Beauty Revived 50 BEAUTIFUL CHILDREN campaign 2017 and chubby cheek photography

Beauty Revived is a site and online and print publication dedicated to telling the stories of what beauty really mean in the REAL WORLD. In a world where the media celebrates only those with perfect skin, weight and hair, Beauty Revived is a non-profit that focuses on real beauty and REAL PEOPLE. Photographers from all over the world donate photography sessions to women and children who exemplify this real beauty. Then Beauty Revived shared their stories in a stunning published magazine!


Every other month, they host a campaign that focuses on a specific group. In the past they have done: 50 Most Beautiful H.S. Seniors, 50 Most Beautiful Mothers, 50 Most Beautiful Children, 50 Most Inspiring Adoption Stories. As a community photographers all over the world continue to make a difference by donating sessions during these campaigns and reach the ends of the Earth with true beauty and goodness!
chubby cheek photography
I am thrilled to partner with the Beauty Revived Team and other creatives to bring this goodness TO HOUSTON TEXAS! I am currently accepting nominations for the 2017 Beauty revived children’s campaign. The child must be between the ages of 2 and 18 who exhibit true, inner beauty. The child selected will be an example of real beauty and will have shown their beauty by their service, grace in defeat, and/or kindness when tried. SO I NEED YOUR HELP to find this child! I am accepting nominations between may 10- 24, 2017. Nominations should be submitted to me via the contact form here.

Tell me your stories, share special and beautiful children with me and lets show the world that the future is in good hands! The session must take place in a 30 miles radius around houston texas, and must be completed by july 1 in order for the images to be ready for the magazine deadline. Once a nominees has been selected I will coordinate location time and dates with them.

FREE One Hour Session on Location in Houston TX with me, Chubby Cheek Photography

Full Gallery of Edited Images from their Session Delivered via Digital Download

Online Viewing/Sharing Gallery of Images to Share with Friends and Family

Their Story and Images Shared in the 2017 Children’s Campaign Magazine Publication by Beauty Revived

NOMINATIONS ACCEPTED may 10-may24 2017

chubby cheek photography

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