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so talk about whirlwind!  about two weeks ago i got an email inquiry from a husband…he explained to me that his wife had wanted to join my daydream class when i had plans to take it on the road and head to north carolina earlier this year (things happened and that trip had to be changed up and postponed for quite a while)…anyhoo he mentioned she had been really sad that the workshop had to be postpone and had been “sad-facing” it all summer long and that her birthday was coming up so he had been all sneaky and gone all private investigator to find out who this photographer in texas was and wanted to schedule her a DAYDREAM MENTORING SESSION ASAP….long but oh so sugary sweet story short he surprised her with a place ticket and a one on one daydream mentoring session with me the following week!!!!  It was truly a whirlwind pulling everything together for Crystal so quickly (and I’m not gonna lie mimi and daddy cheeks had to come to my rescue) but let me tell you we made it happen…

Crystal  is already an amazing photographer and that is what i look for when i say yes to a mentoring session bc these daydream sessions are not about “how to shoot like me” or “how to edit like me”, they are about building a brand for yourself, they are about helping you find your very own sparkle in a very over saturated market, they are about showing you how to be the one speck of gold glitter in a bucket of silver!  Poor crystal i will admit to being a bit of a slave driver bc i want you to get the most out of every second we are together and this girl soaked it all in with a smile on her face and not a single complaint about how she had been up since 3am to catch her flight here!  Y’all i kept this girl up until midnight!  but we had so much fun getting to know each other and create a list of action items for her to work on before our Skype session!  Theses sessions always take so much out of me and i typically end of hoarse by the end of the day but let me tell you getting to be a part of watching someones journey to success is seriously amazing!

now for crystals shoot she asked to do a styled sibling shoot…i did a sweet little casting call and my friend and client Sarah jumped in feet first when i asked her to allow her girlies and adorable puppy to be our models!  these girls are such amazing sweethearts and their mama….well i have no words for her sugary sweetness!!!!!

the only thing i missed was a shot of the heart glittered oar that daddy cheeks HANDMADE for us the night before the shoot:(yeah ill be crying about that one for a while…however if you have followed me on instagram yet (search chubbycheekphotography no spaces) then you would have seen a behind the scenes shot of it so that counts right???

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Jen - WOW!!!! I love the images and the styled session is amazing, but the story…. Completely stole my heart. Simply beautiful.

Crystal Phelps - Shalonda!!!! You made me completely sappy over here!! I can not thank you enough for everything you did for me! You are SUPERWOMAN, girl!!!! I treasured every minute – the mentoring was more than amazing and far exceeded my expectations! My only regret is not doing it sooner :) Y’all pulled off an amazing surprise – one that I’ll never forget!!! xoxo

it was destiny…. the woodlands tx lifestyle newborn photographer

okay so backstory…

This beautiful mama is a photographer and as luck or fate or destiny would have it she grew up with this mama in dallas…five years ago they found me, on the big huge world wide web, and i met her for this session, which would turn into a gazillion more and one of the most amazing friendships along the way.  so now we come full circle and i got to meet this beautiful mama and her very own gorgeous baby girl …

motherhood has never looked so good as it does on this mama…the sounds and sweet sway of sleep deprived moments seemed to wrap arms around this beautiful family.  Watching the early moments of a husband and a wife as they transition to a family of three is truly the most amazing part of newborn sessions to me and a huge part of why i come to your home for your newborn shoot.  The moment when your husband is tenderly humming amazing grace to your very own amazing grace and the sweet smell of brand new baby, it all happens so fast…you blink and those delicate baby hands become dirty dimpled toddler ones.  close your eyes and breathe it in…your moments are pure magic….

chubby cheek photography  newborn photographer

eydie - claire, you family is perfect and beautiful! i am so happy for you and david!

Becky - These are SO beautiful!

Tre Cavil - Gorgeous photos!

Veronica - I just stumbled over your website via Pinterest, and I just want to say that this is the most beautiful, sparkling, sweetest, and creative site I have seen in many years! Thank you!! :)