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watermelons, goldfish, bunnies and more… the woodlands, tx child photographer

oh goodness gracious!!!!!  you might think he looks familiar and thats because he does!  he and his sister have the same contagious belly laugh personality!!!!  Remember her from here one of my top 5 favorites sessions!  well he had one pretty sweet and sweaty session of his own this year!!!!!  i mean seriously though how can you not smile while you look at this sugar face and the way he loves on that snuggle bunny lovie!  mmm mmm mm and the toys…yeah other than the airplane those were HIS DADDY’S y’all!!!!

tomball tx child photographer

what a lifestyle family session looks like… the woodlands tx photographer

you are going to be seeing some changes to family sessions…i am changing…my art is changing and how i capture your moments is changing…

i will still have my usual family minis a la all wrapped up sessions and saltwater sessions…but THIS SESSION changed my perspective…

it reminded me

that i don’t do this as a job for the perfect smiles and the itchy clothes

i dont do this for the beautiful makeup and blown out hair (that never lasts in this houston humidity anyway)

i do this for the moments,


for the meltdowns and the tickles,

for the squished nose kisses and the seconds in between.

i do this because the imperfect perfection of YOUR days tell a story

a story that is unique and yours and not something that can be preplanned, RETOLD or repeated.

its WHO YALL ARE as a family.

i have learned over the years that the images i cherish the most of my own family, the ones i have printed in my home are the ones that show me a moment, a memory a millisecond i would have easily forgotten if it had not been captured!

so this is it!  over the next few months i do indeed have all wrapped up mini sessions but i have a lot more full family sessions in their own unique places, lake houses, family farms, in your own home, and places that have meaning to these families…the places these families relax and breath in their moments, the places that their kids run barefoot and they eat family meals.

so get ready….because its time to capture these moments and tell these stories to their future generations…its time to share the magic of their moments and create a legacy of lives that are well lived and imperfectly loved.

and ya know, maybe its not really changing at all, maybe its just coming FULL CIRCLE.

first up this amazing family who invited me out to their haven,

their happy place

their lake house.

and in case this sneak peek isnt enough and you want to see more…walk…nope RUN ON OVER TO MY VIMEO AND WATCH THE VIDEO

chubby cheek photography lifestyle family photographer houston tx

Julie Balcom - I love connections between family you captured. This is my favorite session you’ve done!

Suzie - These are beautiful! This is what I have wanted to do for the past 6 years but just can’t seem to get my clients on board. How do you do it without losing clients in the process? I live in a small town where people have no vision and they all want their pictures in a corn field. Bleck! Any pointers on transitioning?

beverly wright - wonderful work, Shay! the images are gorgeous- they must be thrilled.

I’m back from vacation!!!!! – chubby cheek photography the woodlands tx child photographer

I’m back and I’ve been having a little too much fun with underwater photography as you can see if you follow me on Facebook or instagram hahahaha but ya know in short…this is the story of our summer!

chubby cheek photography

chubby cheek photography
chubby cheek photography houston child photographer

chubby cheek photography


chubby cheek photography
chubby cheek photography

Nancy Wyatt - Looks like a pretty good summer!! You are rockin’ those underwater photos my friend!! hugs from Conroe TX