saltwater sessions in reverse… texas beach photographer

soooo yes its been quite which if you have followed this blog for any sort of time you would know that s NOT normal…im sad to say life has just caught up to me….in a good way.  soooo while i am still lots of sessions in the hole I’m go gin to just start with the saltwater beach mini sessions.  and this year because I’m greedy i am just going to give everybody their own little blog post sprinkled in with sumer posts!!!!

you will recognize this gorgeous family you have seen them a ton but THIS IMAGE was by far my fav and it truly took my breathe away…either way they were one of the three that got rescheduled due to weather during the original weekend of saltwater sessions…ya know in FOUR YEARS of shooting beach minis i have never had to reschedule anyone, and while i thought my luck had run out i have to admit the night we did the makeup session could not have been more AMAZING!!!!  i truly have never seen galveston so gorgeous

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