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pancakes … in home lifestyle child photographer the woodlands texas

i can’t believe it taken me this long to blog this session!  so you may remember the FIRST 5 MINUTES from right here or the small sneak peek i put up here well it was time to finally show you so much more of the session:)and honestly i could have added so many more images to this blog board but I’m not sure photoshop would not have liked me very much hahahahaha but seriously we ended this one WITH A SINK BUBBLE BATH!  yesssssss!  this is why i love coming to your home y’all!  i love how relaxed you are being wrapped up in your own memories, your own moments, your own home!!  I have another one of these session coming up if this rain ever stops and i can wait!!!!!!!!

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when you have this much personality… river oaks child photographer

so a few observations from miss c’s 6.5 year session….you may recognize her she has been my friend for several years now and we are sorta besties so …ya know…im cool like that!

1.  when you have this much personality its inevitable we will be friends…FOREVER;)

2.  i share an affinity for katy perry’s ROAR along with every 5.6 year old girl in houston, texas

3.  you can indeed outrun the weather!  we had plans of going to another super fab drippy paint graffiti location but mother nature decided to turn on us at the last minute so we beat her at her own game and just continued moving south and stayed 15 minutes ahead of her, yeah BOOYAH!

4. until this night it has never been more obvious that i am NOT a city girl ha!  yeah ill admit it downtown streets scare me as much as snakes ha

5. in the middle of a hail storm being in downtown houston is a positive because there are parking garages everywhere…however its a negative if its a sunday and all of said parking garages are closed : |

6. i am one lucky chick!  my clients are incredible and i mean Incredible with a capital I

downtown houston urban child photoshoot - chubby cheek photography

campfire mini parade… the woodlands child photographer

so you may remember way back here when we launched our newest set of minis, the BYOT (bring your own tent) campfire minis, for the rough and tumble, dirty hands, and scraped up knee “types”  These minis were more fun that I even imagined!!!!  my amazing clients let us set up shop…or shall i say set up CAMP on their beautiful property and my assistant drove out with me each night to help set up, man a campfire, roast marshmallows, and clean oooey gooey smores goodness off of little fingers!  My car smelled like campfire for weeks and I’m pretty sure I’m going to have throw my jeans away but i will admit it was definitely WORTH IT! I’m headed out to beach minis but i am hoping to gradually blog each and every one of these incredible sessions!

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