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my princess and her frog… the woodlands tx photographer

due to the move we have to delay cheeks#2 birthday party until we actually had a house, ha…you people know me by now and know that i la la love these parties but this year this one just snuck right up on me.  plus miss cheeks#2 decided on a theme that i was less than thrilled with AT FIRST.  now i love swamp people, the new orleans saints and beignets as much as the next guy but i am not a huge fan of themed parties a la matching paper plates, cups and pop up table toppers…i will admit a princess and the frog theme was far from my first choice of party themes but what the birthday girl wants the birthday girl gets, she resisted the many temptings of a pony at her party and much more and stuck to her guns of a “pwincess and the fwog party”…as any good mother i begrundgingly obliged and while this party still has a long way to go in the next few weeks i have to say the theme is growing on me:)

here is a look at the invites that went in the mail last week…and the pics that lined the inside…

you know we always have to write poems for these so the poem this year says:

come on down to the bayou

and eat some yummy brunch

you might even kiss a frog or two

before we get to lunch.

dont matter where ya come from

dont even matter who ya are,

a croc with a sax, a girl with a dream,

or a bug in love with a star.

so pucker up and hop on down

through the swampy trees

celebrate and wear your crown

as our princess turns three!

and without further adeiu my princess and her frog!!!!!  i have been dying to share these since we took them before easter!!!!!

Brandi - adorable!

Jolene - These are seriously the cutest ever! I wish I had a little girl that liked to do fun things like this! My boy…well, he’s all boy! Just Beautiful!!

Melissa Darst - you know i love these! sounds like our two would have a hay day together with m declaring her very own belle party. we gotta get them together at some point!! congrats on the move and can’t wait to see how you bring this to life! know it will be mah-velous:)

Emily Crump - That is so wonderfully cute! I love those!

Kate Robinson - These are some of my favorites to date… Seriously the cutest thing ever… i mean, i truly believe the model has a lot to do with it, esp. that beautiful pucker… but WOW MOM! WOW, WOW, WOW!

beverly wright - LOVE it!!!!

Wendi Schoffstall - You know how much I love these! Can I have the girl? LOL

Niina - The princess and the frog pictures are just SO Adorable! You come up with amazing ideas!

Ann Rooks - These are SOOOO adorable!! I just love the idea!! My little girl just turned 2 on Monday and she LOVES The Princess and the Frog. These photos are to die for!

Tiera - Ahhhh, I just adore this picture! New fan =)

Tammy - Seriously, you are just amazing!

lindsay - You are so creative and clever… what wonderful memories for your little princess!!

Katie - Katelyn is in love with these :)

Liz - oh my goodness! These are precious. I hope my little girl will be up for a princessy party like this next year! We are just beginning the princess/dress up adventures!

sarah wheeler - these are so sweet my dear, i can’t wait to see the party pics!!! xoxo

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