you may say I’m a dreamer…. the woodlands tx child photographer

“you may say I’m a dreamer, but I’m not the only one…” – john lennon

can you see it?

can you see her dreams

hear her wishes

feel her magic?!

mine are in there too….

this is why i am in love with child photography…we get to live in their world, even if only for a moment we get to join them, in the most magical, carefree, sugary sweet, willy-wonka-candy-trees-butterfly-filled-fairy-tale…and its priceless.

miss a came to me all the way from Louisiana where her mom is one pretty incredible photog herself.  now this usually make me super nervous, and i rarely shoot other photogs because of it, but gosh this experience was beyond my most magical dreams.  We planned and planned and emailed and talked the most perfect location was right under our noses, the divine clothes from tutudumonde gave us inspiration, a friend happened to have the most perfect chair we could borrow and the crown…well that was the icing on the cake.  we went in so many different directions with what would work and what we thought miss a wanted, what we wanted, ideas and dreams were swirling around us and we just stopped…and finally settled on “the magic and wonder of little girls” how’s that for broad?!  the day was upon us the weather was looking bad, the location almost “wasn’t”, but we held it together and the outcome…well the outcome that was once a dream in her mamas head and another dream in mine became miss a’s reality…

we played, we danced, we twirled, we danced some more, we drank hot chocolate, snuggled, sang, did i mention we danced, and we just enjoyed the little girl “magic” of miss a.

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Hey yall!  I'm, Shalonda, the eyes behind the camera of chubby cheek photography. I am a nationally published child photographer, based out of Houston Texas, where I am drowning in glitter + princess dresses with my two daughters, also known as the cheeks girls, and the love of my life, daddy cheeks.  I am inspired by REAL life + the magic of childhood and I truly believe that the in between moments mean the most... even when that means stepping on a Barbie shoe before I have had my morning coffee!