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okie dokie people…..so in lieu of this article i posted on FB a while back i decided we are doing a giveaway….a giveaway of a yummy delicious beautiful fabulous gorgeous 16×20 CANVAS!  badda bing badda boom!  I know that everyone NEEDS a canvas or two, or three, or more, but that most people are afraid of the unseen and we all get stuck in the rut of 8×10’s.  so i have decided to get you out of that silly mindset and show you what you can REALLY do with your pics!  i have a few walls i have coined my “chubby cheek walls”, i have several clients who have a ccp walls all of their own, some i have seen bc i designed them and some i have never seen bc they were put together over a series of photoshoots with me.  So here is your chance, past clients or soon to be new clients!  SHOW ME YOUR WALL!  it can be a wall that currently has ccp pics or it can be a blank wall that deperatly needs ccp pics!  and for the record i do not think a 16×20 can hold its own and stand alone on most walls, however i think a 16×20 is the perfect size to get you started.  Here’s how to play

1.  take a pic of your ccp wall or your wanna be ccp wall.  it can be any wall in your house, an entry way, a nursery a playroom, a wall i designed for you or one you did all on your own, it can have 1 pic or 20,  i dont care….and send it to me at skc(at)chubbycheekdesigns(dot)com not later than JUNE 24th.

2.  i will put the “walls” up here for all of us to vote on. june 25th/26th

3.  we will vote, and vote and vote and vote until june 30,

4.  the winner will be chosen by votes not by me and announced aug 1, 2010

the fine print…winner will be chosen by ccp voting, the winner will recieve a 16×20 standard gallery wrap to be used with any photograph taken by chubby cheek photography.  if the winner chooses to use the canvas at a later session, the session must be booked at time of win and min session requirments must be met in order to recieve canvas or winner forfeits prize.  winner must live within ccp shooting locations or must be willing to travel if canvas is to be used on a new session.

here is a pic of one of my fav ccp walls in my house, it makes me smiles everytime i walk past it, sorry for the lameness in the color its a bad time of the day to shoot by that door, ha

i will take a pic of  my 20×30 canvas that will soon be flanked my two 16×20’s later…

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