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nothing sweeter… the woodlands tx lifestyle family and child photographer

there is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby!  This session was for a daydream one on one mentoring session i planned with an amazing new mexico photographer Becca …well actually THIS wasn’t even the session y’all!!!!!  we will get to that part, but here is the sneak peek that everyone on Facebook went gaga over:)So my point is when you walk into a lifestyle session and an adorable baby is sleeping in a dreamy room right out of a restoration hardware magazine, you try to be as sneaky as possible and tiptoe into said and try to fire off at least one shot before this little sleeping beauty wakes up.  and THAT my friends is exactly what we did:)YALL DO YOU HEAR WHAT I AM SAYING?!  THIS WAS THE FIRST 5 MINUTES OF THIS DREAMY SHOOT!!!!  hahahaha so no this is not the sneak peek and not even the real session its just the good luck we walked right in the door to … more from this lifestyle session to come but remember way back when i used to shoot more lifestyle sessions like i do my newborn sessions or this one, which was one of MY VERY FIRST LIFESTYLE SESSION…email me NOW to book one today my calendar is FULL THROUGH AUGUST but y’all i had so much fun during this session i just might be able to squeeze in a weekday lifestyle session for YOU!

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NancyWyatt - OhMYWORD. Love, Love, Love, that little girl is so adorable! And her room, swoon. Lifestyle is my fav, you rocked it of course. Hugs from Conroe, TX

Sara McCormick - Oh myyyy goodness! So adorable! Man, I want that room for myself… just maybe a bigger bed. :)

it aint easy being a big brother…. – memorial city tx newborn and family photographer

this is the second time I’ve been invited to their home to photograph a newborn…their second son…being a mom of two girl 18 months apart i so remember the transition from the only child to the big sister for our family.  it wasn’t easy y’all, it wasn’t easy for a mommy of a very talkative and very curious 18 month old to bring home a real like baby doll…it wasn’t easy for an only child to become a BIG sister and have to share the spotlight and share her mama!  This was the moment cheeks#1 became a daddy’s girl through and through and this girl has never looked back hahaha.  And well mr j wasn’t so sure about his new role either…THIS is why i come to you, this is why i love lifestyle sessions!  Everything is so new, so overwhelming so amazing and scary and fun but to be able to relax and be surrounded by your comfort zone…it allows everyone to just breathe…just relax and just BE and that is priceless….

© chubbycheekphotography texas lifestyle newborn photographer

© chubby cheek photography the woodlands lifestyle newborn photographer

Tanya - Such amazing photos of this family! LOVE! And the yawning newborn is too precious!

Bobbye Adams - ard to choose a favorite! I have a special fondness for newborn’s heads and their “swirls” of hair at the crown. These are heart melting, every single one…you work such main in such intimate moments…what a gift!

Rose Jesky - I have been following your work for a while. Your work is so beautiful and natural. You inspired me to learn how to use my camera, I wanted to take better pictures of my kids. Now I have launched my own photography business. I still have so much to learn but I wanted you to know your work touched me and inspired me, and now I am changing my life with photography. I know that sounds corney and sentimental, but I had to let you know. I found you threw Printrest 3 years ago. I wish I lived in Texas so I could have you photograph my family!

on this day… cypress tx family and child photographer

on this day

one year ago you were born


on this day

you have become a tiny person

filled with giggles and baby conversations

and baby love.


on this day

you are now a mover,

a shaker, and a snuggler.


on this day

then and now

you changed our lives forever.


I love meeting families in this moment!  The moment when their first born is a year old.  When you have a baby saying they are ONE YEAR OLD is such a huge statement, its like a great big giant pat on the back accomplishment and a bittersweet moment bc in your mind they might as well be turning 18 and leaving for college ha.  I can remember it like it was yesterday in my own life…how you look at your baby and think “how on earth have you been with us for a YEAR?” but yet you remember every second of that year, every diaper change, every transition, every squeal from suddenly rolling over…and then you think there is not a chance you will ever forget these moments, there is just no way.  Becoming a parent, becoming a family is a slow and tedious task filled with worry but also the most magical, amazing, monumental time.  I remember sitting over cheeks #1 watching her breathe, watching her sleep, just simply watching her grow with every single minute right in front of my eyes.

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Maureen - These are absolutely beautiful! The colors make me feel like I’m living in a fairy tale. You’re amazing :-)

NancyWyatt - Simply beautiful, you are so amazing my friend! Hugs from Conroe, TX