all abooooooard!…- birthday party photographer

cheeks#1’s birthday PARTY was today but she isnt officially 4 until monday so i have a few more days of having a 2 yr old and 3 yr old and a few more days before i have to write her letter (sniff sniff)….but here was our winter wonderland Polar Express birthday party.

here was the birthday girl when her very own polar express train arrived!

okay so funny story, i had planned this fabulous build your own hot chocolate bar obviously hot chocolate is a huuuuge part of the movie, however being that we live in texas it was almost 80 degrees today so at the eleventh hour i decided to change plans from a hot hot chocolate bar to a FROZEN hot chocolate bar (aka chocolate milkshakes!!!)  and let me say it could not have been a better switch, after riding the train everyone came inside to enjoy delicious coffee cups of FROZEN HOT CHOCOLATE 🙂

so moving on to the detail shots of the party for all of you that didnt get to come join us 🙂  i have to say the vendors i worked with for this party were unbelievable and all truly delivered works of art that were better than i even imagined.  and i need to give a huuuuge shout out to my friends and family (esp both my amanda’s) for helping me all the way from initial concept to final finishing touches, thank yall for everything!

and finally one shot of the full “sha-bang” the delicious dessert bar (well minus the cheescakes they werent out of the fridge quite yet)….yeah whatever i didnt get any pics of the final frozen hot chocolate bar….booo me i know….oh and for those of you wondering the gift boxes had an adorable snowglobe tucked inside for each family.

and the train of course


the almost too pretty to eat (birthday girls fav dessert) the train cookies – Renne at beesknees creative

the gaspworthy fondant jingle bells and sparkly snowflakes – Charynn from two sugar babies

the divine snowflake cookie bites – lori at two southern girls

shimmery drop cloth and snowflake globe placecard holders – joanns fabrics

giant white snowflake decor and oversized jingle bells – hobby lobby

all paper goods, including invites, table signs, stickers on coffee cups, and gift boxes – designed by yours truly

birthday bow which was jawdroppingly beautiful ill post a pic on facebook later – my sweet friend nicole at lily & lime

jammies – gap

cake balls and shortcake shots – me and my amazing sister in law

tablescape – me and my fantabulous friend amanda

snowflake hanger uppers (yes they will whine if they dont get credit) daddy cheeks and amandas hubs

straws, gift boxes and coffee cups – garnish

and thats a wrap folks thank you again to everyone who helped make this day happen for cheeks#1 and who celebrated with us!!!!

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