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Summer is almost over….with just a few short weeks left i am soaking in every ounce of it i can before my girls go back to school and my shooting schedule reaches its peak all year… all wrapped up minis 2016 launched on Facebook and instagram on thursday and as in years past booked solid within minutes, heck i didnt even get the chance to load the blog post here YIKES!  i opened up the fall calendar a few weeks ago for full sessions, and in usual “shalonda” style i overbooked myself more than i probably should have ha…but who needs sleep right?!  Not to mention the fact that the website and blog have been undergoing a makeover for months and at some point i have to finish it right?!

well since we will be back at the beach in the fall i figured id better try to blog some of the amazing families who joined me during saltwater sessions in the spring… i am always blown away with how different each evening and sunrise look at the beach but i am also always mesmerized with how each family’s images depict how unique and different each family is.  this family’s mom and dad are seriously so calming and just genuinely happy, as you know i am nothing close to calm ha but their vibe just kinda slowed me down and our session was just dreamy and magical!

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so last year i decided to jump in the water and challenge myself to try something i knew nothing about HERE .  One of the things i love so much about this journey of mine is that i don’t think i can ever stop learning, like i don’t think i will ever reach a point where i know it all, so its a daily challenge, every step, every session, every edit brings with it a new lesson.  underwater photography fascinates me…there is something therapeutic for me about the quiet stillness of being underwater, but its also like you are freezing moments you aren’t even supposed to see…Well this summer has been crazy and just flown by for us but i have been in the water a little with the girls….pruned toes, the constant smell of sunscreen, the ever growing pile of beach towels no matter how many times we wash them ha…thats summer to me, thats the summer my children will remember…you can see more in my instagram page and you see them all together if you hit the hashtag #cheekssubmerged that i started last year to keep them all in one spot!



chubby cheek photography.

chubby cheek photography.

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chubby cheek photography chubby cheek photography



and for there y’all THE VIDEO!  yeah i can’t handle it!  GO WATCH IT!

i already blogged part one and probably could have broken part 2 into two parts because yeah its a bit excessive hahahahaha

happy place sessions MAKE ME HAPPY period!  These sessions are a little special, a little different and ALOT unique to the true heart of your family and your moments together!  This is a session that captures the magical moments that can only happen in a setting that defines the heart of your everyday love, the essence of what makes you family special!  WANT ONE?!  me too ha lets do it!

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