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Last month I launched firefly mini magic in my private Facebook group making magic with chubby cheek photography!  Night one was hot, night two was hotter ha, i seriously looked like I had run a marathon before the first session was over hahahaha but lets be honest y’all #IdontSweatIsparkle so its cool ha…anyhoo this little guy was more interested in my trucks and airplanes than the firefly set up and you know me “kids are the boss” in my sessions so we followed his lead hahahaha

boy mini sessions - chubby cheek photography

several years ago we launched the first bubblegum princess minis in the magic of childhood breakout and i could never have imagine the response would have been so incredible to that yummy sugary sweetness…Well last year i attempted to do another round of bubblegum princess minis but the texas weather rained on our parade, literally…for a month straight!  so this year my crazy clients convinced me to make it happen or at least attempt in the dead heat of texas summer…i wasn’t sure how the gumboils would do with the heat and to be honest i wasn’t sure how i would do with the heat ha, i usually take the summers off because ummm helllllloooo I’ve lived in texas my entire life the summers don’t mess around ha.  well we pulled it off thanks to some incredible friends who lent about 20 hands but I’m not sure ill ever eat another gumboil again or drag that tub out of my garage ha…

bublegum princess chubby cheek photography