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when you give a boy some watermelon

and he has a new puppy…

his puppy will want to share,

but the boy might not! hahahahahaha

FOR THE PHOTOGRAPHERS in the hiz-ouse ha, you might recognize this shoot from the 50min  DETAILED SHOOTING video I created for Creativity Camp ONLINE CLASS!  yeah it was a blast, yes the first pic os one of my top 3 favorite images I’ve ever taken, yes the camp was amazing and is online and STILL AVAILABLE HERE!!!!!!!  Yes i show you the entire shoot from start to finish including several edits of the images:)

no but seriously the puppy and the watermelon was such a surprise we had to stop and google whether puppies could eat watermelon hahahaha!  I had already planned to bring watermelon to the shoot but when mom mentioned bringing their new puppy i was so excited ….however even i can admit to y’all that these images turned out even better than what i imagined!  i mean SERIOUSLY!

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  • Toni - I ❤️❤️❤️ this session SO much! This little guy’s parents will surely cherish these photos for a lifetime !ReplyCancel

So super crazy fun story of how miss G’s mama and i “met”…did you go look bc its a doozie y’all ha!  so fast forward to this year and Miss G is about to become a big sister and her mama wanted and in home lifestyle session of the two of them before miss g has to share mama with her new baby brother or sister!  I KNOW RIGHT, GENIUS IDEA!  So i packed my bags and headed off to dallas to capture a happy place session for these two lovely ladies!

okay so i have to admit y’all i tried and tried to do this all in one blog post because i am guilty of not coming back to blog “part 2” of any of my sessions…well seriously y’all I COULD NOT DO IT ha! so if you want to see a peek of whats to come in part 2 then be sure to watch the video….oh yeah y’all there is a VIDEO!
CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO it will make you happy i promise!

and here is what cute possibly could be the longest blog post in all of the history of my history hahahahaha

in home lifestyle session chubby cheek photography


as y’all know we did the original bubblegum princess shoot waaaaaay back in 2013 for my Magic of Childhood online class …then in 2014 we decided to offer bubblegum bath minis!  and as i geared up for bubblegum minis 2.0 i realized we never blogged all of the sessions from 2013 so i did as any good child photographer does i scramble to blog the old ones before i shoot the new ones hahahahahaha

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