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it was destiny…. the woodlands tx lifestyle newborn photographer

okay so backstory…

This beautiful mama is a photographer and as luck or fate or destiny would have it she grew up with this mama in dallas…five years ago they found me, on the big huge world wide web, and i met her for this session, which would turn into a gazillion more and one of the most amazing friendships along the way.  so now we come full circle and i got to meet this beautiful mama and her very own gorgeous baby girl …

motherhood has never looked so good as it does on this mama…the sounds and sweet sway of sleep deprived moments seemed to wrap arms around this beautiful family.  Watching the early moments of a husband and a wife as they transition to a family of three is truly the most amazing part of newborn sessions to me and a huge part of why i come to your home for your newborn shoot.  The moment when your husband is tenderly humming amazing grace to your very own amazing grace and the sweet smell of brand new baby, it all happens so fast…you blink and those delicate baby hands become dirty dimpled toddler ones.  close your eyes and breathe it in…your moments are pure magic….

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“with great power comes great responsibilty” tomball tx child photographer

yes I’m still blogging superhero shoots From MARCH…the end.

so these two remind me of the BOY version of my girls…one looks like mom one looks like dad…one ACTS like mom and one acts like dad hahahaha….their mom and i were sorority sisters back in the day at texas a&m university and seeing her again was so much fun!!!!!  her boys honestly made my heart go pitter patter and i wish we could have spent all night reminiscing about “the good ol days” 

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