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ALL ABOUT ME sessions don’t have to be about a ton of props…this was three simple props and one incredible child!  and a huge thank you to my friend nancy wyatt photography for sharing this amazing location with me and our friends who loaned us the goodies!!!!  y’all way til i show you the rest!!!!!! houston graffiti wall chubby cheek photography

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You may remember about 3 years ago I collaborated with Clickin moms and created the online breakout class  The magic of childhood  well we have decided to collaborate again in MAKING MAGIC!!!!!   The live run is going on right now and not only do you get a discounted price but you also get to join me in the forum every day where i try to answer as many questions as i can, plus you get to submit questions to the q&a that is set to be recorded and given to you at no charge next week !!!!!!  y’all for $50 yeah i said fifty whole dollars thats it!!!!

what do you get:

110+page pdf, 2 – 25 min shooting videos, 30+min of me editing a simple movie for my clients, and BLOOPERS YALL i mean who doesn’t love some bloopers hahahahaha

Making magic requires that you embrace your fears, push yourself, and find your own magic along the way! In this breakout, Shalonda Chaddock of Chubby Cheek Photography will take you behind the curtain to give you an in-depth look at her how she creates magic everyday. She’ll show you two of her most popular sessions (the All About Me session and the Styled Mini session), break down the differences between the two, and even tell you which session is more important to her bottom line. Along the way she’ll encourage you to find your very own superpower and share it unapologetically with the world. Virtually hang out with Shalonda as you watch short videos of her shooting two different Styled Mini sessions as well as two completely unique All About Me sessions. Finally, Shalonda will show you her ace in the hole– video! She’ll show you how to create video and integrate it in your portrait business in order to stand out in a saturated market!


• How Shalonda plans and executes a styled shoot for one child and a styled mini session event for capturing multiple clients (and the differences between the two)
• How Shalonda communicates with her clients when she is setting up her styled sessions
• How Shalonda stopped letting her fears control her creative heart in order to stand out in a saturated market
• Three strategies for successfully using video within your business and how to very simply implement video into your creative vision, including how to edit and add music with iMovie
• How Shalonda shoots and interacts with her clients

making magic chubby cheek photography


here is a video Dylan with TALL PRODUCTIONS produced of some of the shoots we shot for the breakout:)


So 2015 was about leaving my comfort zones!  it was about being scared it was about trying things, it was about taking risks and then it was about looking fear in the face and then basically throwing a nice left hook!  One of the things that scared me this year was speaking at a conference, for 75 min each time in front of way too many people to think about ha…One thing i learned was that i actually had stuff to share, that after 8 years of running this business i actually had knowledge that was worth something and could help somebody!  Sure i have offered daydream mentoring sessions for a few years now but in all honesty I STILL RUN A BUSINESS all day every day just like you, i shoot REAL CLIENTS just like you, i am in the trenches just like so many of you shooting and editing and shooting and editing and trying to be the best mom i can be in all of that!  so that just doesn’t leave much time to touch others in this industry, to teach to help…SO after y’all asking over and over i have finally decided that i am going to give it a go and offer VERY LIMITED ONLINE MENTORING SESSIONS!  For the month of feb i am only offering a handful of these sessions and they will even be discounted so we can see how they fit into my current workload and then i will reassess each month depending on my shooting schedule.

We can Skype, FaceTime, or simply chat on the phone, it’s whatever you feel most comfortable with because YOU take the lead on the flow of this session. I am an open book and we can go whichever direction you want to go! I can simply answer your questions, review your portfolio, critique your images, or edit with you, or maybe you need someone to talk through pricing structure and your business goals, orrrrr you need some serious branding and marketing help, see thats the fun part, it’s up to YOU and what YOU need!  I WANT TO HELP YOU as efficiently and effectively as possible!  Like i said i am in this with you, i am running a photography business right along side you, and i have 8 years of experience for you to hear all about…LETS DO THIS TOGETHER!

INVESTMENT:  feb1-march1 i am discounting these sessions to $245 us currency plus tax / 30 min
***not available to anyone within 75 miles radius of houston

HOW DO YOU GET ONE?  email me now! and title the email mini mentoring, if there is space left or i can fit you in i will send you some dates and we will go form there:)


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