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for my texas a&m and johnny football friends – cypress tx child photographer

first of all i have to say when i did these shoots LAST MONTH i had the best time ever and it has killed me not to sneak this session until now…well except for this little sneak on facebook


1.  i make pretty darn good crash, boom , pop noises…FOR A GIRL MOM;)

2. good thing i had bubblegum minis afterwards bc i felt the need to bathe in glitter and sprinkles when these were all said and done hahahaha

now onto this magnificence hahaha…anyone who knows me, knows i love all things Texas a&m, all things maroon and all things Johnny Football, ha…well mr m’s mama and i were cut from the same cloth which is probably why we crossed paths many many years ago at pottery barn kids ha.  we have been kindred spirits ever since:)and how could we (two Class of ’02 aggie loving football crazy girls) not discuss the following images when she snagged one of these coveted superhero minis….

oh yes people…oh yes WE SURE DID!  now hopefully the houston texans do too;)


houston child photographer

Allyson Snowden - WHOOP! Love it!!

Lauren Holub - YES!! Thanks and gig’em! WHOOP!

saving houston texas is serious business y’all – tomball tx child photographer

sooooo the absolute coolest most awesome thing ever is what mr E brought with him….you see that book right there?  that uber-vintage-pages-glued-in-spine-glued-back-on-a-time-or-two book….yeah you guessed it that book once belonged to another superhero obsessed 5 year old little boy….and that little boy was mr e’s daddy!


i know, i know i made me a little teary thinking about it too and i didnt even know his daddy hahahaha:)this is why we talk, THIS is why we work together because even a mini can have as much awesomeness as a full session:)

and let this be another lesson to you, to save your kids things because someday they might need them for a photoshoot with their own kids or even their grandkids;)

chubby cheek photography tomball tx photographer

America’s Heros… spring tx child photographer

so i loved everybody’s take on the superhero theme…truly every session was so different and so unique…this one of course grabs me by the heart in so many ways!  these boys’ mom and i talked alot about fav superheros and at one point she said ” while my boys love superman, spiderman and batman their REAL FAVORITE superhero is their daddy can we do something with that?”  well as you can see the rest is nothing short of AMERICAN HERO AWESOME!  their amazing grandma whipped up these spectacular capes with an army guy and tank silhouette and we gathered American Flags and their GENIUS mommy brought these ginormous army guys and VOILA!  like i said pure American hero awesomeness…a huge thank you to all of you out there that serve this country and protect the freedoms that we are so lucky to be afforded in this GREAT COUNTRY!

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