come’in atchya…. tomball, tx baby photographer

just popping in to say howdy doody 🙂 and give yall a few heads ups (for sure that is a term, dont laugh)

– i pinky swear times a gazillion, that the beach mini info WILL BE UP NO LATER THAN FRIDAY!  no joke this time, ummmmmm hello yall i pinky swore m-kay?!

– during this tedious computer change-over process i have a feeling i am losing emails, btwn a laptop, a mac, a pc and a darn phone that gets emails, i have no doubt some are getting lost in the shuffle so please if you dont hear from me withn 24-48 hrs of contacting me TRY AGAIN or call please.  sorry for the hassle peeps

– did you know clicknmoms so graciously featured the ice cream truck minis in their newsletter this week?!?!?!  well of course you didnt thats why i am telling you, silly

and i leave you with the little ray of sunshine i am editing at this very moment…mmm mmm mm, i love miss a 🙂

dont’s you love her 1-yr-old-girly-not-gonna-get-my-knees-dirty crawl?!?!?!?!

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Hey yall!  I'm, Shalonda, the eyes behind the camera of chubby cheek photography. I am a nationally published child photographer, based out of Houston Texas, where I am drowning in glitter + princess dresses with my two daughters, also known as the cheeks girls, and the love of my life, daddy cheeks.  I am inspired by REAL life + the magic of childhood and I truly believe that the in between moments mean the most... even when that means stepping on a Barbie shoe before I have had my morning coffee!