :)

Maggie - Yes, please!

christine - feelin’ lucky….

Candace - Mmeeeeeeeee!!! :)

Kinsey - I want to win real bad!!

Amanda Carson - I am in little girl heaven!

Tara - Me!

Christy - Pick me

Rob L - Pick me!

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