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switch it up on ya… cypress tx family photographer

so after posting a few of the all wrapped up mini sessions HERE and HERE

i decided to switch it up and post a few of the carousel horse minis…well now I’m switching it back up on ya and posting more of these minis, hahahaha confused yet?

clearly im a little scatterbrained right now…

this family makes my heart go pitter patter, i was introduced to them from a high school friend who met mom at texas tech and voila instant friends!  two babies and a million sessions later and we find ourselves right here…in this beautiful lovely and quite comfy place!

tomball tx family photographer

Nancy Wyatt - What a gorgeous family! Those two cuties are so adorable and I bet their parents can’t get enough of them! Love the light on them and that last photo. Giggle. What a little poser!! Love it! Hugs from Conroe TX

chubby cheek photography magic dust… – cypress tx child photographer

yes its been a loooong time since i have busted out the “chubby cheek photography magic dust” aka special glitter

but honestly it seemed necessary, am i right?!

clearly i just went waved my magic wand and poof…a million blogs just happened in like 3o min, so be sure to keep going to page to maybe even PAGE THREE YALL!

just making sure y’all got to see a little bit if dreamer ( our carousel horse) and her new friends…psssttt if you are reading this than you will be the first to know that dreamer will be making ANOTHER appearance to a field near you;)but ssshhhh don’t tell anyone okay

carousel horse minis houston tx


MIa - Simply adorable!

Nancy Wyatt - Uhm. Can I borrow your magic wand (aka your amazing talented brain) for just a couple of hours. Giggle. This beauty fit this session perfectly. Her gorgeous hair, gahhh and her eyes and smile! What a beauty!! You truly captured her own magic. Hugs from Conroe, TX

carousel horse mini parade continues… the woodlands tx child photographer

whew how long do you think i can keep this up?  whew I’m out of breath with all of this blogging bwhahahahaha…but hey a girls gotta catch at right?!

SO I WILL FOREWARN YOU…YOU NEED TO GO TO PAGE TWO to see all that i have just blogged in the last 30 minutes …pretty please, i mean i wouldn’t want you missing out on anything super cool….

so just in case you forgot chubby cheek photography got a carousel horse end of last march just in time for bluebonnet pics with the cheeks girls… hold on ill find those for ya later bc believe ir or not i totally blogged those hahahaha

tombal tx child photographer chubby cheek photography

Mia - So sweet!

Nancy Wyatt - Oh my goodness. She is too cute for words and I LOVE her sweet face in photo #4 if you are counting down then left to right. And #6 too so cute! And the bokeh in the last photo, oh my so yummy!! Hugs from Conroe, TX