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the reason i created the all about me session idea… chubby cheek photography the woodlands tx

so after two years of hinting to it in 2011 i finally “officially” launched the idea of the all about me session with the VERY FIRST ONE…The idea of creating a session just for one child at that moment in their life filled with their dreams and imagination was MY DREAM!  i wanted to enter their world of cotton candy clouds and backyard battlegrounds…i wanted to giggle and laugh and fall down doing cartwheels or go on a dragon hunt in their own backyards….thats is how it started!  but since then it has become so much more!  Clearly the idea has evolved and grown and the concepts have been small setups and large productions …i have gotten to watch children grow and their imaginations grow with them.  there have been all about me sessions for boys and of course ones for girls.

BUt it was also about remembering…the way we giggle when we think about how cheeks #1 was the girlies girly princess but she was infatuated with thomas the train so much so that he made an appearance in her 3 yr old preschool pics (yes individual pic AND class pic ha).  The O-B-SESSION with disney princess dresses in this house for years and years.  The book we read every single night for 3 months straight bc it was cheeks #2 favorite.  I WANTED TO REMEMBER THOSE MOMENTS, i wanted to freeze the memories of that time.  of WHO THEY EACH WERE at that time…

after years i finally stopped and made a promise to myself to create an all about me session just for each of my girls!  to treat them as i would treat a client from start to finish…and so i did…and so i have given myself but more importantly i have given each of my own children something that they will no doubt cherish when they are 35 year old mommies witnessing the magic of childhood for themselves..

CLICK THE PIC to be transported to the free spirited artists world but here was a sneak peek i showed months ago when i actually did the session

personality is her middle name… spring tx child photographer

need i say more hahahahahaha…i stinkin love this child!!!!  she has shot with me several times in the past and honestly each time she surprises me with something everything from need a shoot with her my little pony collection, to wearing her cling cling bracelets to her spunky facial expressions ha..I LOVE HER!!!!!  I can’t wait til her mom books her all about me session:)

this was one of the TWO images i actually edited in black and white from these sessions i love it so…

and lets all sigh…at the fabulousness that is THIS DRESS from my sweet friend Joy of snazziedrawers that was part of the cheeks closet and was a part of the little girl lounge

chubby cheek photography houston tx child photographer

Niina - What a cutie! Love her expressions!