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so we just got back from Disney … houston tx child photographer

and i am already ready to go right back!  I am not even kidding y’all, i stink in love this place!  it is truly the most magical place on earth and it makes my heart explode out of my chest from the moment we step off the plane.  Just like our last trip that i wrote about HERE and HERE , we had the most amazing, incredible disney-tastic time!!!!!  And if there ever was an image to sum up the magic of Disney for me it would be THIS ONE…this pic seriously encompasses every single reason why i am in love with this place and the memories that my family has about our two trips….hoping to post more later but for now ill leave you with the one pic that will soon be a 30×40 in my house:)and btw if you are going to florida or disney soon, feel free to call me and take me along with you, that just might be the best session I’ve ever imagined:)
and before everyone else asks yes this pic pretty much broke my ccp Facebook page hahahaha and here was the second one

diseny magic by chubby cheek photography


Nancy Wyatt - SERIOUSLY! you are so amazing and I am so crushin’ on you girlfriend!! you are such an amazing photographer!! This is such a gorgeous photo and I can’t even imagine how magical it will be for your girls to look at every day in their home!!

I love, love the band aide too! I could go on and on and on but I will stop so I can gaze at it some more! Hugs from Conroe, TX

p.s we must do lunch soon!

Elizabeth - Can’t WAIT to see more photos! It truly is such a wonderful place and an amazing experience, it is a joy to see how you captured the essence of what it is like to be there.

for those of you who live where it snows… – texas beach photographer

well here in houston we clearly don’t get snow…we DO GET ICE and once last year we got something that resembled dipping dots ha, no seriously we did, but yeah we typically just get wet and frigid!  and when i say FRIGID i mean all of 38 degrees y’all! so while i sit here with my fire blazing i felt like it was clearly a very obvious transition to go back and blog the all wrapped up sessions from earlier this fall:)saltwater sessions are some of my all time fav sessions and after taking a 2 year break from offering beach session in the fall last year i decided to offer them again :)…this year galveston island put on a serious show for us!!!!  This sweet family deserves some serious credit for looking so dang good after having driven all the way from san antonio and having had a flat tire along the way!  yeah can you believe it!  they actually made it to their session not only on tim but with SMILES ON THEIR FACES!!!!!!  that’s how awesome they are!

galveston island beach photographer chubby cheek photography

Jackie Kelley - These are so beautiful you are beyond talented!!

Monica - and soooo worth it!! The sessions was so much fun and the images are all amazing!!! :) Looking forward to round two ;) xoxo Monica

Present sessions make my Christmas heart so happy… the woodlands tx in home photographer

the magic of Christmas is amazing but through the eyes of a child that magic is unimaginable!!!!

THIS POST is by far one of my most pinned most shared post 

it talks all about why i started these sessions for myself and why i started offering them to my clients…at the time i had not ever seen anyone else offer them to clients, and since then i have had so many photographers, moms and friends do them for themselves, tell me they have begun to offer them to their clients and even come back and SHOW me their own magic that they created by taking their own spin on the concept…and that makes the magic of it all THAT MUCH MORE MAGICAL!!!! MERRY CHRISTMAS y’all!



in home christmas tree sessions