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i truly believe that each of you, no matter what kind of camera you have or dont have, no matter how perfect or imperfect our days can be, it needs to be captured…LIFE needs to be captured.  As a group we hope to inspire you to take out that camera, capture a full day of YOUR life, capture your afternoon swinging at the park, or riding bikes to check the mail, any of it, all of it, just capture it!  No one but your family will prob ever enjoy these images and hey they may not ever even be edited if you are a photog but the bottom line is someday you will look back and you will be so happy you have these memories captured.

PLEASE CONTINUE THROUGH THE CIRCLE by heading over to my incredibly amazing friend and try inspiration of what it means to be a mom, a photog and a bright light in this world for so many

jules trandem | san diego lifestyle photographer



so as the year came to a close and i was working on our family year book i was simply giddy to see so many of our everyday images in one place…truth is i am every year since i started the project, it makes my heart sing and brings a smile to my face about all of the wonderful-ness we have relished in over the year.  AS A PHOTOG AND A MOM IT NOT ONLY MAKES ME PROUD BUT FEEDS MY SOUL…THIS IS WHY I DO WHAT I DO (period).  so without further adieu here is a small compilation of our every images from 2012…what our 2012 looked like! 🙂 xoxo

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Bubble Blower + Glitter Thrower + Magic Maker

Hey yall!  I'm, Shalonda, the eyes behind the camera of chubby cheek photography. I am a nationally published child photographer, based out of Houston Texas, where I am drowning in glitter + princess dresses with my two daughters, also known as the cheeks girls, and the love of my life, daddy cheeks.  I am inspired by REAL life + the magic of childhood and I truly believe that the in between moments mean the most... even when that means stepping on a Barbie shoe before I have had my morning coffee!